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  1. Yes, but unfortunately Our lord and savior doesn't support uRGP at all :p.
  2. Is it really locked away with no way of bypassing or is there something that can be used besides RIOX to extract them ?
  3. I would rather buy it like this then have it "americanized", at least that's my two cents.
  4. What Anime are you watching now?

    The movies are amazing, its also sort of a reboot for the series, Movie 1st is a retelling of the first season plus gives out more insight on Precia/Presea (its the only one out of the movies that feels a bit rushed, i guess its because it was their first try), movie 2nd A's is of course about Hayate and the Tome of the Night Sky, this one was amazing, and movie 3rd is where the reboot properly starts, from what i'm seeing they are mixing in the story from the PSP games with the timeline of Reinforce Zwei (in the original PSP games they didn't killed of the original Reinforce and that was what led to the different timeline) and the armament ideas from Force.
  5. What Anime are you watching now?

    I've just rewatched Nanoha Reflection again (for the the X time, i just can't get enough of it): And i gotta say i ~april can't come fast enough to see Detonation! (That's when i estimate the BD release) They did such an amazing job with this reboot, the visuals are amazing, the action, characters and soundtrack amazing as well, i didn't think it was possible to make Nanoha as a character even greater then before but by god they did it! I really suggest giving this one a go, its mostly Mahou Shoujo in title only, as the main settings are more in the line of military, amazing level of action plus fights: And lastly sci fi , plus some cute girls doing cute stuff, that said it has an interesting world build up, interesting lore just freaking awesome, the movies are great! So yeah... just really excited about the 4th movie Detonation!
  6. Thank you for the recommendations, if there are more, even for saturn you can keep sharing.
  7. Hi i'm looking for games for some platforms that focus on nice looking female protagonists, mainly games for: -SNES -GBA -NDS -PS1 -PC Engine -Sega Genesis (including ones that needed accessories like X32 or sega cd) Examples: Ninja Warriors on SNES: Hyper Iria: Castlevania Order of Ecclesia: Even something like Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire works: Note: Its okay even if in japanese unless its a JRPG, then i probably need a translation :p. Note 2: You can go for obvious recommendations as well, you never know what i might have missed :p. PS: something with a very large female cast like Super Robot Taisen OG Saga endless frontier also works.
  8. What song do you currently play on repeat?

    This is probably what I'm going to listen for the next couple of weeks:
  9. What Anime are you watching now?

    Finished watching No game No Life Zero: It felt a bit rush, but regardless it was AMAZING! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Capital letters can't express how much i enjoyed this movie, the artwork, characters, animation, story everything was pretty amazing, it did still leave a few question but even so, absolutely LOVED IT! My favorite anime movie probably!
  10. The science/tech helping stand.

    Good luck getting your shares investement back if a company collapses :p. With stocks you do own a bit of the company and can have some earnings depending on profit (or have no earnings at all), but with bonds you get interest pays which is not limited to profits (it may be smaller but its stable), not to mention that at bankruptcy companies are obligated to pay back bond investors and other creditors first and foremost, only afterwards stock holders, so in a way they are safer.
  11. Windows 10 tablet and Visual Novels...

    Thank you all, you've been a great help :).
  12. Windows 10 tablet and Visual Novels...

    Thank you, it was the clicks that where a concern and the slower storage. Gladto hear they would work fine :). Its about simple vn's without gameplay aspects honestly.
  13. Hi, i hope this is the right section, i want to know if i can play visual novels on windows 10 tablets, something like this: www3.lenovo.com/us/en/tablets/windows-tablets/miix-series/-Miix-320/p/88IPMX30837 But without the keyboard attached (i want to play them comfy in my bed).
  14. What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?

    Well i just finished Xenosaga Episode 1: And what can i say ? I really loved it, but its not without its flaws, the combat system is has its good parts but the way its setup'd it can get annoying and it feels kind of unbalanced, maybe if i had more free time and didn't work 8 hours a day i wouldn't feel annoyed by it (and resorted to cheating of TP points :p), but it definitely has its flaws as well, combat can down right feel sluggish at times... and not exciting at all... AGWS was pointless (something i hope they fix in later games) and the last thing i had a problem with was character development and progression it really jumps around regarding that way to much, its like now people just meet and the next time they have a cutscene/conversation they are one step from being lovers... It really feels like it jumps to much regarding that. Oh there was one more thing, one of the devs sure was a lolicon, i can't believe how many Momo pantyshots are in this game, its like every scene with her they tried to put one if with the smallest chance... Meanwhile Kos-Mos and Shion... i only managed to catch one glimpse at the end of a battle, *sigh* i should at least be grateful for the Shion bathing suit scene, but i digress. Despite its faults (and lack of Shion panty shots) i loved this game for 3 things: the story (although not much is going on, each time it progresses there's only more questions, but i didn't hate it), the characters (omg i loved Shion and Kos-mos!) and the music, great soundtrack! Looking forward to Xenosaga Episode 2! Seems more polished except for the walking/running animation... PS: this is the second game i ever finished on PCSX2!
  15. What Anime are you watching now?

    Finished rewatching, Kannazuki No Miko: I had such a huge urge to rewatch this since early this week and i finally went and did it, one of my most favorite animes and anime openings, awesome rewatch, i really love everything about this anime, characters, story, music, all of it!