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  1. I did find that reddit page. However, when I tried to extract the files, it said that it is missing a pt.2.
  2. I just want to read both for the sake of reading both.
  3. I can't find working download links to it anywhere.
  4. The game is played in multiple "parts" from the perspective of multiple couples.
  5. Yumina the Ethereal cheat table/hack etc.?

    Yeah I found one. Forgot to check autosaves. Thanks.
  6. Yumina the Ethereal cheat table/hack etc.?

    Easier said than done when fighting 4 enemies. When it was just Nayuta I just forced her to fizzle. But now, i'm fighting 4 enemies that deal more damage, have more defense, I have no heal pots left, and I can't avoid fighting them.
  7. I'm in a pretty shitty spot right now. I just barley managed to drag myself through the Nayuta fight, and I saved afterwards. (I'm the kind of person who only uses 1 save file while playing games.) The problem is, i'm level 14 entering chpt 5, and I never bothered to grind the dungeon for items, so I just don't have the stats to fight the first group of enemies. My only options are to cheat some stats until I can grind myself up to the reccomended level, or restart the game. And I REALLY don't want to restart the game. I'm 15 hours in. Help me out pls. I'd perfer if I could revert whatever buffs I cheat after i'm a good level.
  8. I'm the worlds greatest hero, but my girlfriend is the DEMON KING?!?!?!?!?!
  9. Does the thought that if you did another girl's route, that girl would live a broken life, never come to terms with her trauma, or even kill herself not bother anyone else? That thought makes me feel like a horrible person tbh. Or am I just overthinking things? Maybe i'm the only person who humanized fictional characters to that extent.
  10. If it is my destiny to suffer this knowledge, I will take everyone down with me.
  11. I have unknowingly went my entire life eating chicken periods. This revelation has left me in a state of shock. Once again, I realize that ignorance is bliss. The more I discover about life, the more I realize that things are being kept hidden from us for a reason. I have reached enlightenment in the worst way possible.