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    Manga (mainly seinen, spokon, comedy and very, VERY few shounens), Anime (my favourite one is Record of Lodoss War), Fantasy Novels (huge fan of SOME of the Sapkowski's books), videogames and videogames modifications, D&D, Music (almost every kind of music, except the spanish ones and the neapolitan neo-melodic genre)....oh, and, of course, VNs!
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  1. I'm more interest in Orihime TBH...Hikari and Korona don't quite pick my interest as much as Saya and Orihime do
  2. Definitely play Saku Saku: an underestimated (and, at times, even hated ) VN, but with a very cute Osananajimi heroine with a slightly psicological route.
  3. I Totally agree with you. Hikari, although it SHOULD be the main heroine, feels more like she wants to be the MC's best friend rather than his girlfriend. I'm playing it right now and, well....for my first route, I'm going with Saya. Dunno if I'll ever do Hikari and Korona's routes, although they have been heavily reccomended.
  4. If you want to play toHeart2, stay away from Sasara's route. Best girl, worst route. Anyway, toHeart2 has got a '90s anime feeling that's quite enjoyable. A good common route and nice artworks. I was uttery disappointed by the ending of my route of choice, tho. The MoeNovel version is simply uncorrect. there are some traslation errors that can change the meaning of a whole sentence (I won't spoil, but, in a certain, IMPORTANT scene, they messed up the translation...changing the original "you" into a "you all") The restoration patch fixes some of those problems, but oth
  5. OK, where do I even begin...? The "school life, lighthearted genre" is my favourite kind of VNs, so I played a good number of them. Here are my personal recomendations: -KonoOozora. Hands down my favourite VN. Lighthearted, heartwarming and incredibly high-quality. -Noble Works. A masterpiece. Nice comedy and a semi-decent protagonist (I love Akari as much as I love Kotori from konooozora) -Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort. Nice, relaxing atmosphere. -YukiZakura. At least, the route I played -Wagamama High Spec. A true revelation. Loved it. 4 out of 5 of my recomendations have got
  6. Well...the problem is more complicated than it seems... I don't think I'm tired of Moege...and the reasons I dropped all the VNs I'm reading is because their story take a "not-so moege" turn. For example, in Tsujidou-san no jun'ai road.... About Little Busters! well...I just can't stand to lose the baseball match and the fact that you have to finish all the routes to unlock the final part of the main heroine's route. For majikoi, well.... For To Heart2, it's the Ending of the Sasara's route.... .... So, I see why you're suggesting me to give another genre
  7. You squat like a western spy! Is that what you are? HUH?!
  8. Hello there! Just a simple question: have you ever had an "everything disappoints me" kind of situation? Let's focus on VNs here... Almost every VN I read in the last 4 or 5 months were disappointing. Disappointing enough to make me drop them. Take Tsujidou-san no jun'ai road...I dropped it 5 mins ago. Until a certain part of the story, I was like "whoah! Finally an Hands-Down good VN!". Then, that part arrived. It wasn't as shocking as it was for Hatsukoi, but still. That's the kind of VNs I hate the most: the ones that are close to perfection, until a certain part. Before
  9. Fujishima Takumi from Noble Works. (well...even if he messes up pretty badly during the Akari's ending.)
  10. Sigh...still no news about the second season of Kancolle.... Anyway...what about the Girls und Panzer final movie? any news about the subbed version?
  11. Luckily enough, I play my VNs on a laptop....so, if my brother or my mother have something to do in my room, I simply umplug the charging cable of my laptop and get the hell outta my room. But hey...you can always try the "high-volume heavy metal music trick"! This one often works...
  12. I'm italian and, dunno about TV broadcasts in your country, but here is Full of advertising breaks, even during a movie. I don't watch TV anymore simply because I'm not interested in talk shows (the favourite genre of all the italian's national broadcasts) And, If I want to watch a certain movie, I'll watch it on streaming without any Ad breaks. Not that it matters anyway, since I mainly watch anime....
  13. sometimes, VNR server goes down....so, it's something you can't really do anything about it. (I learned it the hard way when I played Kono Oozora: Snow Presents.)
  14. ...Heh, Noob! I've read Kono Oozora 9 times in a row!! (same choices, same route....Kotori is just the best) Anyway, welcome to the forum! P.S.: Clannad is definitely in my "to-read" list....even if I don't really like the artwork in it.
  15. Hello there! While being under pressure because of my upcoming college exams, I saw this Vn on steam... "Kyoto Colorful days", huh? If it's as good as 'Tokyo School Life' or 'Go Go Nippon', well...I just have to read it! ... Well, not only is a lot shorter than Tokyo School life and Go Go nippon, but the routes are very, VERY unbalanced. What do I mean with 'unbalanced', you might ask...well, I'll try to explain. A good example of 'balanced routes' would be the Go Go Nippon ones: Both of the heroines are "main" heroines, sharing the same amount of important times with the MC and, w
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