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  1. Might wanna also clarify that this is not a full-length adaptation but simply a one off special that will air during the New Year's Eve stream Type-Moon always does.
  2. Something that I would love to see someday, though it probably will never happen, is an incorporation of Hispanic/Latin based sounds and rhythm to the OST of an anime or even VN. It feels like one of those genres that have not been touched upon knowing the general demographic of JP. That is not to say that they aren't aware of it and the culture. Though from the few handful of instances that I've seen, they got Cumbia down pretty well to a tee. Or even songs and music that are generally inspired by it. Did I use this as an excuse to go down a rabbit hole I never thought I'd experience be
  3. Masterpiece is hard to come by since it's such a subjective matter of thought that always takes numerous variables into consideration when thinking up of one. For me, it all depends on what the story did for me on both a logical and emotional level, the construction and flow of the paths it took regarding subject matter and plot, how well do the pros weigh against the cons, did I enjoy and love the characters, music, atmosphere, etc, is it something I will still love when I eventually re-read it in JP, does it stick with me even years after reading it and letting the honeymoon phase upon com
  4. Bonjour! Guten Tag! Hola ma! A bit lazy atm, so I'll just copy paste my intro from the Kero Makura server and mod it a bit... Aye yo, what's up, I go by Shinyyy. You may know of me from other servers, my IG page, names such as the CEO of ふもふも & タイツ or as an enjoyer of 電波 and 蓬莱山輝夜. You'll usually find me helping out with the QC or proofreading side of TL projects if given the opportunity to be part of a team. Thankfully I have been blessed to be part of many and continue to do so. Some of my hobbies include hiking, gaming, trying to get back into art/drawing and picked up gar
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