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  1. Did you play chusin gura? I think you might like the H scene with Kazumi.
  2. Kirashi


    Did you try to contact Aroduc?
  3. I never posted any gift in this forum but so I hope you will bu able to see them ^^
  4. I know Seirei Tsukai no blade dance, but what are the others?
  5. I am almost at the end and I am really in love with this vn. Thank you for the incredible work, I hope you have a great Christmas. By the way, how is Resona Forma? And do you plan something for the future?
  6. How do you do with games without 32 bit launcher? I guess that's the main problem with ith when you can't find the .exe right?
  7. Good work for the translation!! By the way, who tried to translate this?
  8. Hi, I was trying to play this game with a text hooker tool, but it seems that ITH can't work with this game. Then I tried ITHVNR, but it's worse since I can not even find LD4 in the process... So I wondered if someone had an idea how I can hook this game?
  9. Who is the black haired girl in the midle at 0:08? Where is the best girl? (Takae)
  10. Well, this game is not that hard, I guess we can trust Albert if he is seriously working on it. Somehow, you guys will need TLC sooner or later. But, why not team up with Ren? It's a matter of what do you want: Just improve your japanese? You can do it by yourself. But if you can do something useful with your practise, then why not give it a try.
  11. Which game does your avatar come from?
  12. Could someone share the trial? (wich is not available on the website anymore). I can't happen to find it anywhere else...
  13. Ans that's why I still think the best way is to hold a project as secret...
  14. Are you really planning to translate the whole game from scratch? If you ask Frank, maybe he'll share with you the missing % files. It will be shorter and more convenient that way, or worst case scenario, just the 2 routes? Edit: If there is really something you would translate differently, you can still edit the old translation and release your patch once the full translation is done.
  15. Eh? Why are you talking about Shinku translation here? As far as I know, they never asked donation (or maybe they did?) I am talking about Kohaku Translation... What they did is for the less kinda dishonest... Just meaning that not only people but some translations group deserve blame as well...
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