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  1. Best Girl. No one can compete. Also she's savage https://streamable.com/xsvgf6 She also plays hallow knight recently which has been pretty fun
  2. Here is what best girl looks like. (ignore health I fell off the church)
  3. Rat winning best pet. Bloody Botan and Chibi-Moth got wrecked. Kud 4th wat. No Lucia. Kyou 8th?? No Yoshino. What's happened to the weeb world.
  4. Being outdated and buggy is a feature!
  5. Do people actually say "Merry Christmas"? I've always kind of wondered this ever since I watched the first American movie. Is it actually a phrase people use or used, or is it just some random thing from a movie?
  6. "Mind your own business. It's not your country." -Americans who gleefully gave you their asinine opinions on Brexit :>
  7. I guess the maximum limit is 1 user per session :>
  8. Lol Im pronoid with my corners, I always check them. If you really have a problem with knowing callout spots it's best just too look at this or keep it own on your second screen when playing a particular map (if you own two screens of course).https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=157442340 I use nades when I know someone is dinked. And yeah, that's what can happen with pre-mades.. Not all are good.. As you can see here
  9. If it isn't dust 2 I hardly know smokes lol. I just have good aim. I still throw them though so i looks like i know what im doing
  10. This update has helped me a lot. I can burst more effectively. Also I thought Premades are meant to be good.... Edit.. Stats after update..
  11. Hmm. New update seems good. Also gabe rank up pls.
  12. Thank you my good chaps. [spolier][/spolier]
  13. Depends if they've whipped out their PhD's in brexit FWI we're not the first to leave, but I don't have a PhD. So someone else can tell me wrong.
  14. Watching Non Brits discuss Brexit.
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