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  1. Ah, I don't know about VNR, but textextractor is amazing. Here, this video explains everything. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eecEOacF6mw&list=LLF34Gjwp2RQifaURIRMkEDQ&index=33&t=0s
  2. Shirogane Takeru x Kagami Sumika (Muv Luv Alternative) Neon Scalar Smilja x Nikola Tesla (Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning) Sakaki Yumiko x Kazami Yuuji (Grisaia series) Riki Naoe x Tokido Saya (Little Busters!)
  3. Man, I feel you. I'm so closed off of the rest of the world that when I speak with people I don't know bringing up any normie related topic is difficult, but mostly boring. I have to really get back into anime though. Been too much into Visual Novels lately, so much so that I cannot keep with what otaku watch these days.
  4. I could write about how much Visual Novels have influenced my life for hours and hours. My life has been great overall, but I was not blessed by some important things like a big and caring family or an enjoyable childhood. For that reason, my traumatic experiences are a bit bigger than normal, and for 7 long years my life has been ripe with strife and despair. But Visual Novels managed to teach me things that inspired me to change myself and be a better person who can move onwards and pursue his goals. For that I'm trully greatful. Plus, Visual Novels are what made me start learning Japanese n
  5. Thank you so much for taking the time of answering and providing me with new recommendations. I brought Aokana and Clover Days since they usually pop up in community made VN beginners lists around the internet. As for the games, I've wanted to play Walkure Romance for quite some time because I like the concept of knights in a highly soffisticated aristocracy only school. The alternatives to Grimoire no Shisho look interesting enough, altough I don't know if I should play a fantasy themed VN for the first time. I wanna go over more complicated stuff such as the lvl 2 VN's you recommended on you
  6. Yeah, my choices were very weird now that I go throught them again. Your answer made me rethink what I said, so I decided to check your unstralated VN beginner's list and I found some pretty decent and interesting looking games. The ones who picked most of my attention are Akabanzu, Chuuning Lover, Ryuusei Kiseki, Shiawase Kazoku-bu, Minamijuujisei Renka and Primal Hearts, but especially Primal Hearts because the art is soothing and beautiful. Among those which one do you think is the easiest or most enjoyable? And to wrap things up, is Aokana a good beginner's choice despite being a bit of a
  7. Right, I thought about that aswell and I wouldn't like missing important key plotpoints, so I'll refrain from playing it for now. I also saw the Clephas list and while it was very useful the moeges it offered didn't catch my attention very much, so I tought that my own selection may prove to be OK at least.
  8. Hello! Name's Zou. I've been studying Japanese seriously for a couple of months and I really want to try the eroge learning method after my level is good enough, probably around January of 2020 if I keep going like this. That's why I've been thinking of picking a good visual novel to start with. There seems to be a dilemma among the community regarding this subject. Some say that it is better to start with something you really are anxious to play even if you won't enjoy as much as if you had a native level, while others seem to prefer starting off with a dumb slice of life moege just to get ar
  9. I read it half a month ago and I think it's one of the best VN's out there, with Refrain being probably the best true end I've seen in a while. It isn't perfect by any means, especially when it comes to Kud's and Saigusa's routes, but's pretty decent in my opinion.
  10. Nice! It is very fun. Chapter 2 is a bit more dry and there is not much comedy to go around, but for me it works. Ramius best girl by the way.
  11. Playing Evenicle here. After the feelings and deception train it was Island, I wanted to relax and have a good time fighting with cute girls drawn by Yaegashi Nan-sensei in a colorful fantasy world. So far I've been enjoying it quite a lot. Has anyone here played it too?
  12. Sweet Jesus, after reading Clephas post it looks like the otaku industry as well as Japan is breaking apart. It really makes sense that the stagnation of the economy and the downgrade of wages coupled with insane working hours with no stability will cripple VN's sales, especially considering that they are not really cheap. Who in his right mind would ever buy a dumb looking moege for 6000 or 7000 yen? Nobody really. After working 2 part time jobs for the whole day the least I wanna do when I return home is spend hours and hours reading a pointless VN with boring characters and thoughtless plot
  13. I agree with your statement. Young people nowadays have a wide variety of media to get distracted with, specially with mobile phones. I don't know how it is in Japan, but the PC market must be pretty niche still, and very young males will either have a crappy PC which they barely use or none at all. If they have a good one they use regularly, they'll mostly play western games via platforms such as Steam, since that's the best bay of using a powerful PC. As for grown ups, and this is my personal opinion, they'd probably get pretty bored playing a dumb slice of life moege with a highschool setti
  14. Oh boy, I can't wait to play it. Good job guys, I'm sure it will turn out to be amazing. I've had this game in my mind for a long time, but I didn't want to lose time with the degraded version, so I just waited for someone to make a translation or learning Japanese by myself.
  15. I feel the same. Playing a VN without voices is kind of a bummer. The prose and atmosphere must be really good most of the time to make me have an interest in the game if it has no voices, and that's why Higurashi despite being a sound novel is so good. If it has a PS2 port you should probably try to find an ISO. There must be a torrent link somewhere on the internet, but I have no idea since it's an old game. Maybe nyaa.si or anime-sharing have them. If you find it, there is a PS2 emulator called PCSX2 which can be used to play it. It's a trashy emulator and very complicated to set properly t
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