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  1. I linked the VN opening version of Last Regrets but if you didn't already, I suggest you to listen to the full version (I'm not sure whether it has been made for the VN or later for the anime, but anyways).
  2. Yeah, no, not for me. This can't be compared to Last Regrets or even Ruins-a-dream. Haven't read Snow (for now at least, maybe I'll try it sometimes) but from the opening alone, I'm not sold.
  3. Already read the whole series, Reminiscence included. I really liked the MC and Reika. They are not just 'good characters' like plenty of them everywhere, they are really unique like only a very few can be (without thinking a lot, another example of a very unique character : Naname Nanami). And goddamn, a red haired twintaled small size small oppai girl that is no tsundere ? Wouldn't it be a unique case across all Japanese content since the 14th century ?
  4. Your videos are incredible, thank you. I'm no expert in Youtube monetization but I suspect both the subjects and the length of your videos won't earn you even your next bought VN... doing so for the passion I guess : thanks again.
  5. This is just my interpretation, but I think he meant "angry at the VN" or "angry at the writers", not "angry at the forum users". I, at least, did not feel you were angry at us (and thus potentially disrespectful). At most, you seemed passionate on this subject.
  6. I get it, but you can't most of the time have (or at least very hard to write) your 'vanilla' characters with 'vanilla' love/relationship if you intend to make it coherent with someone that 'happily accepts a threesome for the first night, and with a love-rival as the third partner at that !'. I don't like it, sure, I just understand : in fact, being 'high' may be more coherent if you were planing anyway to add such a sex scene. As for very light 'kink' in vanilla : I feel SMEE is very good at it without (completely) denaturing their heroines. For example, in Fureraba Rina clearly display
  7. I didn't read Kinkoi yet as well, but from your description, I can understand what irks you. When I read a VN for its story, or characters, most of the time I'm not welcoming well too 'liberal' sex when it's mainly done 'out of character'... poor writers (probably most of X scenes writers) seem to believe that everything is fine if you stick some label (closet pervert or whatever) to explain a 180° change in personality during H scenes. But that's understandable, if not really enjoyable for me. I believe that the turn ON procured by this kind of 'art' can quite easily be like the eff
  8. Thanks in advance. I've yet to see the video (a bit too long so I have to find the time to watch it) but Kanon, along with CLANNAD, is to me the best VN from KEY and I feel it deserves more attention than it gets. I sure took some pleasure reading Planetarian for example, but I prefer longer VNs with more characters and interactions. Little Busters should have been along my preferred Key's VNS but it didn't click well with me. I don't know, the mood maybe ? This can be read as a contradiction in nature, but I can't help myself but feel that the only VNs truly infused by 'Key's spirit
  9. I don't know this game, neither do I know this game's engine, I then can't answer you. Though here is some advice before giving up : - be sure to get the latest version of Textractor ; - use the x86 version in most cases (seems to be the case) as most exes are 32bits ; - use the function "Search for hooks" : honestly, this is a really well thought function (even if a bit cumbersome to use) that hides possibility for many hooks to be found. I suggest you search online (Google + Youtube) how to use it if you don't know. Sometimes, this function makes your game crash but don't g
  10. I think it's not 'some games' that can't be hooked by the x64 version. I tend to believe that x64 version of Textractor can only hook 64bits exes while x86 can only hook 32bits exes. Technically, that would make sense at least.
  11. To me, the difference is more in the life cycle, not that much in the expression of the 'thorny attitude' (that could be anything from violent words to physical violence or anything for both) : - the classic Tsundere would generally slowly but steadily go from Tsun to Dere and, arrived, would mainly remain Dere ; - the modern Tsundere would repeat almost endlessly the cycle Tsun to Dere to Tsun to Dere to Tsun.... blushing shyly while hitting to death the cause of their blushing maybe ? Well anyways, I'm sure others would point you to other differences but that's my take on i
  12. Oh, good to know. The LN is still a bit fresh in my mind but after more time will have passed I'll make sure to read the WN. By the way, when you speak of epilogue, you mean all those After Stories I can see on 小説家になろう ? They seem to be as long as the main story lol.
  13. Yes, he is excellent. I really like some other MCs (Devils Devil Concept's one for example) but to some extent, I would have to go seek a similar MC in the LN/anime world (Arifureta ?) or maybe Chinese/Wuxia/Xianxia anti-hero/revenge hero. Well, kinda.
  14. Short answer : I liked it very much, although it is not totally exempt of default for me. Longer answer : I've mainly two axes to judge a work : - does I like the content ? - does it induce some kind of strong feelings ? For example : I could not like very much a story but it made me have some strong feelings anyway, be it even 'negatives' ones (hate, jealousy or whatever). In that aspect, it's sometimes somewhat hard for me to recommend something or simply say 'I liked it', as not liking a story but having had strong feelings induced can be viewed as another type of
  15. I read this novel a long time ago so I can't remember perfectly sorry. What I can say for sure though : I probably HATE this kind of characters as much as you (maybe even more for what I can tell) and even IF there was one or two 'abuses', the fact that I can't remember it proves in itself that is was not overbearing. The fact that the MC is not the 'passive, silent and harmless' type would also make it largely more tolerable. By the way : if you are speaking of Akahito Tamao and Otonashi Saku, they are probably closer to classic Tsun than modern, and reading your post, I've the feel
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