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  1. You starting from scratch? I thought FOTS completed the translation some years ago then went back to 7x%
  2. As I said I didn't know but now I am really curious where do those assumptions come from. Did you actually played all his translations and played the japanese novel to check what you are talking about? Are your knowledges in japanese sufficient to assert he has not improved at all since the last 10 years? I wanted to try Cross Channel. What exactly is wrong in it?
  3. I read comyu, the sentences were really not that badly wrote.
  4. Never heard Ixrec was a bad translator. Do you mean his japanese is lacking? Or is it a lack of americanized sentences full of make up words?
  5. Did you translate Erika routte from scratch or only the missing lines? will you only translate erika? I think haruna is missing as well in the actual patch
  6. I think iKiritoCy still comes around, maybe he will accept to work with ate the moon?
  7. I don't understand, weren't you friends?
  8. I remember their first kickstarter well, no surprise here
  9. I think the "reward" will most likely be a copy of the game
  10. Koiken otome translation was good as far as I read (two routes so far) . If you come to complain about koiken's translation and say that IMHW is not bad, your japanese is (for me at least) very questionable.
  11. Don't sweat it, it was just a misunderstanding.
  12. You are a bit out of subjet here, I trust you when you say that you do it for the sake of improvement, for fun and everything. Maybe I wasn't clear enough, what I was calling a "waste of time" was to "bring back this topic with them". When they say that 18+ doesn't concern their work, no matter how you look at it, it seems most likely a lost cause. But if think you can change their mind go ahead.
  13. I dunno if you said that seriously: I don't know what was the deal with Hikari, but it seems like they see you as nothing more than tool. Trust me, they don't care about yours or fan's feedback, you're just wasting your time if you plan to bring back this topic with them. If you really worked with them so far, it should be obvious for you.
  14. I said a mistake, it is not the cfw rogero but the cfw cobra I was talking about. Buying an already cfw from some random place is not a good idea: First understand that you don't always know what you'll buy: Is it a good machine? A recent one? An old one? Slim? Fat? Did the guy put some thermal paste? The fact that the ps3 will work one day doesn't mean it will work for long. Be sure to buy one from a place where the guys know what they are talking about, ask them a lot of question and how they flashed the ps3. I would like to explain more but I am not really confortable when it
  15. E3 flasher is the more used flasher since it's the easier to intal and other flashers like Progskeet require to solder (like 50 times) your ps3. The purpose of the flasher is to rewrite and clean your motherboard back to 4.55 and allow you afterward to intal pkg files in your ps3 (multiman and playing all dlc for free, but the most interesting thing is that a cwf rogero will allow you to play a lot of ps1/ps2/psp game and to use ntfs external hard drive which is more convenient that fat32) . Understand that you have no other way since ofw> 4.55 prevents you do downgrade your ps3 without f
  16. I'll explain later, I'll make another answer for your questions, but later. Helio indeed forgot to quote one sentence from the true chronos (where she said a hint) how comes Rei did jump to that conclusion.
  17. There is a lot of mistake in this, I guess you didn't really understand what happened, so I'll explain as best as I can I agree that this situation confused me, I read it several time, but well... 1- Why are you saying the train is about to crash lol? Rei is in a space where time stopped and only him and chronos can move, but in this spacetime with chronos, his body was "moving" , but not the train anymore, that's why his body crashed the first time but not the second since he remembered it and prevented it. The second time, the train was even slowing since it was close to the statio
  18. Kirashi


    Hi guys, just saw this thread so I will ask here: There is some H animes I saw some years ago that I would like to watch again, but I just vaguely remember some characters, so I would like if possible to find a place to describe the character so that people who know a lot about anime can tell the names of the animes. Where can I find suck a place?
  19. When you say as good or better than Vesperia, do you mean the gameplay or the story of Vesperia? Because playing the badass/pure hearted MC, going out or your town and saving the widow and the orphan, coincidently encountering and saving a princess, to save the world and beat the bad guys is not that extraordinary for a jrpg
  20. you're translating 3 games at the same time? Oo
  21. There isn't really any route order, there is only miu and cro for last
  22. Wow... I dunno who translated this, but most likely this game seems translated that way to please the native speaker... I just wanted to say that I am disappointed by some comments here... We all come from different country, which means differents cultures... I don't understand how you can blame someone that can not understand sentences he sees for the first time in his life. If for example some of you try to learn french but are stuck because you can understand all the words but stuck more for a matter of weird expressions you don't understand (because there is the name of a fairy tale
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