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  1. Attack Helicopter Dating Simulator on Steam

    Hello, I'm sorry for hopping in... but I couldn't resist. I've just 2 things to say: - Although I can't count myself in the community, I indeed largely agree with Thyndd ; he's globally reasonable ; for me it's almost the same words that I would use when discussing religion. - about you leaving : I don't know you and I'm no one to stop you from doing anything, but again I've to declare I agree with Thyndd : this is a mostly sympathetic community about VN, you needing to leave for a thread tells me a lot. Please, don't be upset with me, I don't intend to be mean or aggressive. I'll put it as clearly as possible: don't leave for such a thing, agree to disagree. Oh, and sorry for my poor English. Bredan
  2. Something like Akatsuki no Goei

    I've got more than I expected, thanks a lot to both of you. I'm somewhat new to this kind of setting and I discovered with Akatsuki no Goei how much I like it. If I'm allowed, here is an anime that matches quite a bit : Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei . It's not perfect, but I enjoyed it. Besides VN, if you have anime/manga/LN/book reco, I'd love to hear them as well (in French, English or Japanese). Bredan
  3. Hello, Could someone that has an extensive knowledge of untranslated Jap VN recommend me something like Akatsuki no Goei (aka strong protag)? Especially: - I like the upper class/bodyguard/forbidden area setting in AnG, but that's not my point; - Physically strong and/or strong minded/brilliant; - Ideally, set of main and sub characters to compare the protag to; - Protag hiding his true power to some degree is a plus; - Please, do not recommend translated VN, as those that could match my request to some degree seem to be mentioned in every thread (Grisaia, Sharin etc.). Thanks. Bredan