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  1. I started blindly without any walkthrough and ended on kotori's route. I knew something was "off" with the last choice and picked the most painful one because I knew I would do her route again with the better choice (because I am using the vita version, I'll redo it with windows version) Now I'm using a walkthrough and starting azusa's route. I'll do the other end with Kotori for last.
  2. I can but thank you for the information. How far are you the game?
  3. In his review, Clephas said that for Kotori route (with 2 ends) we have to to her route in a specifik order to get the better experience (he mentioned the walkthrough), but there isn't any walktrhough, which was the first and second end he was talking about?
  4. Alright thank you for the explanation Another question: The all age version is supposed to be the vita version, with more contents. So what is the 18+? Vita version with h scene? Windows version with vita content skipped?
  5. Try to get in touch with the former translator. He improved (he should now be able to TLC the work he did in the old days) and might help if you find 1-2 others translators. Here is his profile: https://forums.fuwanovel.net/profile/22286-frank/
  6. Do you still need help with the translation of the UI? If Philly is still available I can take care of the translation part
  7. Truth to be told, I would have prefered Sakura no Uta, but you can ask Bad End if you want more information
  8. No, it's mori because they mentionned the joker
  9. That's actually easy: mangagamer letted a lot of hints on their blog about this title last year. Bad End was showing off everyday on his twitter "I feel so good working on my secret project for mangagamer" etc, so then one day I sent him a pm: "hi bro, how bro, how is it going with Sakura no Mori?" The dude never mentionned his "secret" project since then lol.
  10. Sakura no Mori will be annonced by Manga Gamer, translated by Bad End
  11. When she cheats on him is it superficial or does she go all way? Are the 2 in a relationship when this happen or does she love someone else than mc and consider him as a friend or something?
  12. what? is it at least avoidable? This is the thing I hate the most...
  13. wait, what is this ntr tag? Am I dreaming?
  14. I have finished the partial patch. There is some things to polish but it was pretty good. Was it edited?
  15. No native speakers might find it difficult to follow, but it's a great idea, good work!
  16. I am pretty sure if the native speaker community were less toxic toward translation, more french people would be willing to help.
  17. As I said before, I always asked proof and no one was able to give me a single one. The Decay fan club doesn't understand a single word in japanese and had no better argument than "I saw someone on the internet saying that irxec translation is bad". I don't think I made a blind judgement, or maybe you just chose to ignore what I said above? Or are you saying I should have trust them even so? That's what you call human decency? You're right, they had a valid point. Now I will trust Decay fan club when they claim to hold the truth. Edit: Don't take me wrong, I am not saying this aga
  18. I only read Comyu so far. Understand that there are a lot of ixrec flamer on this forum, and each time I asked what the fuck is wrong with his translation, I only saw answers like "Someone said on the internet" or "I don't like his english" but no one was able to show any proof. And as you can tell, those are people complaining about the editing, not the translation. One more thing if you want to know more: one of the first ixrec flamer on the forum is Decay. On day, I answered on the vntl comment complaining about Tokyo Babel translation, because there were some fucked sentences in the
  19. Unless you can prove with quote that his translation is bad (thing that no one did so far) your "human decency" is close to zero don't you think? You really believe that some random dudes on the forum (that don't know a single word in japanese) claiming that "x translation" is bad without any proof are trustworthy?
  20. I tend to disagree with Ayakashibito's MC, he is your plain, average, simple minded, kind hearted protagonist... He was intesting only in Touko route, and that was not even him in control...
  21. She was not stupid, she would have managed somehow... And don't forget that if she wasn't here there wouldn't be a fuwanovel at all...
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