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  1. I mean, let's be realistic guys. The project is dead. Infernoplex effectively said so himself. It may be temporary, but for now it's definitely dead. The definition of "dead" has a threshold. I mean, if you're barely doing 1 line of TL a month or something, that's still dead. No project updates? Dead. Let's stop bumping the thread now please. I'd rather get updates about the project, rather than people constantly asking for updates over and over again.
  2. Oh, so you're suggesting that I have to jump to the relevant sections? That's my mistake then: I thought the guide was intended to be read in linear order. In other words, I thought the guide from top to bottom was already structured for the given route order. But I didn't think to double check that.
  3. Minor spoilers ahead since I discuss route order a bit, so turn away now if that matters to you. Can anyone share a walkthrough with me for Suki Suki (If you love me, then say so)? I'll link to the guide that was sent to me below. Unfortunately after Chiho's 2nd END, it says "LOAD 06" to start on Rinka but the guide so far has only had me do 3 saves. So I'm confused on this part and stuck. I do not know where this guide came from, as I said someone sent it to me. Google doesn't show any hits for a walkthrough for suki suki either Would love it if someone could link me to another guid
  4. This is an amazing tool. I got the files extracted. Thank you so much!
  5. There's no official OST for Evenicle that I could find, so I'd like to know if anyone has found a way to rip the BGM tracks from the Evenicle game files. If there's an easy to use tool to do this, sort of like arc_unpacker, that would be great. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Also I didn't realize there was a fandisk, if possible please no spoilers for the fandisk, I've only played the original game. I guess my thread is kind of pointless now... the answers might be in the second game...
  7. Well for folks like me that can't read Japanese, I guess I'll probably never get to enjoy it...
  8. WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD! They never really said what happened to Maia. They said a lot that she died, but I guess it's possible she's not dead (I imagined a few times that she's just in some sort of eternal sleep in the woods or something, or captured somewhere). The biggest hint we get in the story is when they show the flash back to Maia and Saki as children talking about the tale of the forest. Something about fairies that capture you. So basically: Maia got spirited away? I guess this was supposed to just be an unexplained mystery? It's one of those things I searched Google on to
  9. Has anyone recently tried this setup? Are the known issues in the OP still correct? I remember reading about some janky animations and such. What exact animations are not working right?
  10. I was originally super passionate about waiting to play this until the TL was done, but at the rate of 3 lines per day and seemingly very little community contribution to this project, I think I'm changing my mind. If it all comes down to H-scenes, I can get my faps elsewhere. IMHHW was an entirely different situation, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. Once I finish this title, I might run through it again later for the fan-TL'd parts, though. Definitely keep up the good work though!
  11. Uh all they had to do was look at the community response to the initial release of Tayutama 2...
  12. I think I'd be willing to wait 2 years for this TL. Honestly, the thought of playing it without getting the full experience REALLY bothers me. I am definitely disappointed you aren't getting more translators to help, but it's a lot to translate thousands of lines without getting paid. Looking forward to the final release! Hope more help comes along!
  13. I can't figure out auto mode in Fruit of Grisaia. I jacked up the Auto-mode speed under Text section in settings but I haven't noticed it changing the delay between lines of text in 1x speed. How am I supposed to set this up? Why do the options not work? I don't like the 2x and 4x speeds since that also makes the text appear faster, and doesn't just affect the delay itself.
  14. I'm debating in my head whether or not it would be worth playing as it is. Note I'm only debating whether or not it's worth playing, not worth buying. I already know it's not worth buying (at least, to me). H-content aside, if I was patient, I'd say I could wait 1 year to see whether or not a restoration patch happens. However, I've not seen any indication one will happen. Worst case, it could end up that we never get one. I am concerned that removal of the H-scenes takes away from character development, and if so, I'd be wary of playing it. For example, I didn't feel that the 18+ ve
  15. It's worse than that. I saw someone ask if they should buy the game on the same forum that has the many negative topics and STILL bought the game!
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