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  1. Craving some new VNs

    Fureraba, Hoshimemo, Making*Lovers, Damekoi
  2. I was reading Koichoco and really felt that Hazuki needed a route of her own. I have also read Noble works which had a pitiful route for the teacher. What are some good translated VNs with Teacher heroine/s?
  3. Wagahigh, idk about the story though. Felt that Kyonyuu Fantasy has more plot than Wagahigh
  4. Something like Evenicle

    I have played Eiyuu Senki but didn't like the female lead. She was irritating. The game also felt not so involving. I was waiting for Gold but Don't think it'll come before a decade.
  5. Nicely done harem

    When you add the 'Nice' in front of the harem, there are a handful of LNs only.
  6. Something like Evenicle

    Bunny Black is very grindy. I don't want something torturous. Also it has a lot of rape. I'll check the others thanks
  7. I loved Evenicle except the rape part. Are there any other good polygamic/Romantic JRPGs (English translated) like this? I tried Kamidori but the gameplay felt very grindy and kinda lackluster. It never felt like it had a story. Thanks in Advance
  8. Looking for a romance I haven't read yet.

    The third list please, the Romantic nukige list
  9. Looking for a romance I haven't read yet.

    I checked your vnstats. It's giving recs like Hoshi ori ...., Fortune Atereal(or something). Also, you can read Sankaku and Damekoi
  10. I tried wagahigh before but was repelled by the looks of the girls. They look too young and the fact that the melons are as big as their face with that body is annoying. I've heard that ef has a lot of drama, and I don't want that. Del Segno is not that good (what i've heard). Thanks for your help. More romance recs are welcomed.
  11. I have been into VNs for an year or so and I've found that quite a few VNs have a True Heroine around whom most of the common route or even the whole VN revolves. Also, the VNs with heroines already in love with the mc in the common route. Personally, I have found many of them(the ones I've read) very irritating. Taking an example of Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai which made me think about this topic. The main heroine is way too innocent and her love for the mc and being jealous in the common route can be excused as comedy but these tropes can be very irritating if one doesn't like the main heroine very much(I didn't). Also, when we have such type of scenarios the mc automatically becomes dense as a brick and his thinking ability becomes that of a 10 year old, always following the "main heroine", which was more or less what happens in the above novel. Now taking another example, Hoshimemo which could have been my best read, was literally spoilt by the Red head Asuho whose behavior in "any" route screamed that she's in love. I found it very annoying, as apart from giving hints every time she was on screen she didn't really have a personality and would always get on my nerves. I hated her so much that I would skip any scene revolving her even if it was important to the story. Other stories like Chrono Clock, Happymaher which had the love struck Immoutos really make the overall experience unenjoyable for me at least. I'm currently reading PE and again this is looking an apt example to the title. What are your views on this? And how do you handle such elements?
  12. I'll look into Sabbath of the Witch. I dropped Dracu Riot. The comedy without a doubt is very good but the romance is very shallow, also the story is lackluster. Only one girl stood out, The rest felt really meh even in the common route. I dropped it half into the 1st route.
  13. What are you playing?

    Wasn't there something similar in Hoshimemo too? With the two sisters, I think in one route we had this dilemma and it didn't feel ridiculous
  14. A VN That Gives Me A Hug

    Fureraba for the over dose of lovey dovey feelings. Katawa Shoujo for you'll fall in love with them together with the mc. A handful of the characters will definitely stay with you for a long time and you'll learn something for life! Don't know if you have read em or not. Hope these helps!
  15. The drama I hate is the love triangle kind of drama. I'm tired of it as it's used way too excessively. Doesn't Sakura Sakura has love triangle? Also, how do we play this, it has two protags iirc