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    Feels like a ripoff of Tenkiame... Joint release? I don't expect it to be very good, somehow...
  2. Oh, I forgot Nekonyan is Jesus and we must worship them. No way, Sekai has done a lot more even if they're in a (big?) slump. I wish that Sekai makes a comeback.
  3. There's a lot of animosity and even boycott against Sekai. Like Lesiak said, I don't see the benefit in them going under. I guess there are some people who will say, "they did shit work, they had it coming" but that's a rather extreme view. Anyway I've seen all kinds of things said against Sekai. I mean, if people boycott Sekai before Winged Cloud, they're pretty twisted. This reminds me a bit of the console war, and that's quite sad. Boycotting them because "they're a mess" will put the final nail on their coffin. Why not help them in their time of need if something they release appeals to you. No, we must send them to oblivion because they... Er... What they did again? I thought they were just another company, with their own misgivings.
  4. Yes, I recommend you to keep on going. Anyway, as soon as you hear "the best VN ever", you shouldn't be convinced. It's hard to live to those expectations. Let it be you who discovers if it's really the best or not. Only thing I can tell you, I'm reading Subahibi and I'm enjoying it. I see the game's charm. The best ever? Well, probably not, but close enough. Subahibi has its own merit. Maybe Dies Irae has it too. Hell, even I myself was skeptical towards Steins;Gate when I was reading through Dr. Nakabachi's conference. It seemed like otaku pandering, and the first contact with Okabe wasn't that smooth. Anyway in S;G you only have to push on a little and when the mysteries keep piling up, the thrill never lets up until the end.
  5. Well, the vast majority of sex in VNs is heterosexual. I'm sure he didn't mean that homosexual sex is "not normal". So, homosexuality is a bit out of the norm, as far as VNs go.
  6. It's all hype. Hype works with regular videogames, and it works with VNs. I'm still hyped by some VNs I've been awaiting since 2013... The likes of Kud Wafter, Amagami, 12 Riven... In the meantime I became hyped by lots more. I'm thinking of buying a big drive to house all my VNs and even eschew regular videogames for the most part. I'd only build APUs under this scheme. No point in paying big for a discrete GPU.
  7. Wow, you've read them all! Why not venture into Oyari Ashito Littlewitch land? With (old) games like Quartett!, Period and Romanesque (here I chose the non-porn version) Though a number of routes in Period are very disappointing. The game has 8 heroines, in theory you won't be bored, but in reality you should expect some bogging down. Quartett! is nice, but it's short.
  8. Ponkotsu Akuma and MML aren't the same genre. MML is more typical romance eroge, not downright nukige, and it reminded me a lot of Shuffle. Also the same slandering phenomenon happens with the game. "Hey, the games I play are superior to the games you play, your waifu lives under my waifu BLAH BLAH BLAH..." I haven't started Ponkotsu Akuma yet, I skimmed through it, but it seems much more oriented to sex, with an overabundance of scenes, and even sillier atmosphere than MML (if you were thinking that was impossible). Both games sport a high number of heroines, so at any rate each one gets a reduced amount of content. MML had a bit of drama with each heroine, some better, some worse (can't really be helped), but I guess that will be absent in Ponkotsu. Of course I don't rate MML as a nakige, but the presence of drama lands it comfortably in the land of regular moege. Still, I guess both games are far from shit. I'm sure there are much worse offenders than Ponkotsu Akuma in the field of nukige. And what to say of the last frontier, NTR.
  9. That's the same slander Shuffle! suffered. Old habits die hard. MML is just fast food as far as VN go, but what it does it does reasonably well within its boundaries. I dunno about Ponkotsu Akuma, but maybe nukige aren't really your thing, pal, if you go asking deep stories and charismatic characters out of them. Why not expect a cheerful, playful, horny atmosphere? You can always play Subahibi, I guess... By the way, who the fuck is "Mona"??
  10. Also I think that ISLAND fits the bill, a highly awaited VN that finally got translated last year, I haven't played it yet though, so proceed at your own risk. Oh, and of course Steins;Gate, it will blow your mind, guaranteed, how could no one mention it. -_-
  11. There's Nanairo Reincarnation coming from Sekai, for example. As uchuujin proved, Sekai releasing few games might be just an illusion.
  12. I don't think there's any real use for Condoleeza Rice.
  13. That's FAKE NEWS. Win 10 is more modern software and updated periodically, so even if you lose some (obsolete) capabilities, it's the most safe and sound version yet. Do a trip around some youtube channels about gaming and PC tinkering and everyone uses Win 10, are you possibly smarter than them?
  14. "Yes, a perfect gift for me is a smile as wide as a mile, to make me happy as can be..."
  15. They did the same with Chaos;Child than they did before with Steins;Gate Zero. And S;G 0 ended up getting an official release (after everyone went and read it, too), so. Yeah, I know it's Steins;Gate, and it sells like hotcakes, but still it's pretty risky and I don't know if it sold well. Just so you know I ordered a PS4 version of C;C to give my shekels to the hard-working Chiyomaru Studio (and then some) so they venture further into the West. Oh, I don't have a PS4. Now I can play my PC C;C without a care in the world.
  16. EOP = English Only Player. Not really by choice, beggars can't be choosers. Of course, these people lack an understanding of Japanese, I get dizzy looking at all those kanji put together. Chaos;Child should count as a release, but with a caveat, it was unofficial. Spike Chunsoft should really pump their engines and bring us as much sci-adv as they can. It probably sells well too. And then there would be no need for patches.
  17. Riho from Deardrops is a realistic tsundere. She's not harsh because hurr durr, she has real problems getting along with people. Kei from Ef, on the other hand, is abuse because abuse. Kyou from Clannad is your regular somewhat angry student girl, but the transition from tsun to dere is very well done, one of the better tsunderes under the sun. Also being surrounded by dorks like Sunohara makes her angst pretty much understandable.
  18. Nobody mentions Summer Pockets? Also I don't think the year was that bad for EOPs. As always the focus is on moege, but we even got the (reportedly) awesome Chaos;Child that I have to play sometime. We also got the official launch of Steins;Gate Zero with some promises to bring some more sci-adv. And it's not even the last word from sci-adv, not even in Japan where I guess they're eagerly awaiting for Robotics;Notes DaSH (I know I am, too).
  19. Well in Dal Segno you have a couple of support characters that pop up like in every route, but they're there just to help you. Also some of the girls in your dorm may appear. In If my heart had wings, I think that the regular cast appears in every route since you all are doing a combined effort. This is less true in A sky full of stars, but it's also there. It's just that those characters behave like normal people and acknowledge when you score yourself a gf. For an in-route love triangle, try A sky full of stars.
  20. But... that's just uncommon. Usually when you are into a given girl's route, it's all about her. Maybe there's another character if there's a love triangle or a rivalry (like "that girl" in Little Busters). Bringing extra characters into a route pumps up the playing hours tremendously, so it's unusual.
  21. That's odd... I really thought you could choose between Kei and Miyako. The one you choose will go to Hiro and the remaining to Kyousuke. I guess it should go that way. But of course, the real meat is in the second part's heroines: Chihiro, Mizuki and Yuuko.
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