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  1. All guesses are wrong, but i think i make the charades a little too hard, so i will do a 2 in 1 hint: "Summer or Winter, it doesn't matter, you will be sad"
  2. "Libraries always lead to shit endings" "Summertime Madness" "You are dead, but you are not dead, she is alive, but in the end she is dead and you are alive"
  3. All games from Yuzusoft uses the original or some form of modified kirkikiri engine. Akabeisoft3, Akabeisoft2 and all their sub brands uses too in the majority of their games. Cube an all Cuffs parent brands uses too. If you are looking only for translated titles, the only games that are not on that list that i remember are Dracu-Riot! and Noble Works.
  4. Hey guys sorry for the delay to respond, it took some time to analyze all the recommendations, but among all i ended up choosing to start Tenshin Ranman, i already ended Ruri route and it's a good game so far. Thanks for all the recommendations.
  5. Yeah, but to educational purposes i prefer to reference modern tsundere as tsundere and classic tsundere as tsun-tsun that turn dere-dere.
  6. If i remember correctly in Koiiro Soramoyou the protag imouto is a tsun that turns full dere in her route, principally when she was sick. In Mashiro Iro the main heroin, gradually turn from tsun to dere and the relationship construction is very good.
  7. About the Yuzusoft titles, i only read the 2010+ novels, Noble Works and Dracu-Riot are good, but the recent titles are below the quality of the previous games, so in terms of quality Tenshin is more like the old or the recent titles? I already read the other two titles and their are very good to relive stress indeed, about Sorairo i don't have much information, the art looks good, but it's the first work with Igoyama Yuuki as the main writer, so i'm a little cautious about this title. The Tone Work's novels are to me a reference in terms of charage with good devolpment, i'm a little sad that there no other companies that has titles with a similar style.
  8. I think that Steins is more complete and consistent, something rare in time travel stories, it is more extensive and the art is a bit hit or miss, but it's a sci-fi more "realistic", not the "we build this rocket with the power of friendship" pseudo sci-fi crap. G-Senjou in other hand, is a work with a high higher, but a low lower, the end is really good, but how the route system works and the inconsistency between the routes kills the score to me, you could send the other heroines to hell and only go to the true end. To me, Steins is a better work because of the consistency, but if you overlook the flaws, the end of G-Senjou it's really a "boom".
  9. Gun-kata looks a little serious for what i searching, and i forgot to mention that rape is a non-go, but avk seems like a good comedy game that make fun of himself. 天気雨 look very good to relaxing, and gain points for having a loli kitsune with white hair, he's at my backlog for a while but it's easy to forget a vn in a backlog with +100 titles. I already read Amakano despite not be my taste in the art. I've already read Clover Day's, this plus release add something new to history or is just a re-release? I'm waiting for the vol. 3 to see more neko bouncing boobs. I never give a chance to a yuri VN, i guess the time will come, so to a an afternoon reading a short pink game will be good. Wow plenty of titles to analyze, Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no is in my list for a time but looks like a little more drama novel(i know that the vndb tags is not a good parameter), but with you universal recommendation, it goes back to the top of my list. The glossy art of Kaminoyu take my eye and the fact that Yuu and light make a game that is not a holy chuu war. I'm curious about the genre shift tag in Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi, you said that starts sadly, so it goes from drama to light and return to drama?
  10. I am living in Munich since july and i'm loving, compared to the last place where i lived (São Paulo - Brazil) it's way more clean, cold and cheaper.I already visited the city hot spots and principally, it's very good to see Bayern games live. Having to learn a language every 2/3 years is quite tiring, but it's a cool story to tell. In the visual novel of my life it's very hard to enter in a heroine route knowing that tomorrow you could live in the other side of the globe
  11. Hey guys, The lasts weeks are been very busy to me, so i'm looking for a novel to heal of the stress that built up. Requirements: 1) Decent art ( i'm very picky about art, don't like the art style of the majority of old novels and really appreciate artists that respect proportion and symmetry). 2) Good relationship development ( a great number of recent titles dies in this requirement, trying to push moe and rushing the devolpment, if he exist). 3) Reality in the boobs size (this is a very peculiar requirement, but i get really bothered when all the heroines have F cup and support their arms on breasts lol, equilibrium is the key). 4) Nice and healing atmosphere/history. My japanese is in a good level so difficulty level is not a problem.
  12. Hi! I'm Norleas, a self-proclaimed five stars traveler. Due to my mom job i already lived in five countries (Brazil, Japan, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland), i started reading visual novels to not rust my japanese after i leaving Japan in 2014, i've read about 110 novels but only today i began to look for a vn community and this was the first place I came to look, i hope to enjoy this place and hmm, sorry for any mistake that i make typing, cuz english is only my 4th or 5th language.
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