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  1. Hi Everyone,

    My apologies for being late, but welcome to Fuwanovel. Enjoy your stay.
  2. The future of different western eroge publishers

    Oh, ok then. Thanks for clarifying. I was under the assumption that Frontwing became independent as a result of the SP incident.
  3. The future of different western eroge publishers

    Either way, from what I've gathered so far, the way the situation was handled was bad enough to get Frontwing to cut ties with SP entirely. I'm not sure if there were more things happening behind the scenes leading up to this, like a bad deal or something. All I know is that before the incident, Frontwing relied on SP to publish their VNs in the west. Now after the incident, Frontwing has become an independent VN publisher in the west on their own. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it.
  4. Favorite protagonist?

    Okabe... Ahem, Hououin Kyouma by a longshot. The others really can't compare to a mad scientist who's not a deliberate insert for the reader. You're experiencing the story from his perspective and his alone, complete with entertaining voice acting to boot. This adds more flair to the story than reading through a silent protagonist's mind and expecting to connect with him in every way possible.
  5. The future of different western eroge publishers

    I remembered the CEO going on an immature rampage to crack down on Imouto Work's patches, and thought that Sekai Project was publishing those patches as a counter-response. I've read it from one of @sanahtlig's blogs, so I was under the assumption that it was the case and not the other way around.
  6. The future of different western eroge publishers

    Two years ago, a user who went by the name "Imouto Works" released 18+ patches for VNs on Steam for free, some of which were VNs published by Sekai Project like Grisaia no Kajitsu. Sometime around summer 2016, Sekai Project took notice of this and cracked down on his patches, with the CEO threatening Imouto Works immaturely to take them down or face legal repercussions. While at the same time, in response to this, Sekai Project published their own 18+ patches for Steam VNs on Denpasoft, but they were overpriced, and customers were accusing Sekai Project of price gouging. Due to the bad publicity from this, relations with customers were soured. And it got to the point that Frontwing, who originally relied on Sekai Project to publish their VNs in the west, cut all ties with Sekai Project entirely and went to publish VNs oversees on their own. Mind you, this was a while ago, so I don't remember the exact details.
  7. How To Use Reaction Button ?

    Hmm... That seems fishy to me. It sounds like you're already familiar with the customs here. Coincidence? Or a possible veteran with another account I presume?
  8. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    I'm playing a game called Space Engine, where I just go around and explore countless planets across a very realistic virtual universe. I even took the liberty to name an entire solar system after Fuwanovel's members, in honor of this great site and their efforts to bring VNs to the west.
  9. Fuwa's First International Blame Mitch Day!

    I don't know mitch enough to blame him for something really. Trying to think of something... 404 Not Found.
  10. Today is my birthday

    Happy Birthday.
  11. Fuwanovel Confessions

    I once presented a school project to my class on my laptop, completely forgetting to change my background back to one of the default images. I had a hentai background set on my laptop, so everyone in my classroom laughed at me upon seeing it. My teacher gave me a huge scolding afterwards for "bringing porn" into school, so from there on out, I've earned a bad rep among the students. It was the most embarrassing moment in my life.
  12. The future of different western eroge publishers

    I know I'm late to this thread, but I want to give my thoughts on the matter. Particularly my predictions on the publishers that I know. MangaGamer: Honestly, they're the best VN publisher ever. They always deliver on their promises, and they have good relations with customers. I see a bright future for this publisher. Jast USA: They're like MangaGamer, but they're slower with VN releases. The current rate of which they release VNs has got me a bit concerned about them falling behind expectations, so I hope they improve on that in the future. Other than that, they're fine. Sekai Project: Ugh... I consider them the Activision of the VN industry. Shady business practices, attempting to price gouge customers with overpriced patches, and VERY questionable translations. Not to mention, just overall bad relations with customers in-general, especially in regards to the CEO of the company. (Anyone remember the Sekai Project VS Imouto Works 18+ patch debacle?) I hope they'll go out of business one day, and I'm glad Frontwing pulled out of their VN deals when they could. Frontwing: After their fallout with Sekai Project, I say they're just fine on their own. Sure, they have had their fair share of mistakes, but unlike SP, they listen to feedback and actually improve on their problems. I see a bright future ahead of them. Though I wish they would take back the Grasaia series from Sekai Project. Mikandi: After their abysmal train wreck of a translation with Libra of the Vampire Princess, they left a terrible first impression on me. It seems they're new to the VN industry, so it could be just an honest newbie mistake, but if they don't improve with their next project, I see them going under completely. Right now, it's make or break for them. Moenovel: Just what the hell is up with this publisher? Are they following in 4Kids' footsteps or something? Their releases are just straight-up insults to VN readers. You do not take an eroge and transform it into something more family friendly. That's just a recipe for disaster right there. Not to mention, the terrible translation quality. Pulltop, just please end your deals with Moenovel. It's not worth it anymore.
  13. Hi Everyone!

    Welcome to Fuwanovel. Enjoy your stay, and have fun.
  14. Momoiro Closet (new Frontwing game) Kickstarter is up

    Ehh... This is one of those works centered around otaku culture, so been there, done that. To me, the VN seems like discount Oreimo, so I'm not interested. Well at the very least, I'm glad Sekai Project never got a hold of this VN.
  15. Spring Anime of 2018

    Ah, that explains it. I've only started watching anime back in 2009 when no one actually gave a damn about yearly anime seasons, so I'm pretty old school. I've noticed this trend started to come about sometime around 2012-2013, roughly around the same time when anime streaming became a thing. It's almost ritualistic in a way, because it allows anime fans to predict and anticipate which anime comes out in the following season. My, have times have changed.