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  1. What do you mean when you say gods were enslaved? Plaything? Or were they forced to change side?
  2. It's a hard choice, I thought about to tell her, but she is the kind of person that would "accept" without saying too much at first hand, then use it as a weapon when we have an argument. That's the kind of person she is. I don't even come here as much as I did. I'll wait some time before telling here, but it will be a hard decision...
  3. The fact is, it's been 2 month we live together and almost 7 months we know each other, so I am affraid of 2 things: - The fact that I never told her before, if I come to ask her for permission, it will feel like I hidden I liked those things until now - She is kinda vanilla, I was thinking about telling her but I don't know how, because as I said in my first point, I never told her, and if I do nowshe may say "gosh and you waited all this time to tell me that?" and if I try to explain her what are VN, saying "see hony? those are porn game(nuki) and those are not, even with 18+, I re
  4. She is reading the manga "stray dog", I don't know this at all, I think it's a shoujo but I am not sure. About anime she liked elfend lied and another nakige (I forgot the name). We are kinda far from VN...
  5. She doesn't know VN at all, I'll have to explain from the very beginning. She likes anime/manga so I think it might be okay it I use Stein Gate as an example, but I most likely play 18+ VN in japanese. Those are not nukige because I am not into this stuff. I thought about explaining VN with something soft like Stein Gate or chaos Head Noah, but the main problem is that she doesn't know what VN are at all, and let's say, if I start to explain "see, VN are those things like SG, it's like reading a book" and then later she sees me playing another VN, she will ask me "what is this one?" and sooner
  6. Hi guys, I recently started to live with my girlfriend, we are somehow happy but there is something that bother me: Did you guys tell your waifu that you are playing VN? We're at home almost at the same time, we are always busy and even in my free time if I tried to play VN, she would see it or hear it because it's not that big at home. The only way for me to play would be at night because she knows I don't sleep that much, so I tried this sometime and one night she sneeked behind me because she thought I wanted to contact someone and cheat on her. (I was playing lol when it happened
  7. Man, I already lived that once in real life when I saw my brother dying little by little in his coma after a bike accident... I have a question for the Fruitbat Factory team: What is the point of this title to present cute heroines and make us suffer because we know from the very beginning that they will die anyway?
  8. I remember someone doing a topic like this with a huge work on h scene (which one were good or not) on a google doc. It was posted around one year ago if I remember right. Now that I think about it, someone has a clue about the name of this topic?
  9. I have 2 questions: What is the white box of Kara no Shoujo? What is the difference between your version of konosuba and this one with a different cover: http://5pb.jp/games/konosuba/product/
  10. I guess the annoncement from tomorrow will be Tayutama 2 x)
  11. Wait, that's what you meant by deck for learning grammar? I thought it was a deck to revise grammar lol
  12. Good job, I really liked the definitions thing showed in your example. Did you create this deck or card?
  13. For me, I think the most important part is to give you objectives. Let me explain myself: Let's be honest here, no matter how you look at it, learning japaneseis hardly funny: it's hard (more or less), very different from our own langage, and fucking scary (Hi Onyomi and Kunyomi...) but as long as you really want to reach a goal, this is not impossible, so that was not the main problem for me. On the internet, you can find a lot of guides for beginner, really, so when you want to start to learn japanese, you know where you'll start (kana and the syntax), and you have more than enough
  14. 1- Well yes. I remember one of the interlude, as I said, it was weird, because I saw 2 characters talking, but without any name. It was long and not interesting. But since I was really in love with this VN, I remembered almost each interlude. For example, this one where there is 2 males characters talking, one saying he is surprised to see the second coming to him. You can understand that one side is going to betray another, but you can not tell who, when, but you can know why, the interlude a lot of information and give you the true face of some character while when they are in front Takumi,
  15. 1- Chaos Head is one of my favorite VN, I don't have that much memory about the interludes, but they are more or less all important. It's a very complicated VN, and the fact that you have fiew information on each interlude is weird. but as I come closer to the end, it made sense. 2-Yes and no, the real point is to understand how instable the MC is. You can check how this instability evolve as the story progress. If you really follow the story, you can more or less understand that the story is pretty crazy (New Gen serial murders which are more or less connected to Takumi, people trying to
  16. Someone should move this thread to the Translation project Section. And good work flame!
  17. Is there a true end for the whole VN? Or only a true end for a character?
  18. Indeed, thank you guys, but are you sure it's the same singer? Yuki singed the japanese version and 1:35 it seems to be Koike Joanna (I don't know who it is though)
  19. Just took a look at their site, and I saw their video It was not bad at all, but I was interested by the song used for this, (and I saw that it was not the japanese opening of Frontier), I tried to use shazam and other tools, but I have no way of discovering what is this song (maybe it will be the opening of the us version) Someone has an idea?
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