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  1. Am I permitted to list the work in my graphic design portfolio after completion? I'm trying to expand my client base, so I need some new shit in it.
  2. Primitive Link (pale chestnut), nice and pretty sky, fully grown anime gurl in the background instead of a kid, dramatic posing, and top-tier legibility
  3. I understand your perspective, but at the same time, if your friends don't accept you and your tentacle rape fetish, are they really your friends in the first place?
  4. Yes, sent it to you! that's everything, thank you everyone for attending
  5. secretly just as hyped as Maggie to see drawing of my favourite character
  6. Done and done! Banned eh? Guess I better enact Plan Bee... Have fun friends
  7. enjoy Mitch!! on closer examination, I also have keys for Ame no Marginal -Rain Marginal-, fault - milestone two side:above, and Highway Blossoms. they are available too!
  8. I got these two VNs as part of a bundle a while ago but I don't have any interest in either of them, so I thought I'd give them away rather than let it go to waste. First person to ask I guess, but don't ask for both please :0 mods if this isnt allowed dont ban me pls edit: I'm out of gifts for today but Lesiak and Sayaka have some more. Scroll down!
  9. Not my thing personally, but best of luck Archangel! I hope you succeed and spread the sweet closure of sisters being ravaged to non-Japanese speakers everywhere.
  10. Hello I'm Zander and this is Jackass. Today I'll be talking about my political opinion. I think Trump has good ideas and bad ideas, like all leaders of all nations! Even the leader of North Korea has some good ideas, what with his recent movements towards peace. I think sometimes the path that Trump takes to his ideas, both good and bad, can be more brusque than is necessary. Nonetheless, I think we should evaluate his political stances rather than attacking him as an individual wherever possible. One thing I think we should do when discussing things is to be respectful. People get
  11. phantom of inferno's english version has the sexual content removed oops For a VN that focuses on NTR, NTR Homestay is literally the only choice. It isn't translated, but that's not important. Daniel Garcia is a God that should be witnessed by any and all visual novel readers, no matter their sexual appetites.
  12. Could you please reread what you just said and think about it for a short while? Ban political discussions? My American friend, free discussion is the cornerstone of your very own Bill of Rights. I live in the United States myself, and I don't have a problem with anything said here. "Bashing" is nothing more than opinionated criticism. If we don't voice our opinions or criticise those others put forward, how do we have a discussion about anything at all? I can understand you feeling slighted, but just as you said about NK, nobody is criticising Americans but their government. Their
  13. Congratulations, Dreamysyu. You are a valued member of this community, reasonable and even-tempered, and a consistently quality contributor. I look forward to your next thousand posts as much as I have enjoyed the previous thousand. Unfortunately, I can't bring any nice VN fanarts here, as I do not read visual novels.
  14. Your words strike true, sire, but I implore you to impart your own wisdom upon the thread. As I understand it, you are a man of letters. This is an excellent opportunity to educate the indigenous population of retards here, better known as Fuwanovelers, including myself.
  15. It's great that some semblance of peace has finally come to light in the Korean Peninsula, but I fear for the situation in the rest of the world. Far in the west, in the Americas, a belligerent, jingoistic United States has its salivating visage locked onto the Middle East; beyond the former Iron Curtain to the East, mother Russia looms over Eastern Europe like a crazed den mother. War is hell, and casualties are everywhere. Soldiers, their brothers-in-arms, their mothers at home; all suffer and lament and cry out in pain and writhe and die. In these post-apocalyptic scenarios, thes
  16. What did you just say about lolis sold to a brothel, Kokoro? I'll have you know I graduated top of my English Literature class at the University of Miami, and have over 50 confirmed credits as a visual novel editor. I am trained in English and I am well known as one of the top editors on Fuwanovel. As we speak I am contacting my network of experts across the internet right now to assemble and work on Musumaker together so you better prepare for the patch, maggot. If only you knew what kind of lolige your "clever" little comment was about to bring onto the world, maybe you would haven't clicked
  17. Tymmur wrote quite a bit in his post, and it should answer your questions. Did you check out Darbury & Fred's blogs? There's not much more to tell you unless you have questions on something specific. Also, I agree with what UMW said.
  18. How is your dog doing? Salsa is nasty stuff.
  19. I wouldn't sweat about all the ins and outs of translation just yet. If you're serious about doing it in the future, just focus on learning Japanese and improving your English for now. Becoming familiar with Japanese culture would be helpful as well, because translating requires a lot more than just transferring words from one language into the other. You don't need to be of a certain age or have a credit card or anything like that for a fan translation; nobody gets paid on fan TL projects unless it gets picked up by a localisation company. If you're trying to work for a localisation comp
  20. Agreed. Based on my experiences, the universal opinion around here and in the greater VN community at large [both in the West and in Japan] seems to be that loli routes are inherently worthless garbage that isn't worth anyone's time. Why developers continue to include them is beyond me.
  21. Then it remains unfinished until the developers acquiesce to my angry e-mails and give her one as DLC.
  22. I'm finished with a visual novel when the protagonist finishes in the best girl.
  23. No worries, your post was fine, and precisely expressed in words what my initial thoughts were. Yes, because I am anxiously awaiting the Musumaker patch. All eyes are on you and your team.
  24. Generally sensible individual. Somewhat humorous, refined writing style that I appreciate. Quality avatar, as opposed to animegirl#28291.jpg. Sometimes a bit cocksure, but not egregiously so. Questionable taste in visual novels relative to mine. Ostensibly experienced with VN translations, but I don't know enough to conclude that. Overall, not yet enough information for me to form a complete opinion. Keep posting here on Fuwanovel. We will be watching.
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