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  1. To Fuwa-Males Out There: Do You Play Otome?

    Yeah I read Otome, but I don't like the ones with extreme pushover MCs (like Diabolik Lovers) or asshole lover routes. My favorite ones I've read so far are Sweet Fuse and Anniversary no Kuni no Alice.
  2. I heard the PSE ver. is considered the best compared to the 18+ ver. and it even has voice acting and an extra route and apparently extends another character's route.
  3. 10 year old me was enthused with Higurashi and School Days cause blood and horror and I ended up skipping to a bad end in School Days to see roof gymnastics and read Onikakushi around when I was 11. Then I found Season of The Sakura around when I was 12 and fully became a degenerate. Also I think I read Heartache 101 somewhere during that timeline.
  5. AX - Anime Expo 2018 News & Announcements

    uh oh that doesn't sound too good. Edit: So at the panel they announced release dates for Island and LocaLove, advertised Momoiro Closet, and announced a new h-rpg vn named Lilitales that's going to be released on Steam with a free 18+ patch and they're currently trying to find somewhere to sell it with 18+ stuff intact.
  6. What Light Novel are you reading right now?

    I decided to be a degenerate and read the High School DxD light novels and so far red haired girl that I'll call Luci cause I don't know her real name hasn't really appeared yet and MC's girlfriend killed him.
  7. What are the things that you hate the most in VNs?

    I hate drama that could easily be resolved if the two characters actually talked for 5 minutes and sorted everything out, or drama that drags on and on because the MC is dense as hell.
  8. Spring 2018 Anime Discussion

    Cutie Honey Universe is ok, not great but not bad. The animation leaves alot to be desired, and the plots feel rushed at times, though the 2nd half has been more interesting ever since they decided to pull classic Go Nagai. Honey seems to suffer almost every episode during the 2nd half, so I'm expecting that the entire main cast sans her will be dead by the end since they're going the manga route and above. I'll check out FranXX one of these days.
  9. Fuwanovel Confessions

    When I was 12 I read DOS VNs even though they said 18+ only. Don't tell the cops.
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    I'm letting the 2011 weeb in me flourish so many mmd dance videos
  11. >because we want to take more time to optimize the English script. Gotta edit that MTL to be readable
  12. What's the worst anime you've seen?

    Aside from the abysmal Dies and Tsukihime animes, the worst one I've seen in my opinion is Black Butler II. To make a long story short before I rant about everything wrong with this season, it was unnecessary addition to a show that ended perfectly and the only good thing about it was the OST. Thankfully season 3 basically rendered it non-canon with it going 'If it ain't happen in the manga, It ain't canon.' Also who the fuck thinks its a good idea to start a 12 episode anime with 3 episodes of filler right after introducing new characters in the first ep!
  13. Shizuku 雫 [Leaf] VS Kizuato 痕 [Leaf]

    I need to read Kizuato one of these days. I read Shizuku back in 2015 for my first UTL VN and I agree with basically everything you said here, though I did personally like the villain. Mainly cause his VA just felt like he was having fun with the role (and not just because he's Kamille from Zeta) and how he could make him go from cool and collected to insane and crazy at the dtop of the hat made scenes with him enjoyable.
  14. So What Got You Into VNs?

    Here's why I started VNs in a nutshell. 4 years old - I watch Pokemon and Teen Titans stuff like that. Really like the anime style, but have no clue what anime is. 7 years old - I watch Naruto and love it. I search for more. Everything goes downhill after this point. 9 years old - I loved Higurashi cause horror and blood and I found School Days cause the anime's ending. I saw bad ends and played a route cause I wanted to see a girl kill herself by jumping off a roof and have her head go asplode. There was sex, I was shocked, I watched my bad end I desired, and uninstalled. Also I had no clue what they were saying cause I fucked up installing the ENG patch, but I didn't care as I got to see death. 10/11 years old - Still a Higurashi fan, read Onikakushi-hen, stopped during Watanagashi because I wanted to 'learn JP and read Matsuri'. 12 years old - Found Season of The Sakura, True Love 95, and Runaway City. The latter was shit, but the first two was pretty good (Though I only did Reiko's route in SotS and the Mikae's in TL95). Had a breif thing with Kanon as well, but didn't get to far. 13 years old - Read Tsukihime (but didn't finish it at the time) and ONE: To The Radiant Season. This is where I started reading VNs regularly and my downward spiral began. 15 years old - Read Shizuku as my first UTL VN and realize I'm learning JP so I can read pornographic Chinese powerpoints. And that's how I got into VNs.