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  1. Hello ! I looking for a H-code of Lamento I am French so I try to use Textractor to translate it into my language except that it puts me 'Pattern dont' exist" I tried everything. I played another VN that put "Pattern don't exist" too and I managed to get hooks without any problem, but with Lamento I have nothing at all. Thank you !
  2. Recently I decided not to close myself to buy VN only on steam, but also buy on other stores like JAST or Mangagamer, and I was wondering if these stores do sales? And if they do, when do they usually do it? For steam I use steamdb to know when will be the next sales. I live in latam and the economy here is "complicated" and I can't afford to buy VN at full price, I always save money for months and wait until the sales begins to buy them.
  3. I am reaching out to the gaming community, anyone still have the 18+ patch to Libra of the Vampire Princess? I decided i wanted to reread cause i never finished all the routes just to find out mikandijapan site completely abandoned and all links on their site dead or taken over by some camgirl site. if anyone still has the patch i would really appreciate it if you would reach out.
  4. So this visual novel has a boy in highschool that finds a button or tool that gives you the option of being able to swap bodies making the person you swapped bodies with think they are you or whoever you choose them to be you can make them doing anything sexually ect I think it's still not finished or I could be wrong since I haven't seen it in a while also in it there is incest along with the fact that his mother hates him or something one of the scenes shows her sucking his dick from him controlling her to do so and she wakes up from said control a while after she is done and he is out of her office and finds the tool and take it from him and swaps bodies with him the portage has glasses and blue hair I think, it should have mind control body swap incest highschool and male protagonist I think
  5. Completed All 3 endings of Chapter 1 in Subarishi Hibi. But it stucked like this when I clicked start after the ending of chapter 1. Can anybody tell the solution ? No keys are working when the screen is like this. Is there the problem in my Installed VN then?
  6. Just completed Kiniro Loveriche. Hoping for Ayaka and Mina chan's route I found out that they are in Fandisc and It got translated too. Can anybody send the link for it?
  7. Looking for VNs with rural and relaxing backround such as Senren banka, Summer pockets and Island. Kindly suggest some(I prefer Translated ones)
  8. Completed All endings so far in Island VN. Damn They confused me so much. What is your Review on this VN? Do you like it? Which parts you dont like? Which moments felt emotional to you? can you guys suggest Any other VNs which covers Time travel or Seems like a Frontwing VN? Even I know only Grisaia fruit and Island among their translated ones ? Are there any Frontwing VNs which are translated? Thanks for Reading this Post! La-la La-la iRangers!
  9. I’m a complete noob and need a guide on how to apply the English translation patch to Taimanin Asagi Complete Edition (the first game, not the premium box). I bought the game off of DLSite, downloaded the game and extracted the files. I have my locale set to Japanese and can start the game in Japanese. I have no clue how to go about applying the patch for the game as there are no instructions on how to do so. Anybody that can give a guide to how to do this will be greatly appreciated.
  10. I need information to buy a license visual novel caused i realized in indonesian is many of them visual novel is fan tl so i decided to support creator and also many of english tl like sekai project is very long to tl the visual novel
  11. I was able to play this game perfectly fine but when I started playing it again I started getting this error. Does anyone know how to fix this, I already installed the 1.13 update patch. 総時間の取得に失敗しました2U5DJ6JHGCD3L[437]AQ5K0TENBATCF[1871]script/0.txt[1841] error
  12. I'm newbie and this is my first thread, Idk why but I like NTR/Cheating VN, for me NsFw, SfW it's the same, I would like school setting, teens romance vn, or a group of friends with different relationship and not husband/wife, (yandere, tsundere and other stereotype are allowed) Thx for answer me and for the help (me and other people)
  13. Guys, I have a problem with tsujidou-san no virgin road, and is basically than the game just close hiself from no where, I mean, the game start, but after a few seconds suddenly just close, have annyone here the same problem or the solution for this? Sorry for the very bad english but isn't my main lenguage
  14. So my team is currently working on creating a Visual Novel project and we are still lacking in someone who can compose a music track for the game. The Visual Novel is going to be set in a futuristic background, when human beings and robots co-exist. The working title is RE.born, and even though I am currently looking for a music composer, any other help is very much appreciated! Please tell me if you are interested in co-operating with us!
  15. After I finish the installing it asks for the activation key. Some people told me to exit it and try to run the main file but it says "Unable to load mono library from "C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Temp/Rar$EXa14596.33031/main_Data/Mono/mono.dll" (error = 126)."
  16. I am looking for a co-writer just to look at my story and give your opinions. I would like to turn the story into a visual novel with taboo content.
  17. When I try to start the VN in Kirikiroid2 (clicking on Data.xp3) I get this error message: Cannot convert given narrow string to wide string, Data could be corrupted or encrypted or wrong text encoding. Maybe you need xp3filter.tjs if data is encrypted, or use patch. tjs to specify correct encoding if text is not encoded in SHIFT-JIS The game files is in the interal storage and the phone's language is Chinese. Do I have to download an additinal file to run the game? Where can I find it?
  18. To unlock the true end for the original Eiyuu Senki, all you needed to do was occupy all territories and unlock all heroes. However, what are the true end requirements for Eiyuu Senki Gold, if any? In Gold, challenge missions occupy their own "territory", rather than just a dungeon, but are they necessary for the true end?
  19. ive been looking for this V.N https://vndb.org/v3153 ive seen the gifs for this game floating around on several sites but i cant find a way to actually play the game anywhere. Its been mentioned on this site in a few forums but nothing specific any help would be appreciated thanks in advance
  20. Hello guys. Could you help me find this VN. I found it at twitter back then and tried search with google image but can't find VN title at all. Also there's VN I believe split become 4 parts? I only remember 4 weather seasons name for each part Haru,Natsu,Aki & Fuyu (only remember title like this "Haru __________ or _______ Haru" I might wrong) Anyone if you found it could you let me know. I appreciate for the help and thanks in advance.
  21. Hey guys, so currently a friend of mine is playing a game called Kishin Hishou Demonbane, this game is pretty old (came from 2006), hence latest windows version can't compatible with it. My friend is using Windows 10, which he can't play the game properly. Much appreciated if anyone can help him with this. There are two major issues with the game:First is the game will crash whenever a Demonbane's Free Fight is initiated, he already tried a few things, such as running Kishin Hishou with compability mode (for Win7 and WinXP) but it didn't fixed.Second, any other Free Fights occurs lag with unknown frequency, some fights went smoothly and some just lag a lot, this is an example for the latter case.Here is the specs of his laptop:System Model: Dell Inspiron 14 5000GPU: Intel(R) UHD Graphics & NVIDIA GeForce MX230Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10510U CPU @ 1.80GHz 2.30 GHzInstalled RAM 8.00 GBSystem type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
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