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  1. I have the feeling it's not OK to have frame rate issues with a VN on a potato when we are speaking of a 2022-criterium-potato. Does the Chinese version of PowerPoint really needs hardware acceleration and a SSD ?
  2. As you may have guessed based on my previous post, I've not read a lot of them but if you don't mind nukige then, VNDB is really useful for this kind of request (it's good non-nukige ones that are hard to find with VNDB, perhaps because the fetish component is less marked or 'pure'). I encourage you to use it. Anyway, here's 2 I kinda liked (untranslated though) : - Soredemo Tsuma o Ai Shiteru - Hajimete no Kanojo
  3. To me, there's a very big difference between NTR (all its forms) in self-acknowledged nukige/hentai manga/hentai anime and NTR in other type of works (the line is often less evident between cheating and NTR, but lets call it NTR anyway), although the delta may vary of course. NTR in 'normal' works carries a lot more impact for me because : - often I'm more involved with the characters, maybe because authors took more time to develop them - my mindset in approaching the work is not set to the same values - the gap between X and NTR makes it brutal (X being anything else that c
  4. I'm reading things in Japanese for many years now and I've to say that when I really care for what I'm reading I'll 100% chose to read the JP version even if I've the English or French version at disposition. I was kinda surprised to act like this at first, but that's how big a quality difference there is to me, even with reputed good translators. Well, I'm arriving to my point : although I eventually switched back to JP version, I've read a bit of Primal Hearts 2 in English and I felt that at least the beginning was quite well translated.
  5. Just watched the first 5-10 min and it seemed really interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  6. To me, the fact that the twist of Planet of the Apes is OK has nothing to do with the 'type of story' it is. It is OK because the narration never had any reason to speak of or even come close to speak of the ever remote possibility that this could be earth... until the appearance of those building's remains. Besides, I've read and watched the book and movies an eternity ago and I can't remember everything, but I wonder if there wasn't some kind of foreshadowing related to the moon (a least in the book ?). Can't remember well so I'm not too sure.
  7. It's not about following other's rules or not, it's about a belief/mindset ("To be able to create a good mystery, this should be done"). If the nature/object of the mystery greatly bends toward "who is it", there are different possibilities (for example having multiple strong candidates) but an asspull just before the twist clearly is bad writing... There is no problem in writing about pink elephants suddenly appearing as long as it's well explained in due time (and/or foreshadowed) and it's coherent with the settings.
  8. Kaito is indeed a great MC : he's not only incredibly strong and intelligent (well, when he want's to be ^^), his personality makes reading his antics really a pleasure. I acknowledge the shortcomings of Akagoei (especially the endings and the routes that are far from being perfect) but I can say this : the game could have even more shortcomings and I still would like it, thanks to him (and Reika, Tsuki and Son that is a perfect stooge to contrast him to). Reminiscence : Hidetaka is a totally different beast (that shows at any time but especially during H-Scenes and when he meets Kaito, s
  9. Hello, Although I often miss the time when you posted a lot of your recommendations, I although know that I could not take the time to do it and that I rarely commented in response despite reading you. Anyway. Thanks to you post, I'm reading this VN. Thank you. So far, I've read the common and Benio's routes and attacking Peco's. Not finished yet, but I'm feeling the need to comment (sorry if you don't like me to post that here, just tell me and I'll erase my post if possible). In general, I don't really feel the need to speak about what I like in a VN, I'll then summarize by say
  10. Yanderes are far fewer than tsunderes. They can't even try to compete. I don't like most tsunderes but it would be easier to tolerate them if they appeared less. There's also (often) a big difference between yanderes and tsun : often, the yandere will show her (his) affection toward the subject while the tsundere will try to hide it to the death (especially modern ones since they will mainly remain tsun). Also, many tsunderes are seen (inworld that is) as acting normaly. A tsun throwing you though the window because you accidentally touched her boobs will just be seen as normal by other c
  11. Yeah, the classic tsundere can be an appeal for even those that aren't immersed in the otaku culture, if well written. Not only female tsundere by the way. It evolves, it changes, but, because it is rooted in some deep things, it will probably never disappear. I don't want to write and think about it the whole day, but for me it can mostly be simplified in those lines : - feeling of inferiority towards females (sometimes in contradiction with a feeling of superiority towards other subjects, or even a strange mix of inferiority and superiority complex towards females) ; - add t
  12. It's not a VN problematic, but sadly a big part of 'otaku' culture. I don't agree with the fact that's it's just comedy ; it is to me very linked to the same roots as the tsundere thing (especially 2nd generation), super heroines that are stronger than their male counterparts if those are even present (everywhere now, from swordwomen, magical girls to even Yamato Nadeshiko and idols that have become the super heroines of the non-fantastical tales) and even NTR. For me, this is also linked to the famous 'beta' MC. This culture is (was ?) largely a male thing, and as cliché as it may seem,
  13. Read it years ago and can't remember everything, though I clearly remember the common route almost making me drop it. The comedy was honestly not enough to make me forget the defaults. Can't remember them all, but a sentiment of isolation, a world of papier-maché without substance behind. Isolation if done well (especially for psycho/horror) can be very pleasant, but that was not the case in this too isolated, too long and too repetitive common route. I clearly remember two positive aspects though : 1. you spoke about the music not being good but I really loved them. 2. I read the fan TL
  14. Is that so ? Couldn't see it and only knew it was not a problem specific to me just thanks to this thread. I guess I'm the one that is blind then ; sorry Jast team for my previous somewhat caustic remark.
  15. Thanks for the information. I prefer this over my hypothesis (hacked accounts) but still... why not send an email to their customers prior to this to inform them ? Or even just a "If you can't login, it may just be that..." kind of message on login failure or written on the login page might do. Seriously, I was able to reset my password, but counting on ones customers to do so or even recreate an account without information ?.....
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