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  1. Gore Screaming Show JAST Steam Required: 18+ DLC For Steam Big BIG thanks to @shiro1217 for providing me their guide to format on here! Summary “I hate everything and everyone,” the girl sneers. Hatred, despair, envy, bloodlust, pessimism, compassion, persistence and anxiety—burdened with all manner of negative emotion, she mutters to herself…. “I want to be happy.” With his parents moving to America for work, Jinno Kyoji returns to his hometown, Kurehito City, after several years of absence to live with his mother's cousin, the free-spirited Saitama Yamiko. There, he encounters several girls he shares a history with. Kazuyagi Akane, the strong-spirited tomboy he grew up with. Namiki Aoi, a gloomy girl who's Akane's best friend. Misono Kiika, a graceful, good-natured classmate of his from his old school. In three years of absence, his hometown and its people have changed ever so slightly. Despite some hiccups, Kyoji's peaceful days in his hometown begin. At least until he meets a mysterious girl on his way to his first day at school. Violet hair. Large, striking eyes. Skin that's paler than the driven snow. "Welcome home," she says. "My name is Yuka. Remember it." And wherever Yuka is, one mysterious, inexplicable figure is always nearby—a monstrous man by the name of Gore Screaming Show. Kyoji's encounter with these two figures marks the end of his peaceful days—as they bring chaos, violence, madness and despair into this world. Will Kyoji and the girl he loves be able to escape the madness and return to their peaceful days? Or will they— Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order Basic Extended Route Guideline Bad + Good Ends Included. Kazuyagi Akane Namiki Aoi Misono Kiika Saitama Yamiko (UNLOCKED AFTER AKANE, AOI, AND KIIKA ARE COMPLETED) Yuka (UNLOCKED AFTER YAMIKO) CG Collection Attribution This walkthrough is based on one created by @shiro1217 who used plala.or.jp as a reference. Summary from official JAST page. All images from VNDB. “Come on, why are you so obsessed with me?” “Well that’s simple… It’s because I love you. What else could it be?”
  2. That's only the steam versions, the 18+ version is uncut.
  3. MTL is a horrible idea in general and for comedy its even worse. None of the jokes will make sense since everything is gonna be translated extremely literally with no care for context whatsoever.
  4. Welcome To The N.H.K is pretty good. You may also like Homunculus.
  5. My personal ranking would be Cro > Misaki > Makoto > Michiru > D.D And for routes the sams thing. Cro's route, IMO, was the best. Felt like it tied the whole VN together well and the ending was sweet. Misaki's route I loved for how fluffy it was (which one of the reasons I picked up CC was just to read something light-hearted and fluffy) and I liked how her and Rei's relationship was shown. Makoto's route I loved the action and I would've ranked it above Misaki but the route itself felt short and left me wanting more. Michiru's route I wasn't too huge a fan of since I don't really like little sister heroines (esp. when they're blood-related), but ignoring the incest aspect I loved how the drama was presented and how well the ending was. I didn't really like D.D that much nor her route, she annoyed me during the common route and while I started liking her a bit more in her route, the drama felt really out of left field and made me dislike it. I didn't include Miu cause yeah I agree with you, her route was barely a route and she was barely a character herself after the prologue. Hell, I actually got annoyed with how they would start talking about how great she was in some of the other routes cause she'd barely had appeared despite being a close friend to Michiru and Misaki. Also, something I found funny is how every heroine has the credits show CGs over a clock with the slow credits music, while her credits is just a plain credits scroll agaisnt a white background with the OP playing. Also, how he gets with her was just stupid, especially after coming off of Cro's route.
  6. Yeah I read Otome, but I don't like the ones with extreme pushover MCs (like Diabolik Lovers) or asshole lover routes. My favorite ones I've read so far are Sweet Fuse and Anniversary no Kuni no Alice.
  7. 10 year old me was enthused with Higurashi and School Days cause blood and horror and I ended up skipping to a bad end in School Days to see roof gymnastics and read Onikakushi around when I was 11. Then I found Season of The Sakura around when I was 12 and fully became a degenerate. Also I think I read Heartache 101 somewhere during that timeline.
  9. uh oh that doesn't sound too good. Edit: So at the panel they announced release dates for Island and LocaLove, advertised Momoiro Closet, and announced a new h-rpg vn named Lilitales that's going to be released on Steam with a free 18+ patch and they're currently trying to find somewhere to sell it with 18+ stuff intact.
  10. I decided to be a degenerate and read the High School DxD light novels and so far red haired girl that I'll call Luci cause I don't know her real name hasn't really appeared yet and MC's girlfriend killed him.
  11. I hate drama that could easily be resolved if the two characters actually talked for 5 minutes and sorted everything out, or drama that drags on and on because the MC is dense as hell.
  12. Cutie Honey Universe is ok, not great but not bad. The animation leaves alot to be desired, and the plots feel rushed at times, though the 2nd half has been more interesting ever since they decided to pull classic Go Nagai. Honey seems to suffer almost every episode during the 2nd half, so I'm expecting that the entire main cast sans her will be dead by the end since they're going the manga route and above. I'll check out FranXX one of these days.
  13. When I was 12 I read DOS VNs even though they said 18+ only. Don't tell the cops.
  14. I'm letting the 2011 weeb in me flourish so many mmd dance videos
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