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    Manga (mainly seinen, spokon, comedy and very, VERY few shounens), Anime (my favourite one is Record of Lodoss War), Fantasy Novels (huge fan of SOME of the Sapkowski's books), videogames and videogames modifications, D&D, Music (almost every kind of music, except the spanish ones and the neapolitan neo-melodic genre)....oh, and, of course, VNs!
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  1. Favorite protagonist?

    Fujishima Takumi from Noble Works. (well...even if he messes up pretty badly during the Akari's ending.)
  2. Spring Anime of 2018

    Sigh...still no news about the second season of Kancolle.... Anyway...what about the Girls und Panzer final movie? any news about the subbed version?
  3. Emptying the room

    Luckily enough, I play my VNs on a laptop....so, if my brother or my mother have something to do in my room, I simply umplug the charging cable of my laptop and get the hell outta my room. But hey...you can always try the "high-volume heavy metal music trick"! This one often works...
  4. How often do you watch TV?

    I'm italian and, dunno about TV broadcasts in your country, but here is Full of advertising breaks, even during a movie. I don't watch TV anymore simply because I'm not interested in talk shows (the favourite genre of all the italian's national broadcasts) And, If I want to watch a certain movie, I'll watch it on streaming without any Ad breaks. Not that it matters anyway, since I mainly watch anime....
  5. Translation is not working on VNR

    sometimes, VNR server goes down....so, it's something you can't really do anything about it. (I learned it the hard way when I played Kono Oozora: Snow Presents.)
  6. Konnichiwa~!

    ...Heh, Noob! I've read Kono Oozora 9 times in a row!! (same choices, same route....Kotori is just the best) Anyway, welcome to the forum! P.S.: Clannad is definitely in my "to-read" list....even if I don't really like the artwork in it.
  7. Hello there! While being under pressure because of my upcoming college exams, I saw this Vn on steam... "Kyoto Colorful days", huh? If it's as good as 'Tokyo School Life' or 'Go Go Nippon', well...I just have to read it! ... Well, not only is a lot shorter than Tokyo School life and Go Go nippon, but the routes are very, VERY unbalanced. What do I mean with 'unbalanced', you might ask...well, I'll try to explain. A good example of 'balanced routes' would be the Go Go Nippon ones: Both of the heroines are "main" heroines, sharing the same amount of important times with the MC and, when the time comes, both routes end with something "concrete"...a confession or something like that. Now, Let's talk about the KCD routes. (I'll avoid spoilers whenever possible) Only two main heroine...In theory, both should be considered as the "main heroines" Well, that's not the case. One of the route revolves on mere business...in a mere "goonies" style story. Nothing romantic, nothing "concrete". The other one is more complete: it involves a "deep" story with a solid conclusion. That's what I mean with "unbalanced" routes: Only two routes, but one is more important than the other one. I am not searching the balance in a VN with 4+ heroines, but I find it strange that the authors didn't managed to balance out just two stories. Yeah, it doesn't help that my designed heroine of KCD is the one with the worst route...maybe that's the reason of this post. What do you think about it? Did you enjoyed KCD?
  8. Some route's endngs are so perfect that any other "perfect" ending would just ruin them.
  9. Favorite VN?

    Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa Wo Hirogette and Noble Works are my favourite VNs Hands down. I am pretty surprised that Little Busters has even been listed...I dropped it out of exhaustion.
  10. OK, I did it. Dunno How, though.
  11. Checked just a second ago. Nothing related to that on the bios of this notebook...
  12. Already tried it. Doesn't work for me.
  13. Hello there! I've got a notebook (Asus X53s)...it's pretty old, but it's still an I7 2760QM and a 2Gb GT540M. Now, I use it with a logitech wireless mouse....everytime I close the lid, the pc goes, obviously, in suspension mode. But, when I slightly move (even involountarily) the said wireless mouse, the PC wakes up. This ticks me off. I tried loads and loads of guides to prevent this from happening....but none of them worked for me. What the Hell should I do?
  14. Fuwa Confession: I'm lost.

    Ok, ok....well, I am not a psychologist or anything....and, don't get me wrong, I am not a super expert in life or some sort of guru. So, just take what I'm about to write as some sort of light opinions. I am 23, and I am still astonished about how people keep overestimating the other people around them. People are just...people. Even your parents, this "V" person....the people that keep shittalking about you...they're no better than you or anyone else. I know you feel like you're alone...and you probably are. So what? Make it a strong point. I graduated when I was 18...and, I think, everywhere in the world, the graduation exams is a "kill or be killed" kind of scenario. A little example: during my the first written graduation exam, my ex classmates plotted against me, just because I wasn't there for their non-official meeting in the city where THEY lived. To put it simply: I was supposed to sit in front of the commission, while they were just take the seats on the rear of the class. I just didn't give a damn. During the said exam, I pushed my way to the classroom and I sat wherewer I wanted. They complained. I didn't give a damn. I passed that exam. 14/15. Best mark of the entire class. So, yeah...you'll be alone during your graduation exam. Like each and everyone of us. Now, about the groupwork. -Is it mandatory? (Never know of a "group graduation exam") If it is...well, my advice is: treat people like people. Nothing more. You've been assigned to that group? That's fine. That was not your decision. Have them let you know what you have to do, and just do it. No need to get in good terms with them. It's just work. Nothing personal. No need to get overly close to them. If your problem is about making friends, well... Just wait. I don't have many friends, just a lot of aquaitances. But I know for a fact that, after the High-school period, you'll meet someone with your same interests. that's it. Again, remember: Beign alone has got a lot of bad sides....but a couple of good ones, too.
  15. Maybe I haven't explained my situation properly. My apologies. I managed to win the match during the first run just because Rin panicked a couple times during the match. When she panicked, the player is allowed to save. when saving, the "randomizer" resets and you'll get a different result everytime you load that save.. During the second run's match, Rin is (alas) way bold and never panicks. So, you're forced to play the entirety of the match. Of course, without Kengo, the chances of winning the match are very, very, VERY low. During a single Inning, they scored 10 points. While it's a miracle if I can score one or two point at a time. The game is just too random. I wish to beat that randomness with over-the-top stats for each character. That's why I'd be grateful if any of you can link me a .dat editor. It doesn't have to be made specifically for Little Busters, since my plan is to find one that is at least COMPATIBLE with it