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  1. 07.12.2018 Progress updated!! Check the 1st post in the topic. Finished rough TL of Hinata route!
  2. Extra news: We are looking for someone who is a native English speaker, and has the time to spend working on assisting us. After our proofreader go through and proofread each part, we would like someone to go after him and make sure that he didn't miss anything. This includes making sure sentences sound right, word wrapping fits well, and words are spelled properly. You don't need to know any Japanese, and if you don't know how to use a HEX editor program we can teach you, as it isn't that hard. Aside from that, being a native English speaker, and having the time to help are the only requirements. If you are interested PM me. Thank you and have a nice day!
  3. 07.06.2018 Progress updated!! Check the 1st post in the topic. I am really sorry it took so much time, but I was really busy in the past month.
  4. Birthday thread

    Whoa! I had no idea that there is topic like this! Thank you very much! You've got no idea how much I appreciate this!
  5. 06.04.2018 Progress updated!! Check the 1st post in the topic. I'm sorry for so long slack of updates but I've been really busy lately as the school year is slowly coming to its end here. Anyway I believe that Hinata route will be done soon and during the summer holidays the pace of the TL should be back to the normal.
  6. 05.13.2018 Progress updated! Check the 1st post in the topic.
  7. 05.05.2018 Progress updated (very small progress but I still decided to inform about it)! Check the 1st post in the topic.
  8. 04.19.2018 Progress updated! Check the 1st post in the topic.
  9. 04.07.2018 Progress updated! Renamed "Chapter 4 - 7" to endings because everything that comes after the standard chapter 3 are different routes.
  10. Yep got stuck there too. This is the moment you need to ask someone to write a program that would extract the text from the .ybn files. You might try making a request maybe someone who has the necessary knowledge and will write something for you.
  11. Hello there, Well someone contacted me that he would be able to write a tool specifically for the game I was talking about here. Try using AE VN Tools, if the game you'd like to translate is compatible, you'll be able to both unpack and repack it. The tool can recognize the format the game uses. If it fails you can simply open a topic here and people are most likely to help you. That's what the forums are here for after all =).
  12. 03.30.2018 Progress updated! Check the 1st post in the topic!
  13. We are looking for what to translate after we're done with Pure Pure IN ADVANCE! After we are done with the 1st project I want to jump to another asap and I don't want to waste time with hacking and stuff. I like to have things sorted and prepared beforehand so I don't waste any time. You what they say: "Victory loves preparation!"
  14. Hello everyone, Since Pure Pure project is more than half finished we are slowly looking for another game we could pick. What caught my interest is another VN made by Klein https://vndb.org/v12354 This VN, however, uses the YU-RIS Game Engine v463 (0xFF). Extracting the files from the package wasn't any problem as AE VN Tools were able to read this format but repacking and scripts are bit of a problem. I tried editing the menu buttons and repacking them but I ran into three issues: AE VN tools don't have the v463 of the engine available for repacking as you can see in the screen shot below: So I tried going with the v490 and v287 In case of v490 the game told me that the files in the package are duplicated and therefore the game cannot be opened, see below: In case of v287 the game didn't even recognize the package: What I'm asking here is: Is there any way how to successfully repack the cg and stuff in order for the game to work? And which tools I can use for extracting the text from the .ybn script format. It's encoded so even HEX editor shows a pretty mess. Every advice is very much appreciated!