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  1. Yandere

    I can see it in your avatar. I watched AoT so I guess some blood wont bother me. I think what it does is the drama and story. I really want to avoid any story where the mc is a jerk so no for School Days. I might try Crimson Grey, but I heard is very short.
  2. Most of the times I look for a walkthrought before start a VN. But seem like this doesnt need one eh? Simple as imouto paradise maybe? I will take a look. Thanks for the reply
  3. Thanks a lot. Hope we can have it translated soon
  4. Yandere

    I thought check sisterly bliss, but for a total diferent reason. I might go for it. Crimson Gray....dunno. But I guess sometimes the only way to know you dont like some food, is have a mouthful of it first. Thanks for the comments and recomendations.
  5. Yandere

    No thanks XD Well I tried, seem like there isnt many games with that genre, and a few arent good, or are very ugly. Oh well Lets find some cute girls instead as usual.
  6. Yandere

    A friend of mine recomend me to try a vn with a main female character as a yandere. I know normally those girls are bad news but I watched all Mirai Nikki so got curious. Any recomendation about a good VN with a yandere included? preferible one where there isnt torture, gore, blood, someone else suffering badly, ect ect Or at least very little posible if it avoidable. Or yandere = all those things? some advice and recomendations would be nice
  7. Thanks for the patch. I did download the 3 main heroine patch with the last girl before this one you uploaded. And I think I added the one you guys call "heliosaurus" because I want the band aids instead the towel censoring. And I just added this one. Do I am missing anything else? Just making sure I am updated as how it should be. Oh, also what shouldnt be there? I dont want any extra file make conflict with the other files, because in the very begin I downloaded the temp files, but I dont remember I removed it when I added the 3 main heroines patch. Sorry for big post.
  8. Thanks again for everything. I didnt know I had to remove the temp patch when I place this one. Hope I dont have any extra file in the game folder. I didnt tried it yet waiting for the patches first.
  9. Thanks a lot for all the great work
  10. It been a while, and sprry for the double post how goes things over here?
  11. Maitetsu 18+ Release Restoration Patch

    Thanks for all the great work. I dont know much about the technical stuffs what was done, but I was told follow here to know if there gonna come more stuffs. Also I didnt know about Monobeno. I wish Monobeno was also in english. Hehe Thanks again for all
  12. Kuroinu Series Question

    Sadly the rape isnt my thing. I was just hoping it had more than one kind of ending, but seem like no. Thanks for reply. Btw, I cant wait for shin kouhime musou too. One of the best VN.
  13. Kuroinu Series Question

    Hello to everyone. I am not asking why people like this kind of plot, people can like whatever they want. Also I am not asking for spoilers, or what happen in those stories. My question is the following: Does this series jave some sort of ......normal vanilla/happy ending somewhere? Or is just rape, torture, rape, humillation and more rape? Just wondering because the artwork is damn good ( the girls ) but doesnt seem like they will get out of this plot.
  14. Weird, I just read Mangagamer is looking to try to sell their games in gog and they seem fine as well, because I just was recently there and seem like they are announcing it somehow. We will see how things goes.
  15. It was great to read how the progress goes both in english and spanish ( native spanish but english preference ) Thanks for the great job so far and everything else we dont know.