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  1. Re:Lief winning the best scenario award is really a blasphemy, also this is the first year that Luna appear in a game and not win the best chara category, related to this, since 2012 the winner of best chara have a silver/white hair, this clearly is the key to success.
  2. Lesson 1: Never expect popular vote awards to be sensible.
  3. D.S. -Dal Segno- (From the same company, it's in a island with some cheap magical powers like DaCapo and is pretty easy to read). Amairo * Islenauts (Through i rate this as the worst recent Yuzusoft title, it's again a flying island with cheap magical events, but with much more focus on moe). Koiiro Soramoyou and Minamijuujisei Renka (Novels from the time that Studio Ryokucha remembers how to make a good charage, easy difficulty level and a good cast of characters). Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai and Fortune Arterial (Charages with supernatural plots, high productions values, but somehow August shit the bed in the ends and the stucture of Daitoshokan is pretty weird). I tried only recommend easy titles to read so a beginner will not have much difficult reading these with some assistance.
  4. I always play windowed, but this is a habit that i have from my lol and wow times, when alt + tab is annoying in fullscreen, another thing is that i have a 4k monitor so i think that even recent vns will become blurred.
  5. Actually, a considerable number of vns have a jp android port, titles like Steins;Gate, Eustia, Dies irae and the Tiny Dungeon series are what comes to my mind, but there much other titles that have full port or adaptations.
  6. Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o - Astronomy club with much more talk about "stars" than Hoshimemo Suiheisen made Nan Mile? - Space science club that build flying machines Koi Suru Kanojo no Bukiyou na Butai - Drama and Literary club Sanoba Witch - Occult club PriministAr - Handcraft club Love Rec. - Videography club
  7. CPU: i7 6700k 4GHz Mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z170X RAM: Corsair Vengeance (2x16) 2400MHz GPU: Asus Strix GTX 1080 OC HDs: 2x Toshiba 3TB SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 500GB
  8. Your brain is translating Japanese to english, he is not really reading in Japanese. This is typically what occur when i start learn a new language, but with the time reading and learning more, he will get used to the language and you will start "thinking" in Japanese when you read a vn. And don't use google translate, prefer use a dictionary, google translate will make you learn broken Japanese. There some people that use some machine assisted reading, i think that if you are starting this is a good way to read.
  9. In a case like this, that is clearly the meant to do harm, i think the punishment is applicable, but trying to punish unintentional harm(not that case) could lead to some dangerous situations. Cyber crimes are rising year by year and i see how some governments could use they as a excuse to monitor and censure the web, freedom in the internet could be dated.
  10. Most of inconclusive or too open ends and on the top endings that in a logical flow should be bittersweet/sad but with some deus ex machina transform in a happy end.
  11. The problem of common routes is that they cannot shine more than the heroines path but at the same time the history need to advance giving screen time to the protagonist and all heroines in a more "open" way. Personally I like common routes that have story progression and something like a mini climax at the end.
  12. LooseBoy is the overrated guy that only know how to write ends and still manages to make mistakes in it.
  13. This is half true and half lie, though to some titles this affirmation could be accurate, in S novels because of how good they are in all aspects, a bad translation will make you lose the sense of how good the vn is in totality, look at Asairo for exemple, a translation need to catch all the nuances and meanings to you full understand the message and you need to know how to deal with the kanji puns. Besides some vns have some concepts hard to understand with the author writing, now imagine in a non perfect translation. How will you rate a story if you don't know her per complete?
  14. Good luck waiting until 2022 to read any of those, english plebs . I like to see Kitto, Sumiwataru Asairo Yori mo, translated to disseminate the worlds of the master Yuu around the world, but at the same time i have some fears in how good the translation have to be to not kill the entire work.
  15. Ludesia (Zombies, giant spiders, futuristic goth). Carnival (Because of the protagonist alone is worth reading, more realistic themes). Sisters (It really is not what it seems).
  16. It's a shame that after writing Sayooshi Ishino Michiho practically disappear from the market, he really did a good job and his writing build a very good atmosphere together with the orange art. I think that we not have a real denpa title translated already, but some titles that employ some denpa elements like Divi-Dead, Saya no Uta and Higurashi.
  17. We are the society, we are slaves of society. We are slaves of ourselves. Give me a nobel that i'm a genius. Joke aside, to me Shinji is much more a slave of herself than of the society.
  18. Norleas

    My favorite eroge of 2016

    I found in Natsu no Kusari the same problem that when i read Euphoria, the emotions that i was supposed to feel in the h-scenes don't come out, i have a chronic problem when i read works of this type, my lack of empathy make me see all in a too logical way. Also the whole point of he only succeed in life if destroy she, simply don't buy me. The categories that you write are not too usual to me, interesting seeing people with compete different tastes.
  19. I voted on the third only too see all the passive-aggressive lines that i use when i indirectly insult someone.
  20. Though the overall quality of 2016 is similar to 2015, in 2016 we don't have a AAA title in my opinion nor a hyper hyped game. Best game: Akeiro Kaikitan. Worst game: Amaekata wa Kanojo Nari ni. I still need to finish Akiyume Kukuru and Shinsou Noise that have some potential, but for now is that.
  21. Showing fat people is one thing, showing obese as 100% healthy is another. In a great number of countries obesity is considered a disease and in some of them a public epidemic, thinking that each people know what's best for them is a generalization, do you think that a person with no mental stability know what is best to him? or a high school student have experience, knowledge or maturity to decide things like that. This could be a double edge sword, in the same way that fat consumers would see them represented, a number of people tend to see protagonists as a imaginary projection of what themselves could be.
  22. The point is that we don't know if they will buy and only avoid that route or they will simply don't buy the game, i know some people that only buy a vn if at the first view like all the heroines, the fact is that we don't have a precedent to conclude how the sales will be. Do you think that a standard Japanese guy, if have to choose between similar moeges will buy a title that he like all the heroines designs or a title that will have one heroine that he think that the design is ugly? You see innovation last years in the vn market? The status quo is delivering good numbers so why they will not bother entering in waters that they dont know.
  23. The VN market will not put fat people on the cast because its a risky movement, considering that the majority of novels have small sales compared to other things on media and that the majority of consumers don't find fat people attractive, even if it is a small drop in the sales, it's less money entering to a very closed niche that most of the companies don't have economic power to afford a title without profit. Remeber that only a art change make smee last title drop more than 50% in sales. The companies have 0 reason to take a risk change.
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