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  1. Yes indeed. The first half goes pretty much until the first wave ends and we have the duel between Naofumi and Motoyasu. This is covered in the very first volume of the light novel alone. The Spirit Tortoise Arc validates the Shield Hero as the only one (up to that point) the whole world can count on, in full contrast with the "suffering Martyr" thingey. Otherworldly threats come to light in full force, even crashing the boundaries set for the world the MC was summoned to. I'll say no more. It's best if we just wait for it to air and hope the adaptation will do the source material justice
  2. I did not even try this banner. In all honesty, I am farming quartz to roll for Sigurd again in the new year banner. Glasses boy is the only thing I want, but judging from past experiences, he is probably the one I won't get. If I get anything at all.
  3. Is this still related to Sorcery Jokers? I looked back to the original post, but I can't really check if this is what you want to extract data from.
  4. I watched "The Rising of The Shield Hero" anime and while the portrail of the suffering Martyr gets overly abused sometimes, the anime ends when this aspect of the saga is about to come to an end as well. Sadly, that IS the impression most people get from the first season. I ended up gobbling down every content I could find and read all 17 light novel volumes available in english. I have to say the series has its ups and downs, but overall it has much more than the whole "false rape accusations are horrible" and "modern day slavery is fine if you treat your slaves well enough" that brought all the hate and love the series got. Fortunately, the second season supposedly will cover at least the Spirit Tortoise Arc, which covers quite a bit of character development and introduces a lot more regarding how the world works. It should settle for new and old fans alike, while solving the problems the first season had.
  5. Currently rewatching Neon Genesis Evangelion (Netflix changed the ending song, so I am kind of annoyed at that) and boy, watching this again after you get older gives a totally different perspective on Shinji's character (not only him. The entire cast has a lot of inner struggles that you can barely understand when you are young). Almost on episode 20 and this series is amazing (much more than I remembered). I also watched it and I heard the manga is also near completion. Do you have any idea how many chapters are left?
  6. Regarding Gurren Lagann, I am a tear jerker for happy endings. Well... The manga has not the most perfect story in the universe, but it is damn worth a read, at least once.
  7. Gurren Lagann is very good. I don't like the ending that much, but I could hardly think of something not too cheesy. Also, Elfen Lied's manga is quite beautiful indeed. The anime did great on the soundtracks, but it covered almost nothing of it. When the shit would really hit the fan, it ended.
  8. Recently I finished reading Claymore (yeeees..... The ending is so much more satisfying than the goddamned filler ending the anime had). Raki as a male adult that did not act like youma livestock? Hell yeah. I also re-read Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken (for the many brazilians here, it's the source material for the anime "Fly, o pequeno guerreiro", which people older than 25 should know quite well). The animation itself was the closest thing to the original material I've ever seen in my life, but unfortunately it covers the story only up to volume 10. The manga has 37 volumes, so roughly only a quarter was covered (and they stopped right before one of the most awesome fights in the entire thing, creating a filler ending. Meh). Edit: Pop is the best side character, ever. His bromance with Dai (Fly) is so well written that you almost feel the dude should be the MC. Character development ran strong with this one. What a bro.
  9. I also dropped Code Geass (but due to me not enjoying the characters as much as I have with other shows. Lelouch is awesome, yes, but I kind of did not get into it). This one (Made in Abyss) is another one I skipped due to the "a little too cute design". After Madoka (which I genuinely enjoyed because Homura is a walking plot twist) I kind of turned my radar on for this kind. Urobutcher is good, but my poor heart has a limit on the despair side.
  10. I am not sure if this one has been posted before, but Saya no Uta's OSTs is one of the best and most fitting collection of BGMs I've seen. Silent Sorrow and Shapeshift come to mind, but Schizophrenia and Sin are also very good. Saya no Uta is so underrated it hurts.
  11. I have yet to watch that and I am a little worried. The first movie was as rushed as one could expect, had the flaws one could expect, but overall I enjoyed it. Sure, some scenes were bound to be cut or rushed. But the content on the second and third movies is the main reason Heaven's Feel route is so good. Also, Shirou grabbing Sakura by her waist and calling her his woman is priceless (I doubt this scene will even exist on the movies, but oh well). Shirou being the one to use the mana excuse just to bang the heroine is just amazingly hilarious (when you compare his actions with the other 2 routes) that you kind of need to accept she managed to get him in the horny side of the Force.
  12. Rewatched Trigun for the 4t67th time.... Totally worth it. I also enjoy the soundtrack, which I listen to every now and then while going to work. I am not really into watching anything new lately, except maybe One Punch Man (well, it is funny as hell... And I can really use this kind of escapism in my days off).
  13. I meant in the original game, in which Shirogane is actually a badass Eishi and is considered awesome by the female cast (because, well, there are almost NO MEN in the entire army due to... In the spin-offs (Altered Fable and CO. The Day After is a totally different beast) we only see our regular nerdy student Shirogane, who isn't a nice friend by any means to anyone in the cast (with the exception of maybe Mikoto). There is no reason for anyone to like the bastard, despite Sumika's "childhood friend unrequited love" (which I never bought, to be honest).
  14. Aw... Ok hahaha Well, personal taste is very subjective. But I am glad you finished it. Ciel's route in particular can be.... Challenging.
  15. See Persona 2. The first part (Innocent Sin) is a group of friends (Tatsuya, Maya, Sarah and Eikichi) trying to solve the mysteries regarding rumors that once spread become reality. Thing is, they bit way more than they could ever hope to chew and... This is lacking a lot of context, but the way the game leads you to that moment is so nicely done that you stop caring about the absurdities. Specially since Maya needs to earn her "best female character of all time" title someday. The second part (Eternal Punishment) is literally what the name says. The game is amazing, but only if you play both and in order. And if you like bittersweet endings.
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