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  1. Holy cow, this works! It works!! You just saved me over 20 GB on my limited space SSD for a Windows 7 VM install that wouldn't even maximize to fullscreen and a suboptimal VN experience. Thank you so much! :') @Tay or a mod, can we put this problem, the list of affected games and the possible workaround that @binaryfail posted here to somewhere so that it doesn't get lost in the forum for future reference? Thanks!
  2. Already tried it, but it doesn't work. Thanks anyway!
  3. Hi guys, So it seems a few VNs that were released in 2010 to 2012, and happen to use version 2.47, 2.48 or 2.49 of the ShiinaRio game engine, don't work with Windows 8 onwards. These are the lists: https://anonym.to/?http://green.ribbon.to/~erog/Note022.html https://anonym.to/?http://green.ribbon.to/~erog/Note021.html According to this site (scroll down to the 椎名里緒 part) : http://bit.ly/2q8Z4zS Versions 2.47 to 2.49 have some idiosyncrasies with scripting and therefore don't run in Windows 8 and above. Is there any way to make these run on Windows 8 and up? I kinda ended up buying one of them (Mimi wo sumaseba / みみをすませば) that runs ShiinaRio v2.47 (even though the trial version runs v2.46!) and it doesn't work... Would someone be kind enough to investigate if there's any way to run these titles? I did try copy-pasting a v2.46 exe of the same game, but it didn't let me through, throwing a "Program Version Error", so if we could get around that somehow, maybe it'll work? Thanks in advance! EDIT: I should also add that my language for non-unicode programs is set to Japanese.
  4. Chrono Clock - Miu and final thoughts

    Good point. But do they have a scene where she plays with the water gun? In the game itself I mean... I can't remember. As for your 2nd question, don't mind that and keep on reading.
  5. Chrono Clock - Miu and final thoughts

    Yep, that was originally how the Miu route was meant to be enjoyed. In my case, only a couple of days had passed since I read it so I remembered most of it. Therefore didn't feel like reading it again. Even though Miu's so cute, it's rude to her... I know. That's just a personal musing on which route order would be maximally profitable in terms of impact and fun.
  6. Chrono Clock - Miu and final thoughts

    Ah, finished them sans Michiru. Indeed, as such, this VN has no "common route" in that sense of the word. And enjoy the cute faces she makes when angry. Oh, the voice acting for her is great too, so might be a good idea to listen to that.
  7. Miu Well, he was right. This is not a route, but a mini-route. That can be finished in 15 minutes tops. The content is itself not bad, just standard charage stuff. Don't expect anything great. Final thoughts On hindsight, I might not have needed to split the whole VN into so many posts. But I thought of writing them as soon as I finished them, so it ended up being that format. Anyway, I'll just list down my complaints first: 1. The central plot device could have been explained better. Especially why the routes are ordered like they are. I understand they have tried to put forward a world lines theory of sorts, but that doesn't hold candle in terms of clarity and usage when compared to a certain other famous VN with world lines as its genre. 2. Was there really a need for a Michiru route, at all? She plays a brilliant support character in the other routes, so was it needed? All that being said, I enjoyed almost all the routes, each in their own ways. Misaki's route had me grinning like anything, Makoto's route was really exciting, and Cro's route was an awesome ride and the best of the lot. And I really liked the different route format, i.e. the climax is almost always about the confession, enabling ichaicha to be kept to a bare minimum (*glares at Senren Banka*). So yeah, apart from Cro's route, this is your average charage I guess, with a more classic galge-type route structure. That's it. Maybe I'll resume Rena's route in Senren Banka next. Aka long flurry of posts should calm down for a while, lol.
  8. Chrono Clock - Cro

    You were right...
  9. Chrono Clock - Cro

    Cro And the VN threw a curveball at me when I was thinking it was a charage all along... The first part was so fluffy I was afraid I'd float away from my desk out of the window. I cried quite some during the climax. And then cried some more in the epilogue. All that being said, the story in this route is a bit different from all the 4 other routes till this point. The situation and the setting itself was pretty crazy, but they actually went through with it. Of course, the conflicts that arose made up part of the drama. But that climax in the route, and the events both leading to it and following it was a cryfest that I enjoyed from the bottom of my heart. I was really starting to doubt if this VN would be any good. Thankfully, this route redeemed the VN itself to me... of sorts. That being said, I really couldn't help but wonder if the 4 routes prior to this could've been better... And at long last, the clock will strike twelve once again. Let's see what the final end has in store. I would personally be really satisfied if this were the true end, really.
  10. Chrono Clock - D.D.

    D.D. Well, what can I say... This route felt so much better than the all other 3 routes. I think you should do yourself a favor and save this for the last, not only because this is probably the most emotions packed in it, but there's another different reason I won't spoil, and you might realize if you're reading VNs for some time. It also happens to be the most "conclusive" of the lot for obvious plot reasons. To be honest, I cried a little. Overall, based on the above 4 routes, I say a good order would be Misaki/Michiru --> Makoto/Michiru --> D.D. Michiru's route is a wildcard for me since hers is a genre I don't dig much, but if you want that out of the way first, best to do that first. So, only Cro's and Miu's routes are left. All routes in this VN are so different from each other, compared to Senren Banka, where they have a central plot element linking them together in some way or the other. But there is very little of the sort so far in these 4 routes. And I cannot tell due to the English translation if they have been written by the same person or not, but that's another question altogether. This format may or may not be liked.
  11. Um, except the words are not "very commonly used" for me, I'm afraid. If you want an analogy in Japanese, it would be this, where the words he introduces are spoken by the Japanese people on a daily basis in many places, yet we who learn Japanese from outside don't have much of a way to know them: That being said, it would be fun to know things like this in English, I guess, haha.
  12. Chrono Clock - Makoto

    To be frank, I originally planned on writing a combined post on D.D. and Makoto once I finished reading both their routes, but turns out I didn't have the steam to read route after route in succession, so pardon me while I write them in separate posts. Makoto First of all, this route is much shorter than both Misaki and Michiru routes. About 2/3rd, or even close to 3/5th, I'd say, given it took 2 hours even reading slowly. That being said, honestly speaking, this route caught me off guard. Like, really off guard. Without spoiling much, all I can say is that this route adds in something that was not present in the other two routes. Also, it actually has some suspense in it, so I found myself enjoying it in a different manner than the other two routes I've read before. The best part of it all for me was the climax of the heroine route. Next up is the D.D. route. I wonder if I should've finished that one first, because the first few minutes do not seem very interesting. Maybe it will change as I progress, but not today atleast...
  13. EDIT2: Well, this post seems to be drawing quite a lot of flak than I expected. To be honest, at first, I intended to use this post to list the phrases I didn't understand during the course of reading it. But due to my tone, I ended up coming off as arrogant and not willing to learn, which I won't deny. This only shows how little practical English I know. Thank you for the comments, guys. I'll put in more effort. EDIT: Before anyone misunderstands, let me first say the script is very good. It flows really well, puns untranslatable directly to English are handled alternatively well, and feels professional. Hell, even the characters' individual speaking styles are accounted for, like D.D. speaking in a British English of sorts, and Michiru and Cro both using formal and archaic languages respectively. However, I was not able to understand all of them, and hence wrote this post to make a list of the same. I don't mean to bash the localization guys in any way, despite how I sound. All right, I kinda thought of putting in the Misaki post, but the list got so long I thought this deserves its own post. I'll keep adding more as I come across them. Allow me to make a list of phrases I didn't know and/or didn't understand, partly due to not being a native speaker and partly not being aware of phrases particular to US English(?). I don't know if I should blame myself for not knowing these or the people who worked on its localization for using such stuff. I highly doubt anyone who's not a native speaker will get all of these... In case of fansubs, such a post will be met with disdain ("Please look it up in the dictionary"), but well, given this is a VN localization is for the US market, all is forgiven? No idea. 1. "Roger, wilco". Roger what? 2. "You look like you can make a boo-boo, though." Booing? 3. "The sandman would've gotten me if I felt bored." Who's the sandman? Some comic superhero? 4. Senpai = buster? What's a buster? Busted? As in those racing games where you get busted by cops? 5. "My sister, the kibitzer." The wot? 6. "...and I can't chillax at all." Is it somethinghax like those 3DS things? 7. "10-4 mi amor"??? 10-4 = Roger that (had I not seem some American films I wouldn't know this, seriously), and mi amor? Latin? 8. "The Mistress's going barmy! Completely barmy, I say!" What's barmy? Some slang? No, I can't be bothered googling. 9. "It's a fair cop!" A fair policeman? 10. "Go hit the books, Rei" aka study well I guess? Phew, I got that one! 11. "Given the circumstances, I guess that'd make me Larry." Who's Larry? Your neighbor? Is it some obscure sci-fi drama reference?
  14. Chrono Clock - Misaki

    Well, since I marathoned Misaki's route in another 3 hours after I wrote the last post, I thought I'd write about it here. Misaki Well... I admit. I am quite fond of the tsundere genre, maybe because I haven't been overexposed to it to death yet? Nevertheless, after I read this, I realised it'd have been several times harder to choose Michiru had I finished this route first. So choosing Michiru was a blessing in disguise of sorts I guess. Why? First off, maybe I am highly biased but this route felt much better than Michiru's route. The mostly idiotic conversations between Rei and Misaki had me grinning from ear to ear for the most part. And damn it, Misaki's cute as hell! In case of Misaki, I was most likely able to enjoy it more because she's a mix of stereotypes I am quite fond of: Kouhai and Tsundere. Also, the fact that she's strong. Michiru is strong in her own sense, but for Misaki, she just grew on me as the route went on, hopefully disproving the fact that she's just a shallow tsundere. Frankly, her character was the just amount of tsun, dere, and courage in this route that made it appealing. Oh, there is ichaicha of sorts, but it's not the usual one, due to reasons I won't spoil. Even then, if I look at it critically, both these two routes felt so shallow... But that might be a good thing because the story is what they call stable, with very little drama that got resolved easily. So if you like a headstrong tsundere kouhai who's outright cute, and don't like much drama, then you'll likely enjoy this route. I wonder if I should expect this much amount of depth every time though... The story part of my brain isn't satisfied at all, even though other parts of the brain are fine. Nevertheless, onto Makoto and then D.D.
  15. Well, I do seem to be jumping about different VNs, alongwith watching anime and all, but yeah, variety makes it exciting! Anyway, with Chrono Clock having been released on Steam and other platforms, and me having them, I thought of giving Purplesoft a spin. Because why not? But, first things first. It's been a while since I last read a translated VN (a couple of years I guess?), and this is an official localization of the same. So, I kind of want to get rid of that itch in my back first. Thing is, the official localization... is pretty good, English-wise. It has a professional aura to it, and the English is quite well done and flows well in my opinion. It's just... there are places where it felt over-localized. It might be me preferring a more literal translation, but still. I mean, do teenagers in the US use swearwords like the f-word as part of their daily lives that frequently? I don't know, since I'm not from the US. And maybe that's why I kinda grew hazy on whether I was reading a VN or not... Sometimes it felt like a VN, yet didn't feel like one. It might be just me havign some culture shock though. Nevertheless, I feel this is quite good with people who are not familiar with VNs and don't need to know everything that's under the hood regarding Japanese culture. However, I might be more comfortable reading it in Japanese after all, dunno. The drop of honorifics was quite jarring to be frank, but I guess those are not needed for the casual VN reader? In conclusion, the localization is well done, but... some things are irreversibly lost in translation. It sometimes also felt that there was more than what met the eye that could not be completely conveyed. Ah, English seems to be such a restricted language now, haha. Moving on, the VN itself. Do keep in mind that I'll be biased somewhat due to the English translation... Oh, another thing. The unlock order of routes are: Michiru / Misaki / D.D. / Makoto --> Cro --> Miu. So Cro's route will be unlocked only if the other 4 heroines' routes are finished and so on. (Hurk, so many girls' names starting with M) Common route Well, this has a rather odd common route. If I say so, unique. This quite digresses from the usual pattern of either the protagonist knowing the heroines well, or the one where he meets then one by one, and is then asked to make choices. It did feel slightly forced to be frank, but overall, was not bad. Now, I cannot comment about the writing since it is not the original writing I read, but rather one through the mirror of the localization guys over at Sekai Project. The choices for routes are pretty straightforward... mostly. The events... well, it's more like a classic VN to me, where events happen with different heroines. Not too much deep. To be frank, I cannot recall the same well. Maybe the common route did not leave that much of an impression on me. Michiru All right, I'll be frank. I usually avoid doing Blood-related sister routes. And Michiru was pretty much last on my list, just because I wanted to unlock the other two heroines' routes. But due to, ahem, choice, I ended up on the route. To be honest, I was so confident that I'd made the correct choice that I didn't realize that I was actually on the Michiru route till just before the confession. That being said, I'm grateful they didn't put any H-scenes for the route in the middle of the route, leaving them to be read as separate scenes after the route is completed. And that gets it huge plus points for me. Content-wise... it was not bad. A little bit touching too. But... maybe because I read through it too fast, but I didn't quite realize the steps and jumps in their relationship. It... just felt shallow. Is it because I read through it too fast? (finished the route in 3 hours from the split) Or is it because I was not in the route I originally planned to be in? Or was it because I don't like doing blood-related sister heroines in general? Was the writing itself not deep enough for me? Did the localization lose too much in translation? Or is it a mix of all of these factors? I liked the events, yeah. But to be frank, I was not as touched as I was, say while reading Mako's route in Senren Banka. Nevertheless, let's see how it turns out. On to Misaki's route!