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    Manga (mainly seinen, spokon, comedy and very, VERY few shounens), Anime (my favourite one is Record of Lodoss War), Fantasy Novels (huge fan of SOME of the Sapkowski's books), videogames and videogames modifications, D&D, Music (almost every kind of music, except the spanish ones and the neapolitan neo-melodic genre)....oh, and, of course, VNs!
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  1. Absolutely no need for you to apologize, man! Yeah, it wasn't exactly a good experience...but, as you may have read, I really loved it until a certain moment of the story.
  2. Yeah, I really enjoyed Wagamama high spec...Even if I disliked the excessive usage of H scenes...in a certain route, they starts to get "ecchi" right in the middle of their first kiss...
  3. Ok there...My own Saku Saku experience is closed.... I'll write what I think of it as spoiler (it contains spoiler, actually) That said, keep suggesting, guys! And thanks to Tamaki Sakura for having suggested both Saku Saku and Wagamama High Spec!
  4. Little OT...hope nobody will mind it: "Anyhow, that's how lovers are meant to be! and yet, you two just make out and do dirty things behind closed doors!" ... ELEONORA FOR PRESIDENT!!!!
  5. Just finished Saku Saku. I've chosen Mio for my first run. (Three reasons: none of the heroines made me jump from my chair; I've never played the route of a childhood friend; Mio is the cutest heroine of the game [excluding Konami...but I'm not very fond of "incest routes"]). Seriously....I can't see why you said it's garbage. When I'll finish Yuuri's route too, I'll write something more detailed about the game.
  6. Nisekoi VN for PS Vita...is it "any good"?

    I've read the end of the manga from wikipedia
  7. Nisekoi VN for PS Vita...is it "any good"?

    Well, I'm sort of happy with the manga's ending (even if I don't like the part in which she went back to america....and on wikipedia there's no mention of how long she stayed there) They could, at least, come up with something better than "If my feelings towards him will stay the same, I'll confess eventually". It's just illogical. And, about her beating, insulting and HUMILIATING Raku, well...that's a little bit of an exaggeration...Even the blindest among men would see that she behaves like that to hide her insecurity, her fear, her jealousy and her feelings towards him.
  8. Thanks...I'm not sure if I'm ok with the fact that she proposed the threesome in the first place, tho. Anyway...next on my list are "Chrono Clock" and "Saku Saku: Love Blooms with the Cherry Blossoms" There are lots of yet-to-be translated VNs that I'm waiting, such as "Clover Days"; "If You Love Me, Then Say So!" and the Kono Oozora: flight diarty....just to name some of them. When my feels will be ready, I'll play Katawa Shoujo, too....not that I am in a hurry to play it. I know it will be devastating
  9. Nisekoi VN for PS Vita...is it "any good"?

    That's all I wanted to hear! Anyway...sadly, there's no plans for an english patch YET. (that's what the author of the video I posted earlier said..."yet".) the "yet" part gives me hope, tho. The part that this game is only on PS Vita, makes my wallet tremble.
  10. Nisekoi VN for PS Vita...is it "any good"?

    I started to watch the anime after I read the manga's ending. After watching the second-last episode of the first season I started to get suspicious. So, I watched the anime's conclusion before continuing it. I was right....the anime conclusion is "useless" and "unsatisfactory", to say the least
  11. Nisekoi VN for PS Vita...is it "any good"?

    Damn...I was hoping for a fan-translation that went under-radar... Anyway...is the story better than the anime? Does this VN have a proper "ending" for each route? (Yes...I know how the anime ends 'cuz I spoilered myself the conclusion....and its plain sh*t. I can't stand that d*ckhead of Raku. He's blind, he's got the worst tastes ever. He's an idiot. That's why I am considering to drop this anime and watch something else instead. Anyway, I still love Chitoge and I'm hoping for a better "solution" for her...I believe this VN is my only hope, though)
  12. Nisekoi VN for PS Vita...is it "any good"?