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  1. Yeah. My bad I guess. When I saw the discussion category and this one, I didn't know which one I should be posting in. ^^'
  2. Well. What I ought to say is "Have you ever thought about a massive roleplay between people of the whole fuwa community, all of them roleplaying as a character in a concrete context such as a Middle Age one?"
  3. Heyy, Pahn here! I've been wondering why there wasn't such thing as RolePlays on the forums. I mean... I know it may be considered as "flooding" or "spamming" whatsoever, but it could be pretty good, don't you think?
  4. Hello World ~

    Thanks a lot! I'm also looking forward to nuking this place with cancer and dumb stuff!
  5. Hello World ~

    Yay! You guys are just way too kind, I'm getting all fired up! Accurately & Precisely. Also, merci beaucoup, quite the good performance. Uhm... I think it's at the bottom of my profile picture, isn't it? o: Well, I oughta update it. :x
  6. Hello World ~

    Even though I already have one, thank you both for the piece of advice and for your welcoming. ^^ Well, fair enough, everyone doesn't like moe/cuteness, it's a +.
  7. Hello World ~

    Thank you, kind sir (please don't tell me "did you just assume my gender" xD). ^^
  8. Hello World ~

    Finally one who gets what I'm talking about! xD Also, thanks.
  9. Hello World ~

    Thank you, both of you! And yeah, moe is god's will. xD
  10. Hello World ~

    Hi everyone, I'm glad to be able to be part of this community, since it seems rather cool and warmhearted! ^^ I'm Pahn, also known as pahncake and I come from France. I've got half of my blood Japanese/Korean and therefore have grown a particular interest for Asian culture (Not just anime omfg). :3 Writer, Designer, Polyglot but most importantly Dank memer , I newly introduced myself to VN's and quite enjoyed my time spent on those so... Pleased to meetcha!
  11. I just can't wait for the release!
  12. Otome * Domain Traslation Project (Updated)

    Wait, wait, wait, ain't we talking about that trap protagonist VN? xD I'd love to help as a translator!
  13. Uhm... Greetings! I've grown an interest towards this visual novel and I'd like to lend a hand on the translation. Although English isn't my mother tongue, I'd qualify myself as pretty decent, and therefore think I could be of some use.