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  1. Mmn smashing my gf in front of the obliterated remains of a place that held the happiest memories of her life, thinking about the debt I will have to work off for rest of my life, assuming I don't get assassinated first. Now that's how I like to spend my Thursdays.
  2. Unless you count her bad end, she doesn't.
  3. Ayeee finished Amane endings was nice. I felt feels, had me feeling sober for a while. I liked it.
  4. Yeah when the words say slut, the voices say bitch.
  5. Ok so i'm in the middle(?) of Angelic Howl, and I have a theory that Morbid? Maybe.
  6. I swear redheads always have the most H-Scenes in VNs.
  7. Hmm welp finished Makinas' routes, starting on Amane, Makina good end had me confused more than the bad end had me shook, looking forward to Amane's routes, they seem to be hyped up(the bad end specifically).
  8. Just a theory, but does Amane, by any chance, kill me(Yuuji) in her bad end? No particular reason for thinking that, just a theory.
  9. I really hope all the other ending are either as light and happy, or as dark as that. Imma go do the good end now, so far i'm seriously enjoying the VN. Can't wait to finish and start the next games.
  10. So during the Anzu route, Sakurai calls Otome and Yume his mother in laws.
  11. *Scratches head* I swear the more I think the rabbit hole can't go any deeper, the deeper it gets. Sigh I wish I could read the fandiscs.
  12. Kiyotaka, or Yoshiyuki? Also how do we know that Ricca's whinning about Kiyotaka loving him in a past life is actually that, and not just D.C.III's Ricca route? (Unless this is all explained in the fandiscs?)
  13. Wait, WHAT???? So... Yoshiyuki is Sakura's grandfather reincarnated as her son???? Also, are you sure that's Ricca Greenwood? Wikipedia has her listed as Grandma Yoshino, not Greenwood.