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  1. 今 は 縦 書 き の テ キ ス ト が 必 要 で す
  2. The limit of "too wordy" really depends of what you are writing, genres like sci-fi have much more tolerance in that aspect than SoL, the excess of words tends to be a problem to less skillful writers, but in the right hands and concepts could make a really good work. If you are uncertain, use the motto "less words, more meaning". In my opinion, a negative example of a wordy vn is Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou 2, the phrases per se are already lengthy and there some random background info dumps that are totally fucked by how lengthy they are, resulting in a horrible flow to the history.
  3. In a alternative timeline Moenovel already butchered that masterpiece. I don't have time to help in anything, but at least i can wish goodluck.
  4. I rate all works in separate categories, everything start with a 7, my standard note to a decent/average work and i subtract or add points most of time comparing with other works that gravitate on the average sphere (7 points). The great difference on my system is that i rate different genres with different categories and that categories differ on weight. For example, the equation that describe a charage is described by: Rating = (art + characters*2 + story + humor + enjoyment*1.5 + sounds*0.5)/7 In comparison, a chunnige rating could be written as: Rating = (art + characters + story*2 + story concept + action*1.5 + sounds*0.5)/7 But even with a standardized method, it's inevitable some subjectivity. Only to note, after read more than 200 titles, i never gave a note higher than 9.5 and never will give a 10, cause perfection is impossible.
  5. PC most of the time, I use the cell phone just to browse sometimes.
  6. I'm not much of a fan of the genre., most of the time they are a boring gameplay with a half assed story, a bad visual novel and a bad game at the same time.
  7. As a researcher and astronomy enthusiast, that's a very sad news. A Brief History of Time is one of the things that which confirmed the path i wanted to follow.
  8. That's why i always kill every little girl that walk om my way on rpgs.
  9. Luckily i have a monster reborn on my pocket.
  10. In my opinion it's possible to separate the vn history in some periods: Before 1990: Prehistoric age 1990 - 1997: Ancient age 1997 - 2000: First transitional period 2000 - 2007: Classical age 2007 - 2010: Second transitional period 2010 - nowadays: Modern age I particularly consider everything launched before 2007 old to the actual standard, though until 2011 there some games aligned with the classical age. I only played a little more than a 5 or 6 games from before 2000 and i consider that year my age limit.
  11. By your profile pic i see that you have good taste sir, welcome.
  12. That type of structure is hit or miss to me, most of the time miss to speak the truth. The big point is the writer ability here, if he is good enough to make a interesting story that captivate you even on routes were you don't like the heroine, and principally, make every route be meaningful to the total, nothing is worse in that type of game that have some routes be totally neglected, is really clear when some authors don't even try to put effort on some parts, just throwing some shitty fillers, it's ok to make some routes deviate from the central plot, but at least put some content on them, to make the time used on them not be a complete waste.
  13. Everything can change people, what varies is the size of the change that can occur and how open and conscious you are to changes.
  14. Lol, my bad, i don't see that he is she, neither that is only a assistant writer on suki to suki, so she is relatively fresh to the scene with only one more substantial work(with a average rate on vndb and not enough serious votes on egs) and some nukiges and don't have marked characteristics, so the writing is really a gamble.
  15. Based only on Suki to Suki, she knows how to write good comedy and make likeable heroines, but sucks at romance/every other point "more serious" of the story, the jokes on the middle of romance scenes that make that aspect more shallow than already is, though in the end is enjoyable if you want to laugh. Technically nothing much elaborate, but tons of otaku reference and 4th wall breaking. That is only based in one game, but she is young on the scene and have only two non-nukige titles, so have room to improve. E: She is only a assistant on Suki to Suki, so what was written above don't have much value.
  16. There are thousands of artists in Japan, but they have to choose the guy that don't know how to draw.
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  18. It's strange how people on Reddit tend to act younger than they really are.
  19. Being consistently good is way harder than begin low and then peak higher, the inability to be at least digestible in all the sections is like a plague that infects most of story driven vns and make them crap.
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