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  1. Chaos;Head Noah PC Port and Translation Project

    Hey, It seems that this thread might a little outdated, but I'm really looking forward your work, I'm also a fan of and appreciate your patches for Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate 0. I'm actually interested in helping out in this project. Although I'm not very skilled or experienced as a translator, so I can't take any primary role, but I want to work in any way I can to support the project and gain experience in Japanese translation. I'm not particularly busy; in fact, I have a good amount of free time to assist.
  2. I can't really offer much commentary different from what others have already put forward, and some of it was really good advice. Just to comment in general though, I feel like relationships should be a little more trusting and open. By this point, hopefully you're both well-aware of each other's hobbies and what each other does for fun. I would suggest something additional: talk about it. Talk about them like you would to a friend whose already somewhat into it. Of course, if she's really out of the loop it makes it hard, but if you try too much from a "I have to explain this" standpoint instead of a "Here's a cool think I'm into!" it already sets a bad tone I think. Either way, it would probably work out best if you two feel comfortable and enjoy talking about these things with each other, and taking interest in each other's hobbies and opinions. Try doing the same to her, and bring out what she has interest in during these conversations, it makes the overarching point a little clearer I think.
  3. I don't really mean it as *just* a book. I mean it as it combines the best aspects of a game and a book. It has nothing to do with it being inferior; in fact I view it as taking the aspects of game-storytelling with the prose of a book. They are not at all "just books" and I never really meant it that way. I hope people aren't as you say and jump to those conclusions :0
  4. I'm open to many things, but generally I really prefer stories over anything else. I really believe in a VNs ability to convey a seriously amazing and cool story; to me a VN is essentially a book+. S;G, KS, Lucy:TESWF, Axanael, etc. I trust VNs to tell a kind of story I'm not prefared for, and to pull me in with more creative story techniques than most story-telling mediums, and sometimes with techniques different than even other VNs. Currently I'm reading Wonderful Everyday, and I hope to read Fate after that. I generally though disagree with the whole idea of not giving a game a chance by it's genre. I don't really judge anything in particular, and just because I tend to prefer games with strong story or character development, doesn't mean I can't see the appeal in those that don't have that. I guess although I don't have too many titles read to show for it, I just kind of like everything a little bit.
  5. Pure x Connect Translation [Prologue Patch Released]

    Hey, I saw that you want another translator to help. I was hoping I could maybe participate and help with the translation. I'm somewhat skilled: approximately N3+ ; and I've tried small translation stuff for myself before, although this would be my first major project. You can see my skills registration thread for more details and actual examples if you want. I would like to take a look, and try my hand at helping; I'm really interested in this story, and have a lot of spare time. It depends how much I can contribute, but I want to try and see what I can do. I'm not necessarily new to the idea, and I am currently looking to improve my abilities. Especially for the next few months, I will have very few responsibilities and a huge amount of time to dedicate. I want to give it a shot. I'll send you a PM too so we can talk there as well if you want.
  6. Hi everyone

    Welcome! Awesome to see all sorts of people joining the website, I hope your Japanese studies go well. I just checked out Tsukihime, looks interesting.
  7. The appeal of heterochromia?

    It's really a sort of charm factor. As someone else put it: "exotic" maybe? Personally I never really look for it, and if the eye differences are 'out there' or obvious it can kind of over-power the image. I also feel usually these characters are assigned quirky character archetypes, which are fine but usually also not my style. That isn't to say I don't get the appeal though, and sometimes I do notice it positively I guess. I can't say I've seen enough stories regarding characters with that particular personality trait though, so maybe I'm not qualified to speak much more about it. Basically, I think it's a visual metaphor saying "I'm different" or "I'm interesting" in a short-hand sort of way, as well as being a rare physical trait that can catch people's interest.
  8. Fan Translations Are Nearly Dead?

    Yeah, I've noticed that lately being on these forums. Although I do see west-made VNs becoming more popular. I can't say I've been too interested in them since there's a sort of expectation/bias of low quality, but I have played Katawa Shoujo and that remains one of my favorite VNs to this day. Do you see that sort of field growing? It almost seems as though that section of the forums has almost as much activity as the translation section no?
  9. Fan Translations Are Nearly Dead?

    Kind of like Steins;Gate's JAST release by the translator Reading Steiner no? I wanted to dabble in translation as my Japanese improved, so I wanted to join a translation group short-term intern-style to see if I could make my skills more practical, but I guess it's not that sort of climate nowadays huh?
  10. Fan Translations Are Nearly Dead?

    Oh yeah, I should frequent the subreddit more often; it's how I discovered many pretty good (though still untranslated VNs) like Axanael. It's pretty unfortunate the way it went, but I guess if there is more professional translation happening that works out too.
  11. Fan Translations Are Nearly Dead?

    I've noticed very little active development in Visual Novels or anything of the sort. Some of my favorite games are visual novels, but I can't say I'm too aware of the translation scene. I looked at translation projects happening right now and... well there basically are none. How long has this decline been happening for?
  12. Ever played a VN twice?

    I've played Steins;Gate 4 times over, and Steins;Gate 0 5 times over full-completion. I also own three copies of Steins;Gate and two copies of Steins;Gate 0. I think I have a problem lol I seriously love both.
  13. Hello and Greetings!

    よろしくおねがいします Do you think at an almost-but-not-yet-technically-I-guess N3 I can be of help translation wise? It's another thing I've been interested in helping with; it seems like a good way to help and a productive way to study.
  14. Hello and Greetings!

    Thank you! Great to see the community is still alive.
  15. Fan Translator Skills Registration

    1) Handle: Optimistic;Nihlist 2) Positions you can fill: Translator ( Unskilled, backup translator, see note at bottom. ) 3) Types of projects (VNs) preferred: I'd rather non-18+, but i'm not picky if it's not too extreme. 4) Availability: Available 5) VNs most interested in producing an ftl for: Axanael ( I really want to see this translated, great game, although it was a tough read for me), Unred Night ( Example of a 18+ VN I could translate: ideal for a beginner like me as it's only 10 hours and is in a perfect vocabulary range for me; probably a good indicator of my ability ). 6) Motivation for joining in on ftl: I love translation and have great respect for translators. I support the translators I appreciate and want to see VNs grow in the west, as well as have the translations they deserve. I am also learning Japanese for this purpose and hobby of mine; I am here to support the industry I love so much and grow to become a better translator to help those read the stories that are just waiting for them on the other side of the language barrier. 7) Conditions: I can handle 18+ I guess, but with not certain things: Extreme fetishes, especially involving scat, futa, wetworks, extreme guro etc. are a no-go for me, as well as Yaoi. I can handle other things, though generally I prefer vanilla etc. In general, I just prefer things that are interesting, whether it have good or bad writing. I aim generally for non-18+, but I may not be picky if it comes down to it. I'll be upfront: I took the JLPT N3 in 2018; failed by a close margin (9 points IIRC). I had just started learning Japanese a year and a half earlier. I don't trust in my ability to lone-translate; I do trust in my ability to help though. I'll take my time if it gets hard and I try to do everything right; I hate rushing and giving a half-assed product more than anything. I've been told i've been learning Japanese remarkably fast by peers, so I'll probably be quick to adapt to most works.