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  1. I miss the old Zaka, the 'I translate one line per month' Zaka, the 'I will never finish any project I work on' Zaka, the JOP who didn't bow to EOPs Zaka. I miss him, I really do.
  2. Used to like them a lot, but as the years passed and the more I got into them the more I despised them, and I still do. Nowadays I only read the ones everyone calls kamiges and move on because everything else is absolute trash.
  3. Hello. I am planning to do a full game release, but since it'd take me quite a long time to do it all in one dump due to my professional duties, I was planning to release the full game's translation by routes, since the story has a ladder progression, aka the best way to read it is in the order of routes the game forces you into. As for when I'll release that, maybe next year if things pick up with editing? I've already translated quite a bit of the game, so the only thing left would be to just work on that since the other tasks are pretty much done (save the UI).
  4. Random update now that I have time: We managed to insert text and now we're able to make patches! The text looks a little bit garbled and we need to make spacing and font changes, but now things are looking nice. Editing and the rest of tasks will pick up soon! What a day to be alive. Have a nice day everyone.
  5. Based and redpilled translation. Would have nightmares again about getting r8pd. Thanks as always Mutt.
  6. If you don't know Japanese don't start a project. Don't wanna piss on your dreams but this is most likely never happening, and in the event you even got two translators (unlikely) they'd take approximately 2 years to finish this even if they did multiple hundreds of lines every single day. T. Someone who worked on the game's translation in the previous attempt and dropped out for reasons. Clown world continues.
  7. Hello guys, name's Jeremiah Sand, and I'm here posting this thread because I need some help with releasing a patch for this game I've been working on for a while. Background Some months ago I started translating Sen no Hatou to English and I was committed to finish the project, but due to me switching to a more professional enviroment in translations I no longer have much time to dump into the project and I fear that at the speed I'm going it'll never come out, so I'd like to release everything I've done until now, or at least the contents that the game trial covers. Progress so far Around 20k lines translated (the trial covers 10k lines) and tlc'd (except maybe the last thousand) ready to be edited at any moment. I wouldn't mind releasing as it is if I could, but the main issues holding me back are: 1. I lack an editor, the previous one ghosted me, and I'm an ESL so I fear some parts might need the help of a native to improve the reading experience. 2. Although I have a tool that is supposed to insert the text into the game said tool doesn't work, and thus I am left without a means to insert back text or images. I can't extract any images either. 3. (Optional) I would not mind having a couple of QCs at my disposal if possible, but having the text edited is a priority and I won't accept any form of QC until I have confirmation that the editing has been finished. 4. Probably not an issue, but maybe I need image editing, depending on whether the guy who was open to help me is still available or not. So yeah, that's everything. Maybe a trial patch is not what people seek, but I'd really like to get this out as I've been working very hard on it and I would like to encourage someone to maybe continue with what I did, unless enough people would ask me to see this until the end, and in that case I would highly consider doing so. VNDB link: https://vndb.org/v15708 Extra things: 1. I will translate both openings that appear in the trial and add video lyrics if possible in them (if I have the means to do so). 2. I will translate the UI if I have the means to do so, just like the OPs. If anyone haa extra questions by all means, I'm available here and in discord (Jeremiah Sand#4446). Don't PM there to troll, you will be met with an instablock if you do so. If this thread lacks any critical info please let me know so I can add it asap. Thanks for reading so far, and hopefully something comes out of this. Have a good day and may the Lord bless you all, Jeremiah. EDIT: I've found someone willing to do the engine stuff for me, so thanks to @Porygon2 for that.
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