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  1. Read it years ago and can't remember everything, though I clearly remember the common route almost making me drop it. The comedy was honestly not enough to make me forget the defaults. Can't remember them all, but a sentiment of isolation, a world of papier-maché without substance behind. Isolation if done well (especially for psycho/horror) can be very pleasant, but that was not the case in this too isolated, too long and too repetitive common route. I clearly remember two positive aspects though : 1. you spoke about the music not being good but I really loved them. 2. I read the fan TL
  2. Is that so ? Couldn't see it and only knew it was not a problem specific to me just thanks to this thread. I guess I'm the one that is blind then ; sorry Jast team for my previous somewhat caustic remark.
  3. Thanks for the information. I prefer this over my hypothesis (hacked accounts) but still... why not send an email to their customers prior to this to inform them ? Or even just a "If you can't login, it may just be that..." kind of message on login failure or written on the login page might do. Seriously, I was able to reset my password, but counting on ones customers to do so or even recreate an account without information ?.....
  4. I had to do it as well... maybe the fallout after some accident, probably some accounts (all ?) got hacked or something. This is speculation alright, but high probability for me. And if this is the case, I'm really not OK with Jast not giving information to their customers.
  5. One of the biggest problem to me is : creators tries too hard to please their (Japanese) audience by following their trends and opinions. - People like tsundere ? Let's put them everywhere. - They like red headed tsundere ? Power to them. - Only one swing from tsun to dere ? Let's change the principle and make her go dere from tsun multiple times throughout the story. - People like superficial and cute things ? Let's go to moe-land. - Gone to moe-land seems a bit void now.... ? Let's put some more moe to feel the emptiness. Well now, this is simplistic and of
  6. @Eclipsed Thanks for your posts, a pleasure to read for someone like me that had gone through Clannad so many years ago. Just wanted to say it, cause those detailed posts + screenshots seem to be a lot of work.
  7. Hello. I agree with you globally.... BUT ! I'm ashamed to admit that, after a lot of "japan" consumption, I feel refreshed (even with moderately bad writing) when the (male) protagonist : - does not redden just by grazing a maiden's hand... despite being over 12.... ? - does not find normal to be a quasi molester ("仕方ない... だって... 女だぞ?... 可愛いだぞ? 自重は効くわけねだろう") - does not accept violence/humiliation/spontaneous servitude agreement because the other one does not have it between the leg.. And so on.... hmm, why again do I like reading VNs ?.. Seriously now,
  8. Abyss -Homicide Club- if you can read JAP. For me, it's not horror per se but it's an excellent VN with large portions of the TRUE horror (humans themselves...).
  9. Clannad has too many choices to my taste, but what you point out is something I really love in this VN : I love when routes aren't just the given heroin's stronghold with nobody else existing anymore... in fact, for me that's probably the weakest point of VN in general in comparison to other story telling medias (having a route system gives the scenarists an excuse to do so, simplifying their role...). Most of the time, you just get something approaching when the scenario needs it (love triangle and such things). Of course, I'm not saying "give a chance to heroin B while being in her
  10. Hello, I don't really agree : I'm personally often using walkthrough not just to enter the routes. Often, a walkthrough gives a lot of advices on a lot of different matters (recommended route order, whether there's a patch or not and whether one should apply it or not, hint on the length of the VN (helps me decide what to play at what time) and many other things). Anyway : I, for sure, prefer to have an extensive walkthrough for every VN I read. By the way, this is a general stance (I'm not reading this VN, for now at least). EDIT : forgot one of the most important r
  11. Just like the OP, I love this kind of stories and I've already read most of the VNs I got recommended (mainly by Clephas by the way, thanks again) : if you can recommend some, I'd like you to even if that means spoiling me a little. Could you do it either with a spoiler tag or by PMing me ? EDIT : by the way, I read VNs in Japanese or English.
  12. Thanks a lot. I'll try it and, if I don't forget, I'll rate in this thread the accuracy after finishing the VN.
  13. Hello, I'm encountering a rare problem for me : I can't seem to find a walkthrough for Vermilion -Bind of Blood- (ヴァーミリオン -バインドオブブラッド-) https://vndb.org/v5843#main. It may be a first time for me (particularly with sites like https://seiya-saiga.com and http://sagaoz.net). If possible, I would prefer it to be in Japanese (more accurate when playing in jap), but if there's not the option an English one will do. Thanks
  14. I just finished 恋する乙女と守護の楯 and its sequel and wanted another trap VN. This is the one I chose by coincidence (partially, because I've picked it based on your recommendations in past posts). I just began to read it and finished Rena's route tonight. It's really interesting to read your thoughts and I largely agree with you about Rena's path. Also, I was about to continue with Chiharu's, but I will follow your recommendation and go for Shizuku's next. That said, I've two things of my own to add, one of which is a problem to me : - at least in Rena's path, the protag gives up
  15. Feeling. Feeling anything is, for a lot of people, better than an insipid, tasteless life... even if the feeling concerned might range itself in the "bad feelings" category. To some extent, it's probably a bit similar to what makes people seek feelings gained with extreme sports (danger). I guess for most people, it's probably true only if the "bad" feeling in question comes from fiction. Similar to some phantasms being pleasurable only if they stay that - a phantasm.
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