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  1. ^ Because you enjoy good things more after you read things you don’t like < Assignment due in 10 hours... time to start soon v How many chairs + tables + beds at your place?
  2. Ask me anything, I am Happiness+

    What question would least want to be asked?
  3. Ask me anything, I am Happiness+

    How many lightbulbs are there in your house?
  4. Ask me anything, I am Happiness+

    How to make the world a better place?
  5. Mainly this one: What's edgelord Flan pls explain
  6. 9.1 or something huh... WHY DO I KEEP GETTING 9s REEEE
  7. I would like you to check who she is again... do you need another photo of her?
  8. Could you at least point us in a rough direction lol
  9. A single one?! D: Guess I'll ask you again tomorrow about dating feelsbadman
  10. So I'm a 9/10? Can we date? Is there even a 10 in azurlane XD
  11. I thought she looked familiar, I think you mentioned this a month ago, also I'm getting closer huh Hey, it's me! w At this point I'm just looking for cute shipgirls....
  12. Wow, that's a lot of feedback XD Round 2: (Can I just say a lot of these girls I see on this wiki are adorable)
  13. Taking inspiration from our many discussions about your favourite game, I poked around and there were way more character than I initially realised... Guess I'll test the waters (:3) with some samples?
  14. Generic_Introduction.txt

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, dare da? I swear that name sounds so familiar but I have no clue who the hell you are. P.S. Mad plug, please don't be a sellout.