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  1. Wasn't deepl unusable for playing because it only translate a few words a day?
  2. Oh my bad, I was talking about Kazami Kazuki, the little sister's protagonist from Grisaia no Kajitsu. If you didn't try the game you should try it out (also I don't recommend looking for info about her on the internet, only spoil will await you because she is an existence kinda... more special than you are used in other VN). Even though she lived with the MC a few years, her very existence impacted his whole life. Consider discovering her more like a reward, avoid any spoil at all cost. To brief you about her, her logic is solid, her empathy too, I'd say she respect your 80%/20%, her emp
  3. How do you scroll the years you want to see? I picked 2011 in the bar as a test and the scrolling bar disapeared
  4. Yes that's right. How many result did you get? Just one?
  5. What people usually use and share on the net are h codes (you can recognize them since they always start with "h" at the beginning), r codes are another kind of code (if you know for example the tool "HAT", it does work with r code). The advantage is that it(almost) work with anything as long as it is recognized by cheat engine (you can hook Chaos Head Noah on ps3 emu with this for example, some ps2 and psp games too), this code is sadly useless once you close your game/emulator so you can't share those unlike h code (that's why you have to redo every steps when you want to use "HAT" for examp
  6. Hi everyone, I was remembering something I heard long ago but forgot where it was exactly. I can more or less remember the context so I'll tell everything I remembe: "Why is the world never anything happen as I planned", pretty sure it was a female character, an antagonist. She more or less kept repeating this a lot along the story in a sad/angry way. I think it was in an anime but don't quote me on that. "We fighted a lot but I have good memories of it" Pretty sure it was about a sibling quarrel and it was the younger sister saying this. If anyone could recall where those quot
  7. How do you unlock Akane route? It seems I don't have the right to pick her.
  8. Mangagamer share the results of their survey each year if this might interest you
  9. The endings for umaru are what she will become in the future? The others routes are romance ending?
  10. What kind of endings are there in the Umaru game?
  11. I think it goes a bit further than that, kiminozo was tagged as an utsuge even on vndb, it likely will go a bit farther than being sad for other girls when you choose one, but it would be nice to have a confirmation from someone that played the game.
  12. I heard it's an utsuge, so does that mean there is no hope and you only get crushing endings no matter what you do?
  13. I am late but the family tree looks great. What does this mean when some characters like Tamaki or Misaki aren't in any branch?
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