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  1. Okay so I recently just downloaded this game, everything went well the game works perfectly fine the sound is still there, but not until I pressed the backspace button accidentally and make the game hide (fyi the backspace button used as "Emergency button" to hide the game) but instead of hiding the game, the game crashed. After it crashed I try to start the game again and of course it works fine, but then a problem has arise! There is no sound!!! I tried to reinstall the game multiple times, and it still doesn't work! The voice, bgm, sfx, etc still don't appear wtf?! I even tried to restart my pc and it still doesn't work! my last choice is to reset my pc which is a stupid thing to do just for this game, if anyone knows how to fix this please reply to this thread! I've been doing this for hours, I'm really exhausted... I just want to play VN man...
  2. I totally agree with you, I'm still at the prologue and also had to drop it when literally every single heroines are starting to confess to him, like wtf. This ruined the whole story! I hated it! I was really excited too!!!!!
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