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  1. Rat winning best pet. Bloody Botan and Chibi-Moth got wrecked. Kud 4th wat. No Lucia. Kyou 8th?? No Yoshino. What's happened to the weeb world.
  2. How big is Fuwanovel?

    Being outdated and buggy is a feature!
  3. Review solidbatman

  4. Do people actually say "Happy Christmas"?

    Do people actually say "Merry Christmas"? I've always kind of wondered this ever since I watched the first American movie. Is it actually a phrase people use or used, or is it just some random thing from a movie?
  5. Merry Christmas!!

    Happy Christmas
  6. Donald Trump Megathread

    "Mind your own business. It's not your country." -Americans who gleefully gave you their asinine opinions on Brexit :>
  7. Chat room full?

    I guess the maximum limit is 1 user per session :>
  8. Counter-Strike Thread

    Im gold on my smurf :>
  9. Counter-Strike Thread

    Lol Im pronoid with my corners, I always check them. If you really have a problem with knowing callout spots it's best just too look at this or keep it own on your second screen when playing a particular map (if you own two screens of course).https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=157442340 I use nades when I know someone is dinked. And yeah, that's what can happen with pre-mades.. Not all are good.. As you can see here
  10. Counter-Strike Thread

    If it isn't dust 2 I hardly know smokes lol. I just have good aim. I still throw them though so i looks like i know what im doing
  11. Counter-Strike Thread

    God Bless Gabe
  12. Counter-Strike Thread

    This update has helped me a lot. I can burst more effectively. Also I thought Premades are meant to be good.... Edit.. Stats after update..
  13. Counter-Strike Thread

    Hmm. New update seems good. Also gabe rank up pls.
  14. Birthday thread

    Thank you my good chaps. [spolier][/spolier]
  15. Yuri Visual Novels

    This thread is about discussing Yuri and Shoujo Ai Visual Novels that are being translated or are going to be translated This thread is for Yuri and Shoujo Ai lovers alike so we can discuss about Yuri and Shoujo Ai Visual Novels This main post is going to be links with either projects to translated Yuri and Shoujo Ai Visual Novels or projects that are going to translated Yuri and Shoujo Ai Visual Novels. I will also link Yuri/Shoujo Ai Visual Novels that are on Fuwanovel The Yuri/Shoujo Ai Visual Novels I've found on good old Fuwanovel:- Lonely Yuri Amaranto Aoishiro From the Sono Hanabira series:- In order A kiss for the Petals A Kiss For The Petals - My Dear Prince A Kiss For The Petals - Joined In Love With You A Kiss For The Petals – Beloved Photograph A Kiss For The Petals - The Joy Of Loving You A Kiss for the Petals - Whisper With A Kiss A Kiss For The Petals - Sweet Enchanting Kisses A Kiss for the Petals - Petal-Colored Angel There are 8 Sono Hanabira 's TL In progress:- A Kiss for the Petals - Sweet Grown-up Kisses Translation done -- Editing and Patching A Kiss for the Petals - Lily Platinum 55% done Yuri Visual Novels that are not on Fuwanovel:- Hakuisei Renai Shoukougun being translated by claymoresmiley Twitter: claymoresmiley Hanahira Being translated by tengutrans Sengoku no Kuroyuri Being translated by Thompson Christian School Translating Club Twitter: AlmiraTheGreat Aaeru's post (Warning has futanari) Katahane Translated by Ate the Moon Translations & TLWiki Limit Panic! Being translated by another School Translating Club Twitter:AkiraBishonen Okujou no Yurirei-san Translating being done by Yuri project : Project discussion Hakuisei Renai ShoukougunTranslating being done by Yuri project : Project discussion I will Edit this Post will be updated when I find more Yuri Visual Novels
  16. Brexit.

    Depends if they've whipped out their PhD's in brexit FWI we're not the first to leave, but I don't have a PhD. So someone else can tell me wrong.
  17. Brexit.

    Watching Non Brits discuss Brexit.
  18. You through yourself into that fire. Read your own sentences next time for any "Lewd Translations". ;D
  19. Welp... We know what Rookie is into.... And of course. Why would anyone want to stop having neko vns?
  20. MySpace passwords stolen

    Thanks for this Useful report @Rooke! Gonna go change it now!
  21. Aneki pls. Come back

  22. Persona

    The Hype is real. To wait 4 extra years for the EU release