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  1. I guess i should go back and watch these magic wand scene About Natsu no Iro, i will say that it's way more harder to good writing save bad story than good story save bad writing, not even with Shumon Yuu writing this thing would be good.
  2. I will have to disagree in some points, first, the common route of PxC is where the game shines, it have a perfect pace, 0 boring moments and the comedy is very fun. Though the game drop off hard in the heroines route if you compare with the common, excluding the relationship building that is really kicked to the hell, the rest is more comedy and SoL without plot. The heroines have more unique characteristics and the protagonist have a solid personality and are not like the great majority of moeges where the mc is really bland. Fureraba is more constant, but have a weaker common route and the comedy is more "normal", but from the same way that PxC have the relationship rushed, Fureraba have the same problem in a lesser extent, i will say that actually in the reality is more normal make a relationship sending messages than talking in the school and the small talk that you have with the heroines is boring, really boring. Another thing to note is that the heroines and the mc have more normal traits than in PxC. I don't know about "gentle h-scenes"(i don't have idea what this means anyway), i skip the majority of h-scenes in the games. Another down is that all the heroines starting avoid you before the confession and this repetition is kinda meh. In the end i think that is more if you like the heroines of one game or another, and if you prefer more comedy or icharabu. And please, don't recommend Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia to anyone, not even for your worst enemy.
  3. He make ends that don't have the traditional "And they lived happily ever after", like in Hatsusaku that So mostly people are pissed because all the happy moments that they live with the heroine ends in a bitter note, but i like that to break the perfect world of happiness of vn universe, i really like the end of Nagisa for exemple.
  4. A reminder that though Yuu will be writing the original concept is from Maeda and Na-Ga will be one of the artists(hopefully not the principal).
  5. Pure x Connect is what you looking for, through i don't personally like the osananajimi type of heroine, Sora is the best heroine an the best route of the game, the title have 0 drama and Sora deviate totally from the classics characteristics of her archetype. The non-High School scenario make the game better too. I'm reading in the moment W.L.O. looks a good game and Aina seems a good support character at least(i not read her route yet), but the game is a little weird (wtf history, wtf length), though this make some good comedy moments, it's worth giving a try if you have the next 50 hours free.
  6. With Yuu writing the scenario Key could finally make a nakige that make people sad(or at least a good nakige).
  7. Squeeze money from a loyal fan base making mediocre sequels is a trend in the world these days, Tayutama 2 to me seems more like a attempt to save a slumping brand that recently only make shitty titles with the nostalgia factor, but from what i see they only make fans from the original game disappointed. A weird move i guess.
  8. If i remember correctly, it's only a bj h-scene in a dream in komomo route, not really a 3p route.
  9. Luna from Tsuriotsu - Luna it's the sole reason that i endured tons of fashion talk and a protagonist that is more passive than a some sex slave heroines from certain nukiges. She deliver some funny moments when she teases Yuusei/Ursule, she is a genius of the fashion world, without mention that she is albino and the leader of the guild. It's not coincidence that she wins 2/3 best character prizes. Komomo from Hoshimemo - She is my favorite heroine from the first vn that i read, her tsundere personality is one of the betters and in my opnion she has the best route of the game (call nostalgia factor or anything else, but i overrate hoshimemo a lot). Hiyo from Asairo - White hair and deredere, you cannot go against this characteristics, her punishment mode is very funny too and she symbolizes to me the best vn that i read so far. I have some more heroines in mind but i'm too lazy to write big texts now.
  10. Clover Day's has a good twin route with the bonus of two imoutos routes. Through i don't like that much Hekiru cuz she is a bit slow, Hikaru is 10/10. But if you are looking for twins this is the game, what's better than one pair of twins? 3 pairs of twins of course (note the twincest tho). Other good games with twins are Majo Koi Nikki and Izayoi no Fortuna (nakiges with mystery).
  11. I have like 0% attachment to characters, to me, it's impossible be attached to something in 20-30 hours(average time to complete a vn) and the most important point, they are not real.
  12. Finished 残念な俺達の青春事情。 today, it's the first ChuableSoft title that i read and i could say that i was deceived by the game. In the first 10 minutes the mc make a speech about humans and her bounds that ends in a totally unexpected way, but unfortunately this is the best scene. The game seems very rushed to me, the common route is short and only have one significant event. The design of the heroines is one good point of the game, they are likeable despite the lack of devolpment. Heroine rank: Rinne>Natsume=Chimachi>Sakuya The core of the concept is that everyone have some peculiarity or flaw, but united we can overpass that(or i'm just overthinking the concept of the game again), but in reality the routes are just h-scene after h-scene, it's really like a nukige. I will not make a route ranking because the quality of them only depend if you like lolis or big breasts. A positive point is that the male support characters have good interactions with the protagonist(better than the heroines) providing some humor moments. In the end, this is another title that throw everything to the air just to deliver h-scenes that someone will jerk off. I guess that my first impression about ChuableSoft is not positive.
  13. Though the 1st place is a fandisk, Re:Lief sold a good number of copies compared to the top 1 of some months, i guess november titles will do better in a overall.
  14. List of games with stewardess heroines in VNDB. From what i see the only title that not is a nukige is Astelight Nendaishi.
  15. When i finished Muv Luv Alt i have a big disappointment, though i will not say that the game suck hard, i rate him at max a 7.5/8, nowhere close to the 9.3 average in VNDB, the first thing that came on my mind is that this score is inflated because of the little number of titles available in English, but the 93 (of 100) score on EGS killed my theory. I really like monologues, but i have to agree with you that that Takeru monologues are redundant most of time. On the other hand, i think that in his situation rage,angst and a flood of negative emotions is very plausible. The pace really is problematic at times, with dialogues dragging the history, instead of continue the plot. I'm very critical when looking to sci-fi/action vn concepts and i have to say that in my opnion the parallel universe concept would be better employed in a non-action title than in a game with the "high school kids will save the world feat. aliens and mechas". I don't like how they do the ending, resetting the character devolpment of Takeru, i like tragedies, so make him go to a desert universe where he i will cty to death remembering the tragedies in the past. Shock value sells more games and make more discussion about, so why not? On a side note, I think a large number of titles available in English are overrated.
  16. After 2 weeks i finished Tenshin Ranman, this work is better than the recent games (Amairo, Sanoba and Senren), slightly better than Noble Works and worse than Dracu-Riot. The common route is surprisingly short comparing with others Yuzusoft titles and don't have much more than our traditional SoL. All the heroines have some appeal, but their personalities seemed to me a bit binary, i think that Ruri>Hime>Aoi>Sana it's a realist rank. The routes start after the beach scene and to me all have the same problem, to stretch too much before confession, it's not that the romance building is extensive,it's that a cheap problem appear in the start of the route (and that problem take longer to resolve that the main tension of the route). The main problem that they face in the routes are much less elaborate than in the recent Yuzusoft titles and the resolution comes literally from the gods. My personal route ranking is: Hime>Ruri>Sana>Aoi. In the end, this is the classical charage that don't have none innovative, but make the basic without shitting in the bed, if you need something carefree that can make you laugh sometimes( or like white haired loli fox) this is a good candidate. Side note: To each type of novel, i use different categories ratings, for example in a charage i will rate enjoyment and humor, but in a chunni action i will rate history concept and action.
  17. Shirokuma Bell Stars♪ Nothing is more Christmas than you be the reindeer.
  18. Sengoku † Koihime and Hiragumo-chan is from the Sengoku period and the later is based on the Matsunaga Hisahide tale, but the game have some sort of management gameplay and some text is not hookable. Shikigami is about the Heian period, the language is not too hard, but again it have some sort of SRPG gameplay with no hookable text.
  19. I have like 100+ vns in my backlog and i need to read all to think in re-read something, but if i have to replay something it is Kitto, Sumiwataru Asairo Yori mo.
  20. Like Kiririri said White Album 2 is probably by far the best work about dramatic love triangles. Despite having only two routes with the love triangle,Moshimo Ashita ga Harenaraba is a very good game in a whole and to me is the best Palette work. Koi de wa Naku is something different from the majority with a 2 man 1 girl triangle, despite being overwhelming at times, it's worth playing the first 30 hours only because the true route.
  21. 2016 like a whole seems weak in interesting releases, the only titles that seem to stand out is Akeiro Kakitan and Island, but every year i have this sensation lol
  22. D.C. III per se is already saturated
  23. Adolescent otakus with nothing to do and a right hand have to waste money. But the others 215686813 fandiscs are.
  24. I cannot understand why people keep buying DaCapo games in 2016.
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