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  1. The link in the guide on reading VNs on android is broken, sadly.
  2. Read Kyou after if you can be arsed to have standards
  3. I like Higurashi, but ngl i'm getting tired of Keiichi screaming and crying every time something bad happens.
  4. Playing Higurashi right now, chilling in chapter 2. Very spooky.
  5. Ahh, seeing so many Da Capo fans in 1 place pleases me. Almost no one I know even knows this series exists.
  6. He can't read German, so just make it in English. To me fair, my English is better anyways.
  7. I was actually convinced you forgot, nice to see you didn't! Thanks for getting back with me, this is still a topic I was wondering about. If just posting it here won't work(honestly I really don't check my email often, i'm probably more likely to see it here), my email is ian.elsga@gmail.com. And I live in Germany too! Pretty cool.
  8. The time limit system in Littlewitch Romanesque remands me of Atelier Rorona. i like it.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I will look into all of them. If you have any more, please let me know.
  10. I don't really know how to describe the type of game i'm talking about... a wish fulfillment game? The general premise is due to varying circumstance, guy gets a girl living in his house, and they interact and progress the story over the course of a week or so, if you are a douche she leaves, if not she stays and you enter free mode.
  11. Any VNs similar to https://vndb.org/v16717(Love at First Sight) would be welcome too.
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