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  1. First, visual novels have a content too narrow, the companies make them with a very tight age demography in mind, sexual contents and "obligatory" romance elements kills any chance to make a "culture" of reading visual novels starting when you are kid, which was the way that animes become popular in some countries. The image of "porn" games don't help either, look at the front page of mangagamer, the first thing that you will see is NSFW images of Sorcery Jokers and Imopara 2, and differently from Japan here in west porn is much more accessible and "cultural" to give a open for porny vns.
  2. Kitto, Sumiwataru Asairo Yori mo, i cannot think now in another vn that put the "visual" and "novel" aspects together better than that, also Key should learn how to transmit emotions with that vn.
  3. With its delicious humor, skillful localization and delightful shitpost combined with slightly above okay tier forum post,top 0 vns of all time is a good contender for the top 0 top lists of all time list, since it isn't a top listl.
  4. 2017 it`s not a bad year, it dont have much that stand out, but each month have consistently at least 2 or 3 decent titles, unlike 2016 that had more A titles, but some horrendous months with nothing to read.
  5. After reading almost 3/4 of the list, i think i can die in peace. Some unexpected titles like Kaminoyu, though for his unique setting it's worth put in the list, do you use only quality as criteria to the list or consider other things like uniqueness?
  6. All 3 routes have the battle running and are relevant to the history, the only difference is how insane is the battle (vs a tank or Gungnir, for exemple).
  7. Shumon Yuu is probably my favorite writer and Asairo my favorite vn, the capacity to mix and switch genres combined with the depth characterization and settings is something we not see every day and he excels in that. Another strong point in his works is how all components(art, music and writing) are used to make a whole scene, trough it's not possible to see that in all games cause of budget restrictions, Asairo is a good exemple of that with litte to nothing cgs wasted. I think that the accessibility of her works are the main point that don't make he shine more in the west, how he play
  8. The order don't really matter and Ame route is around 55~70% of the others routes. I come from the future to say that the fd is really disappointing cus the only heroine that have some relevant history (Ame) receive only a 2 hours "bonus" that really don't advance her plot. This is a shame circus, the best route having that shit treatment in the fd
  9. Tsuriotsu needs the game disk inserted all the time when you are playing from what i remember, so you only need to insert the disk or mount the iso in some drive when you are playing or instaling
  10. I think that the first thing that i seek in vns are the possibilities that they bring due to the format. Before i enter in the medium i was always thinking when reading or watching something "what if x or y thing happened instead of z?" and eroges bring me to some extent that. Obvious that i was looking for good stories too.
  11. One of my major criticism to the fantasy world setting is that often the configuration is simply stupid and they just throw some no sense characteristic that in reality is a hole in the world building. That vn is a perfect exemple, they put in garbage the culture of the humanity just cause the idol crap will have more impact in the setting that way, it's better fill that holes and put that frozen idol to sleep forever.
  12. Chaos;Child is way better than C;H and have two heroines with glasses and the mc
  13. It is really impossible to learn a language fully without knowing grammar, it's like building a house without the pillars, especially for Japanese, which have a structure different from the usual of most Western languages, i not mentioned this before cuz is really obvious that is necessary.
  14. You could try use chiitrans lite, i don't know in details how he work and how good he was but is worth a shot. I think that even with the ith method you should study some kanji at least with something like anki
  15. Tour"fucking 180 dollars" Guide from the Underworld
  16. Ginharu have h-scenes more concentrated than Hoshi Ori, they only start in the second third of the high school part and 3 of them are in the adult part (that in comparison have only 2 event cg), but the amount is the same as Hoshi Ori(from what i remember), 9 h-scenes per heroine. Edit: One writer have clearly a fetish for that, like, in Yuzuki route there 2 h-scenes in bath and one normal cg if not more.
  17. Gothic loli with a shovel Ventriloquist telepath gothic loli Mafia gothic doll loli
  18. If you consider story important, put anything from Key in the trash can. Is a little early to read Muramasa, little boy.
  19. Before the delays it has the best month until now maybe, but now is equal the others, in general 2017 is until now a super weak year
  20. This month looked decent compared at least to the rest of the year, but like half of the titles have been delayed. The ensemble game could be good if they not force a weird device to the mc and the main heroine get closer. Though im not expecting something like Satsukoi, Akaneiro have potential if they not try to do more than the plot support. Pulltop and AXL disappointed me with that futuristic idol crap. If all goes wrong we have some Mashiro at least.
  21. Though most of the time that i like a specific brand their start making only hot garbage, i think that i always swallow what Saga Planets and August made, with honorable mentions to Nitro+ and Favorite. Propeller would probably be here too if were not the complete burning shit that are their last title.
  22. I never rate anything as 10/10 and never will rate, to me only a perfect work in all aspects can receive this score and honestly i think that we will never see a perfect vn. That said i think that these rates on vndb are very flawed(principally in non-tranlated vns), everyone use different methods to evaluate and is very hard to give a score without personal bias.
  23. I lived in Japan for 3 years and there is one of the countries that i have more stories to talk about .Know and respect the culture, i don't know if i have luck or my preventive defense system worked very well, but i never receive "ijime" in the school days, for the contrary some people praise me for how much i know and are trying to learn about them. Know at least how to handle a basic conversation in Japanese is indispensable, don't go with the lie that they speak english, when you find someone that speak most of the time is "Japenglish". The big problem that i found is how they handle cer
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