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  1. VNS like HunniePop or Booty Calls?

    Mirror and many from that publisher i linked has just what you needed .
  2. Yup i do want to complete it for the story some time (i have all 3 games on steam), but as a fighting game last few times i tried it, it didn't kept me hooked, i will give it another chance later on though. --------------------------------------------- Slightly unrelated but i do am happy that i got DS4 controller sure feels nice when emulating and playing Xenosaga Ep I, and to think at one point i was tempted to sell it :p.
  3. This is probably going to be a weird post but i feel like sharing what's on my mind, last year (during this time i believe), i started making my new intel build, basically i was upgrading from this: To this: And after building my new PC one of the first things i tried was PCSX2 and Dolphin (PS2 and Nintendo GameCube/Wii emulation), i dunno if it was because i did something wrong or not, but while with the intel build there was a significant improvement in performance it still wasn't at the level i wanted it at the time for some of my games. At that moment i just felt like loosing most interest in emulation and moved my attention to PC gaming only. Moving on to the subject of pc gaming... I never was a great fighting game player (well except for Bloody Roar 2 i did fairly well with that), but i did enjoy a lot playing them, most notably i think i spent over 10 years playing like crazy Battle Arena Toushiden 4 and Bloody Roar 2 Bringer of the New Age on the PS1 (emulated via ePSXe or pSX), Soul Calibur and DOA2 on Dreamcast (via nullDC) and Guilty Gear XX on PC. I had a great amount of fun with them daily even if alone. Fast forwarding when the PC gaming boom started i was really excited, but among all the games i got and played the only ones that really got my attention and i genuinely enjoyed where: Tales of Zestiria and Berseria (well i probably will love Symphonia as well, truth be told i didn't had time to properly play it), Titanfall 2, Forza Horizon 3, Tekken 7 and DOOM, that's pretty much it... Among the genres i would like to focus on fighting games for a bit though, when they started flooding in on steam i was really excited, especially about DOA5 LR but to my dismay something felt like it was lost, among all the fighting games i got the only one i genuinely had a decent amount of fun with was Tekken 7 to be honest (and this considering i never was that big of a Tekken fan), not even DOA5 got stuck with me, compared to the hours i put with the previous games of the series it pales in comparison, i get bored of it rather fast this days... Another problem i found, that its totally on me, is that at one point i felt for the whole "online sharing experience", i was more concerned about making videos and screenshots, trophies and various other such things then enjoying my games which was just wrong (recovered from that :p). Back to fighting games though, in all honesty i started to believe that i had changed, that i just no longer care that much about the fighting game genre (Soul Calibur VI was going to be the last chance i would've taken with this genre)... Now to speak about the present... due to some free time at work, and during getting back and to work where i'm stuck doing nothing, i decided to try and install Drastic on my Android phone and tried Super Robot Taisen OG Saga Endless Frontier (previously i tried reading, but the problem with that is that i got so absorbed into it that i can barely pull away, i ended up getting my priorities wrong so i dropped reading and tried gaming to fill in the gap), to my big surprise I had and still have so much fun playing that game that i'm honestly shocked, its one of the most fun experience i had with gaming and JRPG's in years (togheter with Berseria and Zestiria of course). I eventually reached the point where i got Kosmos, she's quite fun to play with in that game: And having so much fun with Kosmos in that game, it made me want to properly play and finish the Xenosaga series, plus since there's a possibility of a Zone of the Enders II release on PC i also wanted to properly play the first ZOE which i somehow managed to finish on my PS2, the problem is that on the PS2 there's no option for inverted camera controls, and i can't play right with normal camera controls, it was a pretty horrible experience i barely finished both ZOE and ZOEII because of it and didn't enjoy the games as much as i should because of it, so once i got time i started grabbing my backups getting the latest PCSX2 build, and to my surprise ? EVERYTHING WORKS GREAT! I was honestly shocked, i did not expect such a huge improvement especially in performance over my previous tests last year, the only thing i'm doing different is that this time i'm running the games of my SSD, rather then a HDD, but anyway everything works great even in software mode, it could be that i might have done something wrong last time but i know the amount of work people put in this emulation projects even despite their age so its really something to be grateful towards. Seeing such huge improvements in Xenosaga Ep I and ZOE my excitement got the better of me and i couldn't contain myself from testing more games, they all work great! My biggest surprise was fighting games though, playing games such as DOA2, or Soul Calibur 2 or Bloody Roar, i could barely stop myself from playing them to resume testing other games, i was stunned on how addictive it felt, i'm honestly shocked. I dunno if its me getting stuck in the past or something wrong with some of the games today but after quite a lot of time has passed i'm honestly having loads and loads of fun playing again! Well its true that this is thanks to people who either developed or contribute towards emulation projects such as this, so if any of you are reading this: Thank You Very Much for giving me the chance to Enjoy Gaming Again! This is pretty much all i wanted to say, sorry to have wasted your time :p.
  4. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Forza Horizon 3, really loving the game so far XD: And also Titanfall 2: (there's also one more but i'll let that for a future post :p)
  5. Hi I'm looking for a site where i can make blog like posts regarding posting various game screenshots, visual novel/anime screenshots, reviews or better said impressions of regarding games/anime/visual novels, or sometimes even my build setup. Do any of you know of anything that might work nicely with this? At one point i even considered Facebook but unfortunately that shares my real life credentials and puts me up front with people from work or which i know in rl, its what made it off putting as i would like some level of privacy.
  6. Post your desktop screen shot

    Its been ages since i last posted a desktop, thought i might just as well do it for all times sakes :p, this is my current setup: Primary Display: Secondary Display: Phone Homescreen: Desktop has an Usamimi theme due to the influence Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (From Commonplace to World's Strongest) Light Novel has over me, leaving aside how awesome it is, there's an usamimi demi-human there who is just way to adorable >.< ... As for my phone homescreen its due to me playing like crazy over the pass few days Super Robot Taisen OG Saga Endless Frontier on my V2Viper S using the Drastic NDS Emulator, i really love this game!
  7. Its crucial for me, as i love both hearing jp language and the female seyu voices, it just makes the experience more worthile for me and i get completely immersed in it. That said, its not like I can't get into one without them as one of my favorites katawa shoujo didn't had voice acting as i remember...
  8. I don't think i have an archetype i dislike, NG (anything goes) as far as i'm concerned to it, but if i had to pick under what category where the characters i had the less interest in or where a tad annoying at some point (just to clarify i got nothing against that archetype its just that the characters personality was annoying) i guess i would go with osanajimi....
  9. Majikoi A-4 translations, Hacker needed? :3

    The characters in 4 are awesome, why wouldn't anyone like Lin? oO Her "gao" is cuteness overload...
  10. Bastardization of text... Basically when they get to creative with the text, like what they did with the speech pattern in Chrono Clock, they tried to transform it to much and make it feel more american thus loosing part of its JP experience... I really hated that.
  11. VNS like HunniePop or Booty Calls?

    Hei Mk fancy seeing you hear :p, based on your description i can think of Mirror or generally games published by sakura games: http://store.steampowered.com/search/?publisher=SakuraGame (Many also have 18+ variants)
  12. Dynasty Warriors 9 comes out this week but I'm sad...

    Ah... i haven't played co-op with a friend since the PS1 era....
  13. What VN's Have You Stalled On? Or Outright Dropped?

    In my case: Ever17: it fell really lifeless for me Comyu: tried it but to be honest so far i couldn't progress very far as i loose interest in anything that's not Kagome... And seeing how i got to finish most routes before hers its a hassle.... Lightning warrior raidy 2: halfway through it i had to drop it due to some rl issues, need to restart it one of this days.... But its a chore to have to restart it from scratch... Diviner knight towako and taimanin asagi are in the same boat as lightning warrior raidy. Chrono Clock - dropped after makoto's route, i cant stand the translation and how they adapted it to sound more american.
  14. What Are You Watching: Movie and TV Show Edition

    So started watching some movies, first of Jeepers Creepers 3: Its a weird one, its totally different then the previous ones, but at the same time it had the same vibe as the previous ones, feels less horrorish though. There's quite some bad CG in it and when its not intergrated right, some actors are surprisingly good but other bad, yet despite this i actually enjoyed it, want a 4th installment though! PS: weird even if its called 3 its in between 1 and 2 in the timeline lol. Spiderman Homecoming: To be quite honest i really loved it! There are good changes and bad changes, it felt like the previous spiderman reboot had more bad ones as far as i was concerned then good ones, but this reboot felt so awesome! Really love the new vibe they gave everything and it was interesting seeing a more realistic portrail of a kid ending up with super powers, mainly his excitement and childish sides when confronting the sudden changes and power gained, do want more!
  15. Thank you very much for undergoing this project, no matter how long it takes i will eagerly wait for it :3.