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  1. People do, but I guess no one dare since usually people get lectured when they ask for update so rest assured
  2. When do you plan to read it? I am kinda interested.
  3. I made some tests with an older save, I couldn't progress on shanel quest because I had to lvl her up, I fond the last part of the chainsaw for Arisa, I needed to lvl her up as well for the quest. The last issue is the doll for Narumi.
  4. Atori is best girl, what a shame. Madoka is really cute, but Akari and the imouto'z are far behind Atori >< Okay another question: I think there is something wrong with my quests: I can't find all the parts of the chainsaw for Arisa, I have one missing, it should be in the East of the Shopping mall, but I can't find it at all. i suspect it is because I don't have underground yet but I dunno how to get it. I am in chapter 6... Same for Akari, just after the quest where she asks me to check on her Kouhai outside, I didn't unlock anymore quest. I am supposed to be "getting closer"
  5. Wasn't there a japanese company that opened a survey and asked to vote for one of the VN among their branch to get a localization? I forgot the name
  6. I am really surprised no one ever played this game, I'd like to play it but I would love to ask some more questions beforehand.
  7. I'll start by saying that I never played the game, but because of what I heard, I don't plan to, and there is a point I would like to discuss: No, from what I heard, you can't expect a single good end in this game, no matter the choice. I agree that sereral possibilties may happen, but I also know all of them end in despair... Good or bad answers aside I am not even sure what you can expect and what you can not. And that is the problem. My quote at the bottom comes from P3, but i think it is a good lesson of what real life is and should be. Life doesn't have to be easy, despair ex
  8. Can I ask why there is no route for Atori?
  9. He answered a question. No one here asked for your opinion regarding your tastes and I don't think someone ever will. You really do feel no shame trolling even a newcomer? Come on... Take a break...
  10. Who is this in the avatar? Sorry, but don't forget this is a newcomer, not someone like you used to VN...
  11. Maybe Steiner would answer if someone asks him?
  12. I started playing Annerose (my first Lilith game) and I was looking forward for the opening but I still didn't get it after playing 5 hours. Did I miss something?
  13. I started blindly without any walkthrough and ended on kotori's route. I knew something was "off" with the last choice and picked the most painful one because I knew I would do her route again with the better choice (because I am using the vita version, I'll redo it with windows version) Now I'm using a walkthrough and starting azusa's route. I'll do the other end with Kotori for last.
  14. I can but thank you for the information. How far are you the game?
  15. In his review, Clephas said that for Kotori route (with 2 ends) we have to to her route in a specifik order to get the better experience (he mentioned the walkthrough), but there isn't any walktrhough, which was the first and second end he was talking about?
  16. Alright thank you for the explanation Another question: The all age version is supposed to be the vita version, with more contents. So what is the 18+? Vita version with h scene? Windows version with vita content skipped?
  17. Try to get in touch with the former translator. He improved (he should now be able to TLC the work he did in the old days) and might help if you find 1-2 others translators. Here is his profile: https://forums.fuwanovel.net/profile/22286-frank/
  18. Do you still need help with the translation of the UI? If Philly is still available I can take care of the translation part
  19. Truth to be told, I would have prefered Sakura no Uta, but you can ask Bad End if you want more information
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