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  1. "Trembling and with tear on his eyes after seeing the 1400 dollars that i made in one day on the table, she immediately glance at me with a determinate gaze, "let's do this, baby", it's the best response that she could give to me. At that moment, a strange, but angelical melody start playing, "hey hey hey", like in a omen of clarity, our resolution could not be more stronger, "let's invest all the money for Jimmy's tuition fees on Bitconnect". The best days of our life's are starting." World of salvation. Amen.
  2. Ok, i will convince my wife that this is not a scam.
  3. Only if you can convert my sister in bitcoins
  4. I want to be a a assassination rogue lvl 80 with double daggers, wound poison and a black cloak.
  5. What normal people don't know is that polyglots are only polyglots to have more memes from other languages. Soyez la bienvenue chez Fuwanovel.
  6. The best place to make the first Fuwacon is Brazil for what it seems. Bem vindo, um dia ainda vamos dominar esse fórum, só não fale pra ninguém.
  7. That "elitism" is like a shock of generations to me, "elitists" are in majority from a time where western vns are garbage, translated products were scarce and unprofessional and the only way to truly go deep in the hobby is learn jp and go to the untranslated area, not that today things are much better. It's like when some old people say that homosexuality is a disease, they are forged with this way of thinking, the society that they lived had this way of thinking, they started in other context. On the topic of negativism, im a little negative in relation of the markets (western and jp), but
  8. Most of times like that, sometimes when i want to do some exercise, i sit on a chair.
  9. Looking at the Amazon best sellers i see how much the literature is a enlightened medium nowadays, giving to us such godlike titles like The 5 Love Languages or Dog Man and Cat Kid: From the Creator of Captain Underpants.
  10. I don't even know why i have a TV, the last time that it was used, my great grandmother was still alive.
  11. I was more or less expecting Kin'iro to win, others big brands don't give much competition to him this year. Seeing this list, im a little disappointed to story focused titles, zero remarkable games from them.
  12. My pc crashes when i open Google Chrome for the first time of the day, only for the first time of the day.
  13. They are not the ones who started, but I think they are the first to only use floating box.
  14. Studio Ryokucha utilizes that style in all games since 2007.
  15. Cmon, every butt become better with a striped panty.
  16. I'm pretty vanilla on that realm, the biggest fetish that I have on real and virtual live is striped panties, but I think that everyone has that. Though i don't have problems with standard torture/gore and variations when sex is added to the equation it become repulsive to me.
  17. In the good end you get to bang a girl that start masturbating behind you, but you know, this is real life only bad ends allowed.
  18. Only when shit is narrow or i don't have clue to what do, but that only happen in 1% of the cases.
  19. On the untranslated side we have Rance 10 and a new Otome wa Boku ni Koi Shiteru in February. Butterfly Seeker from Silky Plus, RIDDLE JOKER from Yuzusoft and BALDR BRINGER EXTEND CODE in March. A new Circus game, Tenpure, nine Episode 2, Kimi to Mezameru Ikutsu no Houhou from Navel and Moonstone, hibiki works and Liar soft new works in April. Yakusoku no Natsu, Mahoroba no Yume from Windmill in May and Summer Pockets from Key in June. That's what have a defined date, but we still have Aokana Zwei, Tsukihime Remake, Minikui Mojika no Ko from Nitroplus, Miagete Goran, Yozo
  20. Yes, that could be the door to a better era or the doom of the market, its an interesting and sad alternative dimension.
  21. Very hard question, after reading too many vns it's difficult to stick with a sole answer, i guess that Kitto, Sumiwataru Asairo Yori mo is the closest thing to a favorite vn to me.
  22. I was talking about age demographic, and in that aspect most vns are designed thinking in late adolescence - early adult if you are really generous. And even in a general demographic, pc +18 games crush every other niche in terms of comercial releases, last year in Japan there around 185 new pc +18 games releases, versus 37 on consoles , 45 otome games and 67 all ages across all platforms. Aside of that, one more thing that hurts the spread of visual novels is how lengthy most "non nukiges" are, you could watch a anime with 12 episodes in less than 5 hours, but to a vn you wil
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