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  1. Sometimes routes needed to be locked cause they need knowledge of facts from other routes or could spoil them hard, so playing them first could drastically drop the enjoyment and quality of the work. Another case is when in a multi route plot, one route resolve the big problem, making him "the most satisfying end", in terms of the main history of course. True ends are (most of the time) exactly that, they wrap all the problems and questions of the main plot and give the sense of a "proper closure", generally are more longer and have more quality, so obviously the other routes look a littl
  2. It's a similar pace, but better, especially on the common route, comparing with Hoshiori it feels that more things are going on.
  3. Gin'iro, Haruka, if you don't mind that each route have 10+ hours.
  4. The trashiest ones, the more trashy, the better.
  5. It's hard to lose a award in Japan when you have the biggest concentration of E+ boobs per meter of the universe.
  6. Thanks dude. You made it in time by some minutes, like the powerful guy that always come after the mc already is on the ground in a random shounen manga. A wonderful night to everyone and i wish that i don't have a headache after drinking too much tonight.
  7. Well, i think that in tv vs books, books have a large advantage cause of the power of imagination, but when we are talking about vns that factor diminishes with the inclusion of the visual aspect, so the biggest point is what anime and what vn are we talking about, in ideal conditions, my guess is that a visual novel could delivery more information than an anime, especially in consideration of the length of a vn that could easily surpass 20 hours when a two seasons anime have generally 10 hours of contents ( including something like 1 hour of opening/endings).
  8. "Death and memes are the two wings that bear the good man to heaven." - Michelangelo It's only a low period, every forum will face this someday.
  9. One important factor that heavily affect vndb untranslated ratings is the japanese proficiency of the voters and i think that could be one of the reasons of why the scores tend to differ more on "bad" vns. Not to related, but one graph that i like to see is votes cast x user average score.
  10. Doesn't matter how good the concept behind the genre is, when he becomes overused things quickly go downhill, and with the Japanese power of make even the best concept in the world a high school fan service fest with only trope characters, things only go worse.
  11. If you want a anime/manga, Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan or something like Yotsuba to, really relaxing. If you want vns every title from Asa Project.
  12. A big step to peace, but only time will says if that agreement will be held, it seems that thing escalated quickly since winter games.
  13. Kitto, Sumiwataru Asairo Yori mo Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou Natsuiro Recipe Nanairo Reincarnation I needed some time to think in the last two and there at least ten other titles that could make that list, but for today that's it.
  14. Norleas

    Do Not Read

    It's really interesting how 99% of foreigners living on Japan have blond hair by the visual novel census.
  15. Henshin obviously, on how many games a penis can grow in a milkshake?
  16. I have to be at least neutral when 99% of the modern titles have moe elements.
  17. Only considering "pure charages" (i.e. disconsidering nakige/chunni/whatever hybrids), my favorites are Minamijuujisei Renka, Koiiro Soramoyou, Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai and Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas.
  18. Correct me if im wrong, but in Japan the age of consent is 13, right? So they already can have consensual sex by law, but is too early to learn how to protect yourself. Ok.
  19. Definitely eyegasm. In terms of arts, minori titles, the Bishoujo Mangekyou series, Innocent Grey works and Aokana is the first things that come to mind to me.
  20. Yuzu and Takerfumi from Natsuiro Recipe and Anri and Anzu from Clover Day's.
  21. I wish i had read this while i was drunk.
  22. I dare to say that visual novels regardless of sub genre are saturated, it's been a while since the last time that i looked into a new release and see something "new", the medium need fresh air, but how? I dunno. I don't know exactly the numbers and rankings, but if that is true, it's not a surprise to me. All Yuzusoft games hit top 1 in the charts when released, Senren Banka for example, sold 45000 copies in the first month out, in 2016, only August have another title with that numbers. Other point is that they always have consistent sales, even big companies most of the time have a c
  23. Yuzusoft could do any shit that they want and they will still be top sellers, so they will be sticking with the fantasy charage formula, even though it is already saturated and losing quality.
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