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Birthday thread


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Well today is our lovely Mare's birthday and I'd like to do something for her. Originally, I wanted to draw her with cake. But after taking a look at my drawing skills I decided to burn it in hell for all eternity. So instead I'm going to try a different approach and explain some interpretations on Mare.

Disclaimer: I haven't played eternal yet, I can't read moon runes :(

So what is Mare?

Well what we know is that she is a projection of sorts from a meteorite. The meteorite most likely originated from the stars of Tanabata or at least within that solar system.

From what Kosame has told us, Mare is emitting some form of electromagnetic radiation. One interpretation is that the EMR is light within our visible spectrum. This allows us to see Mare as the radiation she emits influences our eyes the same way as any other object. It is shown that Mare has at least a bit of control over her radiation frequency in that she is able to appear and disappear at will during the night.

However another interpretation is that the EMR is not only within our visible spectrum but also resonates with out brain waves ( entering some sci-fi here) . Since we are able to touch Mare, it shows that it is not only visible radiation from the meteorite but another form as well that causes us to "feel" that Mare is there and that we can touch her. As for the reason why I believe that it is both kinds of EMR being emitted and not just the brain EMR causing us to both feel and see Mare at the same time is because of the photo taken. Obviously cameras don't have brains ( or do they? O_O ) thus it is very likely that EMR in the visible spectrum is present.

In conclusion/ tl:dr

What is mare?

Mare is love, Mare is life.

Happy birthday Mare.

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