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  1. The season I'm in. I find it a bit jarring to have cloudless blue skies on my novel where outside my window it's raining buckets. Plus, the temperature it's supposed to be. It's called IMMERSION.
  2. I voted for the good old one-tw... good old Hatsuyuki Sakura.
  3. Off the top of my head you have one in Newton and the Apple Tree, with the japanese girl. If you'd like to find more, use the filters in VNDB.
  4. There's Quartett, where there's even secondary character intercourse. That content is minimal, though.
  5. Aren't you expecting a bit too much out of a medium for entertainment? Do you think a Marvel superhero movie can change your life? I don't. To change your life you need to do a lot of reflecting as well as trial and error. Fiction can help you reflect but only barely. It won't provide the real action to change, and not even the motivation, most of the time. In the end, salvation lies in the people. The people who are right for you.
  6. As for story I'm having great hope in Lynne (Ebi hime is a good writer), and some otome games that try a fuzzier approach to romance (and drama) than what is usual.
  7. I really liked when Katawa Shoujo deconstructed that, they had a pink-haired girl, but it turns out it was dyed.
  8. Well, it's Key making non-Key for people who don't like Key works. Like Pillars of Sawyer Eternity and Baldur's Gate. Not a lot of surprise here. PS: In VNDB lots of people rate games like they're the best ever, even if they're crap or horribly generic.
  9. Any version you choose, be prepared to expend some months. I played it whole in two different, consecutive years because Lucia's route barely killed my interest in the game. I still don't rate it highly, and find that, like most of recent Key works (anime and VN), it has almost as many good things as bad things. Harmonia is an exception, because it's a simpler and cleaner story. You can definitely enjoy Rewrite, but you probably won't rate it a masterpiece. There are some facepalm moments too -like that "famous" Kotori quote, what the hell were they thinking?
  10. My 2 cents, heterochromia is just another moe aspect of a character. Just two examples about that: Steins Gate's Daru found the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) pretty sexy, and in Maitetsu you romance trains. Anything and everything can be moe-fied and made sexually appealing. AFAIK David Bowie had this "condition", and it didn't bar him of living a full life... so what's the point of comparing it to actual crippling diseases? At any rate, girls with heterochromia are something like "cute mutants"... In
  11. Look, I've been watching anime all my life, even as a baby I watched the 80s anime for children. Anime is a big entry point for people into the VN world. So, like an anime person would watch several different genres of anime, that same person, if he did VNs, would tackle several genres. Sometimes what matters is the quality of the game (within its genre), and you're sold. Who says moege can't do great within the moege style? You just need to like the thing, or at least not abhor it. Looks to me there are some people who would segregate players by their main genre, and that's a bit sad. For example, no matter how much I like Root Double, Ever 17 or Virtue's Last Reward, I can't do those constantly, I need a change of pace and some kawaiis.
  12. I prefer to get cheaper digital versions. On a side note, my eroge collection isn't something I want displayed in my room, nor is something I would show to visitors; and I don't think it's worth it having all my eroge in physical just for myself to look at the covers. Nah.
  13. I know it's just level of desire, but Summer Pockets and Aiyoku no Eustia are both coming sometime, right?
  14. I still recommend Steins;Gate because the VN is a unique experience and differs in some ways from the anime. That VN is a masterpiece, the way the drama and tension build up to the last chapter, where you have to make your fatal choice. However, it's pretty much unplayable without a walkthrough or flowchart, at least as far as the true ending goes. The VNs I have struggled the most with are moege, in particular, Yuzusoft works such as Noble*Works and Dracu Riot, I start them but quickly get bored of them, and I think that the actual routes aren't that good.
  15. OK, there you are: * Mangagamer shop Eroge! (Clockup) * PS4 Chaos;Child * 3DS eshop Virtue's Last Reward Zero Time Dilemma * Steam Ame no Marginal (2017 Sekai's Humble Bundle) Clannad Clannad Side Stories fault milestone 1 (2017 Sekai's Humble Bundle) Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds Harmonia If my heart had wings Karakara (2017 Sekai's Humble Bundle) A kiss for the petals, Remembering how we met Littlewitch Romanesque editio Regia Love at first sight Lucy, the eternity she wished for Nekopara vol. 0 (2017 Sekai's Humble Bundle) Root Double A sky full of stars (Miagete Goran...) Stay! stay! DPRK Steins;Gate Steins;Gate 0 Strawberry Vinegar Sweetest Monster Tomoyo After (Clannad) VA 11 HALL A Vision of Aurora Borealis The Way we All Go
  16. If you're reading this and got the game, report ASAP. Make Operation Hinoue a success! EDIT: Dammit, the game comes out tomorrow on Steam... what a start...
  17. This is a general advice. When learning, it's important to believe it and like what you're doing (at least, the subjects you're learning). In high school, I was distracted by videogames and other things and that prevented me from reaching further excellence. I still did good. You have to believe you can tackle the exam, and that you can integrate the knowledge within yourself. You should value knowledge and its acquisition. Maybe it's actually boring to learn about the conditions in the 18th century, but it's good knowledge: having a grasp of history is important to being a fine person. Don't disdain anything that you're learning, no thinking "this is so useless!". Better think that everything you have the chance to learn is important, and appreciate it. Better bring a curious attitude and think: "hey, I'm going to learn really interesting things". No knowledge is really useless. If anything, it helps you to acquire further knowledge. For example, I do little Japanese studying, but since I enjoy the classes, I grasp a lot of words and things from the language. If learning history, a good approach is "how did that people live, back then?". If learning physics, you can complement it with articles about actual stuff and the applications of physics; those don't readily appear on textbooks, but that way you can see the importance of being familiar with physics. And so on. When you finally enjoy what you're doing, even if it wears you off, you only need a proper environment to do the studying. I don't guarantee you'll be the best of the class, but no doubt you can pass no problem if you're investing yourself in what you're learning. Enjoying learning removes some workload, but work (studying) is important, of course. In school, I did little studying until late middle school. I relied in getting things from the actual classes, right on the spot. It worked. I have really good memory however. Learning is best when you're at the top of your dopamine (i. e. adolescence).
  18. Eroge's protag is no Okabe, so no need to stay loyal :3
  19. ...But it also gives you some hot H-scenes, so it's necessary to do those to 100% the game.
  20. Riho from Deardrops. But only if you want a story about music and bandsmen.
  21. Chisato's route is tolerable but not great. I'm a big fan of All in all, Koichoco touched interesting themes, not as daring as Yume Miru Kusuri, but also without failing spectacularly like that, so.
  22. I believe to get everything about Rinne you need to play her route and Nemu's. You can eschew the rest.
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