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  1. sure thing buddy sure thing 1. AMASSING CAPITAL - As with the vast majority of businesses, you're going to need some startup capital. Because the general profitability of English language visual novel translations is approximately 0, you will likely have a difficult time finding investors unless they have two or more health conditions that inhibit their brain function. You will most likely have to self-fund. Flip those cushions, ransack your old man's attic for some forgotten stock certificates, you know the deal. The bare minimum, I'd say, is somewhere around $50,000. NOTE that you can increase your (probably non-existent because VN) profit margins by performing a work role in the company, translating, editing, etc; instead of just being the translation sweatshop overseer. OK and PLEASE don't go into debt over such a pants-on-head business idea. Please don't. 2. ESTABLISH THE COMPANY - Search for how to establish a company in your jurisdiction, it should be the same for a localization business as most other businesses. Come up with some sick name and branding, get a fancy graphic artist to do some of it, maybe get an anime girl mascot since zoomers seem to love that shit these days. OK you have money to burn and company branding that hopefully doesn't look like a kindergarten art project, not bad let's get started down that slope that ends in 'we are, regrettably, going to be phasing out of visual novel publishing'. 3. ACQUIRE LICENSES - This is where my man Kokoro, my 4th favourite person on Fuwanovel, 's advice comes in. Haul ass over to Japan — you DO speak Japanese, right? Perhaps consider enlisting the services of a business consultant with experience in Japan so as to not make a fool of yourself and make use of their connections so you are not cold calling. Otherwise, cold call, flash your sick branding, and attempt to get a meeting with a representative one of the last vestiges of a dying industry. In a pinch, you could try virtual meetings, but in general it is better to have boots on the ground when performing international business. BONUS STEP - Wait for COVID-19 to settle down. BONUS BONUS STEP - Consider working with Chinese companies as well so you perhaps stand a chance at financial success. Practise drinking baijiu and sake before you leave in order to sharpen your abilities in shitfaced negotiation. 4. ACQUIRE STAFF - Assuming you made it this far by the grace of God, you will need staff members to work on the license you have acquired. A translator, an editor, and a QA (preferably a GOOD one they're important) is probably the bare minimum, along with the unfortunate bastard that will have to handle the technical side of things with the engine. Probably attempt to pay them around the sweet spot between 'this would be a decent wage in 1820' and 'this would be a decent wage in 2020'. You have to keep those expenses down but if the sweatshop workers take up arms then the game is all over, commissar. 5. WORK ON THE THING - Do the translating and the editing and the QA-ing. Try to stick to the deadlines you impose and share, that alone would probably set you apart. 6. ADVERTISE THE THING AND DO SOCIAL MEDIA THINGS - Again use that sick branding to form an online presence. Do it yourself if you are personable and responsible, otherwise find somebody else to do it. 7. SELL THE THING - Contact storefronts, the classics, Steam, JAST USA, all that great stuff we know and love, get it listed places where people can buy it, maybe start your own web store if your web design person lives in an economically depressed region. 8. GO BANKRUPT - Ok nah just kidding but probably. Then you just repeat from 3, possibly skipping 4 if you are a benevolent overlord. Best of luck to you!
  2. trans! is not dead please adjust your profile

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    2. Zander


      thank you kindly, looking forward to reveling in  project completion together

    3. Zakamutt


      So I noted that you have deleted the Trans! discord server, or kicked me, or something. Does this mean the project is dead? Am I free of the curse? Will the gender bender body&dick blender remain unseen by EOP eyes? Please respond, young man

    4. Zander


      I would never kick you, you are a deity and your role is essential


      I will devote both body and mind to this project at the drop of a hat, you need only say the word

  3. Thanks a bunch for taking the time to compile all of that. It's refreshing to have someone actually share their reasoning and evidence rather than the customary 'shit all over something without having ever even read the thing'. My respects to you.
  4. to practice my Chinese reading comprehension
  5. It's a genuine machine translation, and illegible. The majority of it reads like utter nonsense, and you're not missing out on anything. I'm not sure why it's unavailable, though. It may have something to do with Valve's policies considering it has a clearly underage character, but I'm not sure.
  6. I don't think you can conclude what people want from a poll with 59 responses.
  7. I do believe if it was because of you it'd be something more to the effect of: Create a board "Introduce Yourself, Leave Forever, then Re-Introduce Yourself Next Week"
  8. Well at least somebody here has retained their common sense. hello? is it me you're looking for?
  9. With all due respect, if your head is correcting the apparently brain-damaged translator's interpretations, why aren't you just saving yourself the trouble by reading it in Japanese? And personally, I'm not particularly fond of Japan more than any other country, but I enjoy reading me some VNs. There are plenty of visual novels from western countries and China these days. I wouldn't call it a weeb hobby as much as it is a hobby with a majority population of weebs, but then again I just get defensive because I don't like being auto-assumed as a weeb
  10. I'd be pretty careful about saying that. Normally I'd take it as a joke, but the fact that people are making full-fledged, genuine death threats towards localisers lately is... sad, to say the least. Not to mention a constant barrage of personal insults, among other things. I'm all for reasoned criticism, but whew lad The translator has responded to criticism on Twitter, and it's pretty fair tbh. They talked about why they made the decisions they made, among other things. The majority of the game appears to be well-translated beyond the localisation decisions which are naturally subjective. These people are human beings doing their best to faithfully represent the text. They are not secretly plotting with localisation companies to cuck every last visual novel fan that gets off to seeing 'onii-chan' atleast it's relatively unlikely Besides, 'dude' is hilarious. It spawned memes, it's great, and in context it even makes some sense. A noble soul out there is working to produce a patch so that everyone can be happy. Bless them. Bless everyone. Be peaceful, be calm. Love each other. We're all humans.
  11. Happy Birthday, Texas! I remember my 21st birthday like it was yesterday.
  12. Zander


    Ayy I worked on that one, I can confirm it's well-translated [although some typos here and there if they bother u alot then rip] I really like this VN and its DLC, but sadly although the translation is usually accurate it has pretty janky english most of the time would not recommend until it's fixed. It's still better than most cvns tho which says a lot There's also Soulslayer, I'm part of the team that translated but didn't work on it personally. Good tl, interesting read. God's One Day World, same as Soulslayer, though doesn't interest me as much personally, I think the tl is a bit rougher tho Companion was tl'd pretty well as far as I can remember, prolly the best of the bunch here Lingua Fleur: Lily should be coming out soon and it should have a good TL if you like yuri There's this for Korean, I can't rlly comment on tl accuracy but it's definitely one of the more... interesting English translations I've witnessed But yeah, overall there's not much demand for Chinese visual novel translations regardless of the quality of the VN. They don't ever have H (unless it's Taiwanese, but it still probably won't) and they don't have as much cultural draw as Japanese media. Which is a shame, because I think there's a lot of good ones out there...
  13. The idea of large pledges on Kickstarter isn't to get a 1:1 return for your money. Yes, that's a large sum, but it's merely to show gratitude to people that are willing to support the project with significant amounts of $$$. It's not like anyone is obligated to pledge more than the minimum tier required to get the actual game. Plus, you can't judge how good said fanfic might be until you read it. Maybe it's worth more than that, and it's actually a steal
  14. Greetings, Kuriha. I bid you welcome to Fuwanovel. I would strongly encourage you to make a VNDb profile. It is very common practice among experienced visual novel readers to ask for each other's VNDb profiles, not unlike back in the high school days where you and your mate pull your shorts down in the locker room at the same time. Moege is as an excellent a genre as any other. One of my favourites is Koi x Shin Ai Kanojo. I would highly recommend you give it a read, especially if you aren't a fan of faceless protagonist moeges. No worries about your English mate, you're still more comprehensible than the fan translation of White Album 2.
  15. VNs by Nova-Box have both a European setting and Western-style artwork. They also have pretty unique narratives.
  16. When's the next blog post?

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      Give me a topic and I'll write it

    2. Zander


      Can I get a "Why you should learn Japanese" one pls, I need motivation

    3. Yuuko


      Sure I'll make something

  17. Zander


    Not only is it awful, there's no option to use the original Japanese voice acting, so you're stuck with it ><
  18. I have no love for any of these titles, but I have voted for Dies Irae to equalise the results and make your decision more difficult nonetheless.
  19. 5 stars from me ☆☆☆☆☆ Personally I wouldn't call the visuals good in a general sense, but they are above average tier for an EVN. I like being able to romance both genders and platonic friendship endings are a big big yes from me. It's something I'd love to see more of. idk if anyone else on the planet would tho... 0.0
  20. Can a visual novel move a human being to laugh? To cry? To feel love? These are questions I, too, have pondered for a long time. I feel that perspective is the most important thing in such matters. Life is still boring? Question not what you want from VNs, but what you seek from life. All individual humans have a different definition of this strange and inexplicable concept we call 'life'. To one, visual novels may be their savior. It may give them meaning. It may give them happiness. If it is not the same for you, then you may need to seek alternative methods to achieve that which you so strongly desire; but just because you cannot achieve what you want through visual novels does not make it an inadequate medium for anyone else. I sincerely wish you luck in your journey throughout life, and in finding a proper outlet for your emotions that will make you pleased and satisfied with your existence. Our time on this Earth is short indeed, and I believe it is better we find what we seek rather than ponder it too long and miss our chance. God bless.
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