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  1. For starter, if we allow to call those routes 'true', doesn't that mean something is off with all others routes? (true/wrong route) From the start, the only point with the tue route is revealing secrets/information and cloture the game somehow etc. The main point with all others routes is just to add porn with your best favorite/buy times for a longer VN experience/add some mystery that you'll follow in the last route. For example, once you play Hatsuyuki Sakura's true end, you start to understand how all previous routes were pointless no matter you look at it, and it's not the only vn li
  2. Do you need a japanese vita to play japanese games?
  3. Great that's exactly right! Thank you! But both of them seem dead. Are you still in touch with stormwyrm? Youtwo were pretty close. I think I'll try to reach him if you don't. I thought he released his scripts and tools but I was wrong. I ignored that the second project reached 100%, but it seems pretty dead.
  4. I already asked those in the survey, but I guess it was not the right place since (never got any answer) or maybe it will be answered tomorrow: -Why this sudden interest in the overseas development? You already have a partnership with Degica, do you plan new ones? If you can't translate the whole stream, a good (long) summary should be fine Thank you for the good work until now, hope to see Schwarzesmarken in the west one day!
  5. Hi, As the title says, there is 2 VN I am looking for. One of them was being translated by a single man, he put a topic in the forum (in the fans translation discussion section ), asking help for the quizz. He put some update, release a patch with half translation one year ago (I think he only translated the light route and left the dark route). Oh, and the OP was great! The other is bit harder to describe, it was a translator alone who translated the vn, he had a website, posted updates, then one day, posted that he had to stop because he was busy irl (I think the progress was
  6. Can someone explain me? It looks interesting but I don't understand
  7. Hi, I have one question about this: Where and how do you plan to send the feedbacks of the Tokyo Game Show?
  8. Make even less sense: What's the point buying those scripts if they have to be translated from scratch? I wondered about that for a while for a while but now I think I start to understand why there is so much random rumors about Ixrec...
  9. Right, but this bring 2 questions: 1- Didn't they work with Degica for their actual release so far? 2- Why is Amaterasu part of the translators now on vndb? Never heard anything about them working with Degica
  10. Alternative project didn't give any news for a year. Usually they gave plenty of updates. Something happened?
  11. Ok, I stopped CC some months ago, I started a new game tonight because there is some importants things here and there I might have fogotten. Here comes the questions: At the "campout end" (very beginning) who are all the charaters there? Is it an important event? Does it happen before or after the weeks of the story? (I ask this because no one gives a fuck about the loneliness of Touko in the actual story even though they went camping together) and does this happen before or after the "oujou sama behind the window thing? MC was fooling around with Touko but it seems he said somethin
  12. Try it using ccleaner. Just to be sure, did you try to instal the japanese version first?
  13. Did you try it "raw" without the patches? Did you update your drivers?
  14. But does that mean that Touko route will end like this??? Are all the ends fucked like this one? I can't believe it...
  15. There is too much questions without answer in Touko's route. This game is bad for my head ><
  16. Hi, I am actually reading Cross Channel, and right now, I am in the Touko route (my first). But there is something I don't understand: At some point of the route, the short haired girl comes out of nowhere, saying that she founds a dead body out of the city, and suspect someone. Later she fires to MC, but Touko get in the way. After that, I am back in the prologue ("the oujou sama behind the window" thing) and then MC is dressed like a girl, with a black haired girl (at first I thought it was youko, but she wears weird clothes and her name is "???", it confuses me) and h scene f
  17. Are you talking about Chisato? I didn't play this Vn yet but I'm curious.
  18. I was supposed to get the heroine with glasses first then? Why could I avoid her route and start with the ojou-san (Touko) from te second week? And no, I didn't sleep with Misato.
  19. Hi, I juste sarted to read Cross Channel, and right now, I am in the Touko route (my first). I have actually 3 questions: The first one about the choice: I understood the game go along with weeks. For example, in the first week, the choices are for Misato. There is 2 things I don't understand: 1- If we give bad answer, it is said that the game will reboot until you give the goods answer, does that mean this game is about enforced playing order? Because my first route is Touko (second week). So what are exactly the bad answer? Can you reject the heroine one week and go to the ne
  20. I see, thank you for the information and good luck. By the way, how much chapter is there?
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