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  1. Kuroinu Series Question

    Sadly the rape isnt my thing. I was just hoping it had more than one kind of ending, but seem like no. Thanks for reply. Btw, I cant wait for shin kouhime musou too. One of the best VN.
  2. Kuroinu Series Question

    Hello to everyone. I am not asking why people like this kind of plot, people can like whatever they want. Also I am not asking for spoilers, or what happen in those stories. My question is the following: Does this series jave some sort of ......normal vanilla/happy ending somewhere? Or is just rape, torture, rape, humillation and more rape? Just wondering because the artwork is damn good ( the girls ) but doesnt seem like they will get out of this plot.
  3. Weird, I just read Mangagamer is looking to try to sell their games in gog and they seem fine as well, because I just was recently there and seem like they are announcing it somehow. We will see how things goes.
  4. It was great to read how the progress goes both in english and spanish ( native spanish but english preference ) Thanks for the great job so far and everything else we dont know.
  5. It is a bit worrying heard about all this, more when this people who treat 2D artwork as the worse thing ever. Hope things dont escalate. I didnt check more news or anything. I dont want to be more stressed than I am now.
  6. Magical Marriage Lunatics!! Walkthrough

    I was hoping it was as simple as Imopara, but I was wrong. I will wait for this before continue reading. Edit: after play some more, seem like it indeed isnt as easy as Imopara, but isnt like the normal VN either. Choose a girl is easy and the common route choices seem like doesnt affect the outcome as far as I know. I m still in Juli route tho, but I will see later after finish it.
  7. Monster Girls

    Yes that one! is the one I would love to try. Oh but the magical marriage sound fine too. I need to finish monmusu.....tho I wish it was like the anime XD
  8. Monster Girls

    Cat girls is fine anyone remember that one TBA for this year? I think it had a mummy dark skin girl....I saw it a while ago and my memory is bad. Prob I am imagining something what no exist
  9. Monster Girls

    As the title say, any recomendation in english for monster girls VN? preferible something with some vanilla content, I mean I am not into femdom or extreme tags like "death of the MC" ending. I think there is one in TBA soon.....but forgot the title name...
  10. Amazing Thanks for show us
  11. RIP Stephen Hawking

    woah, I didnt know about this. RIP
  12. Hello

    Welcome to the forums indeed. Enjoy your stay.
  13. Looking awesome Thanks a lot for the great work. I m always checking for updates.
  14. How do you read VNs?

    Just sitting down normally reading while pressing the intro button in my keyboard. I dont want to use the mouse unnecesary ( only for gaming ) and haste the time it get broken. XD
  15. Muscular Heroine/ isekai setting

    Interesting, I also like this isakai genre. Waiting for shin koihime in english so bad too. Good luck with your search.