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  1. There is, but a 100% save file unlocks all of the different menus you need to complete the routes for, and can skip MANY times faster than just skipping normally.
  2. It unlocks CGS and the scenes, but not the ability to move through the scenes as fast as I want to. Only a 100% save file can do that.
  3. The fastest you've ever dropped a VN?

    I dropped Dal Segno like a hot potatoe after like, 20 minutes. It just wasn't interesting at all. You know it's bad when I had the "skip unread text" turned on after 5 minutes.
  4. Trinoline Release

    I finished the common route, and it was so long, I thought that Turns out, it was just the start of the common route, lmao. I didn't bother continuing. Reading it felt like dragging myself through molasses.
  5. I have yet to experience Steins Gate. Should I read the original VN, or Elite?
  6. I did find that reddit page. However, when I tried to extract the files, it said that it is missing a pt.2.
  7. I just want to read both for the sake of reading both.
  8. I can't find working download links to it anywhere.
  9. The game is played in multiple "parts" from the perspective of multiple couples.
  10. Yumina the Ethereal cheat table/hack etc.?

    Yeah I found one. Forgot to check autosaves. Thanks.
  11. Yumina the Ethereal cheat table/hack etc.?

    Easier said than done when fighting 4 enemies. When it was just Nayuta I just forced her to fizzle. But now, i'm fighting 4 enemies that deal more damage, have more defense, I have no heal pots left, and I can't avoid fighting them.