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  1. How do you unlock Akane route? It seems I don't have the right to pick her.
  2. Mangagamer share the results of their survey each year if this might interest you
  3. The endings for umaru are what she will become in the future? The others routes are romance ending?
  4. What kind of endings are there in the Umaru game?
  5. I think it goes a bit further than that, kiminozo was tagged as an utsuge even on vndb, it likely will go a bit farther than being sad for other girls when you choose one, but it would be nice to have a confirmation from someone that played the game.
  6. I heard it's an utsuge, so does that mean there is no hope and you only get crushing endings no matter what you do?
  7. I am late but the family tree looks great. What does this mean when some characters like Tamaki or Misaki aren't in any branch?
  8. And there are a lot of informations on the media because this is a serious matter. People already know what to do because each country governement gave instructions for the well being of everyone. I don't know what you expect by censoring the people here (for personnal reason furthermore), because yeah, people will feel censored now, and it is everything but a good idea. Well, this is just my point of view, I can somehow understand yours and I respect it, but the difference is that we have to submit for something all of us might not agree. If the old topic was really a problem, you could just
  9. I feel troubled as well. i don't know what was the old topic about, but this forum is (or was) about liberal expression as long as they no one breaks any rule, this is the first time I see a mod forcing their way because they have the authority to do so. Furthermore, as far as I remember, I saw far worse topic around about irl issue than coronavirus and no one said anything lol.
  10. The only happiness is the present, then all end in darkness because you can't help it... How is this different from an utsuge?
  11. Can you elabore the naki part? What should I expect on that point? Depressing?
  12. Maybe 3 or 4 years ago, someone started translating on a VN focusing on imoutos. I only remember that a lot of "imoutos" claimed to be engaged with the MC, while he didn't seem to know any of them. So all the heroine started to engage into a war litteraly). I thought it was called "Imouto sensou" or something like that but after a search it seems I was wrong. I remember there were quite a lot of heroine. It isn't translated. Someone has an idea what can this VN be?
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