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  1. Visual novels like Fruit of Grisaia and Katawa Shoujo?

    Another vote for G-Senjou no Maou, especially the main route.
  2. As far as I'm concerned ask away unhindered, it doesn't bother me in the least :p. ------------------------- BTW after also seeing the yandere route in princess X I think I need to rephrase/make something clear, while I am looking for aggressive/vicious/vilanous/etc heroines I'm interested in one that just has that trait towards most people while being melo/loving or even overprotective towards the protagonist. Characters similar to Esdeath from akame ga kill, or Margit or Lin from Majikoi (personally although yandere akane from renai boukun falls in the same category).
  3. Koiken Otome Revive TL Project

    Just dropped by to say thank you for undergoing this project, loved Koiken Otome, so also looking forward to revive, especially minato's route XD.
  4. Unfortunately it wasn't what i wanted, there was no love behind it, it felt brutal for the sake of being brutal, with yandere's like Akane or the famous Yuno for example, while they go for extremes its usually out of their love for the MC, and even if they go overboard its over a surge of emotions they can't control that twists from love, but in case of the childhood friend i just felt violence for the sake of violence, that whole bit felt poorly written to be honest.
  5. On h-scenes in VNs

    Considering the usual novels i play for me H-scenes are nothing more then love scenes, if i notice there isn't anything relevant plot wise included i just skip them after i'm satisfied enough of the two characters showing there love for one another.
  6. Also while this is not a 100% save, this save those let you skip over the rapish stuff and follow all nicer routes (though i honestly have no idea what i'm missing, i'm at 99% witch HCG and 98% with the scenes), i thought some might be interested in such a thing, personally i recommend this route: -The Power of a Kiss (must complete, best thing in this novel) With this optional ones if your looking for more upbeat ones: -Harem World (if your looking more antics from all of the girls with a focus on Saki) -Fiancees Forever (if your looking more antics from all of the girls with a focus on Yuuki) -An unorthodox love (h-scene wise saying its wierd is small talk, but story wise it is an interesting conclusion, could have been executed a bit better but decent none the less) Another interesting route to follow is: To the Future (get rapey, but its not at a point where the MC is evil, but a struggle for him and Proxy for him to keep his humanity and for her to keep her sanity, this one is more about the characters on fate of the empire then they're personal story). Well anyway here is the save file: https://www.mediafire.com/file/n63c9c3xbdqfyw1/PoisonBerry.zip
  7. Okay i just finished Princess X and i need to clarify/change a few things originally said by Akshay (while keeping it as spoiler free as possible): Well this is basically my input on the routes/scenarios. Its not because of not clearing the monstrous emperor end, i had that cleared and it still didn't work, i think this route only unlocks after finishing: The power of a kiss <-This one is uncofirmed but i did finish this before the others. The monstrous emperor To the future A world without Shinichi Desire unleashed You will probably unlock it after getting all of them. It seems that this extra ending scene is unlocked after finishing all the routes or if your final route is one of the 2 harem options (Harem World or Fiancess forever) i got it with both of them. If your confused what i mean by final route, basically what i mean is this: There are 11 routes in this novel so basically if you did 10 out the 11 routes and your final (11th) route left is either Harem World or Fiancess forever this extra scene will unlock, and will play hench forth every time you finish one of the two harem routes. As for my final thoughts... well... I absolutely loved The Power of a Kiss route, and its the reason why i do not regret sincying time in this novel, i got nothing to complain with that route. As for the rest, i don't actually consider it bad, there where some interesting twists, but sometimes the novel did try to seem way to deep but with to little effort put into it, and i could have certainly enjoyed it more if it didn't force me through the bad endings to enjoy some of the good parts of it, the problem is that even while it did had some interesting elements in and of itself its not something i was interested in to be honest, that doesn't mean its bad, but it just sort of creates a discrepancy between what you expect when playing it and what you actually get, especially with Lady... a route with her was the second most expected thing in the novel for me... But even if i'm repeating myself The Power of a Kiss route made it all worthwhile for me (though i probably should have stopped there), the game and following down that route felt great! PS: Naja as a kid was one of the cutest things ever >.< :
  8. Hmm... i can't seem to activate: The ruler of an empire I load save 1 (even redid all of the choices till that) but i just get the fiancees forever route...
  9. I'm not promising anything :p. I loved and finish The Power of a Kiss route, but so far i can't say i have much interest considering the let down that you can't go after the Lady... Also considering some of the routes i'm probably just going to grab a save file to be able to pull the "the promise" route, once i finish the ones that seem positive. I can at least guarantee that the Power of a Kiss route is quite nice ^^.
  10. Hey i just noticed this... but i never saw this in the original walkthrough, how do i get this route ?
  11. Thank you, i guess i'm only interested in like 2-3 routes and that's it...
  12. First a small introduction on how I play or what I care about in visual novels. While of course I care about artwork/graphics and other elements my main focus when going through it is romance, story and characters. I'm also mainly interested in the true ending most of the times, and I don't care about 100% cg completion or simple bad ends. Which is why I usually look up choices walkthroughs, so I can get on the desired routes avoid bad ends without spoiling the story. With that out of the way, I tried to look up a guide for Princess X and found this: http://www.otakulair.com/english-visual-novel-walkthroughs/princess-x-my-fiancee-is-a-monster-girl-walkthrough The problem is that route titles make no sense... Or is it not a by girl route game? Or do all the routes split after you pick Naja ? (Which I find disturbing in and of itself).
  13. I'm definitely interested in the overprotective type as well XD.
  14. Heh, i'm the same, but the way i understood it while the protagonist certainly has his dark side, he tries to supress it, the problem however is that his just not in an environment where he can do that, i'm guessing here, but some of the better endings (if there are any) might be about him fighting his inner demons and trying to overcome his sadistic side, at least some things i've seen about the novel might hint that.
  15. Yup Euphoria hasn't been crossed out of my list, i'm planning on reading that as well, at least once i feel comfortable with dealing with its darker nature, from what i've seen, i really need to be in a the right state of mind to go on with it :p.