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Protip: At least make your costum application icon instead of using the default Ren'Py one. Like, that's the bare minimum guys.

Anyway, starting the game now, I'm sure a lot of joy awaits me.


Edit: For anyone who wants the song playing in the menu, because Vocaloid + Gordon Ramsay is the perfect recipe:


Edit 2: Off to a beautiful start:



Edit 3 (last one): 10/10 already



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Finished the game now.


All I can say is, the powerful narrative, the beautifully written dialogue, the amazing variety of endings, and of course, the copious amounts of butter, make this VN an absolute 11/10


My favorite end was definitely the one where Gordon Ramsay got a prostate exam from Paula with a stick of butter, have to say that was just pure romance right there.


I'd recommend this to anyone, of all ages, it is a story you'll never forget.

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This is beautiful in the purest sense of the word.  In fact, mere words cannot describe the feeling that this game made me have.  Stories such as Clannad simply pale in comparison.  Highly recommend.  


Basically, if you're not playing this game right now you're not living your life to the fullest. 

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Just finished it myself. The complexity of this game, left me stunned. The BGM was amazing, truly immersing.


Various philosophical lines, that make me ponder about life. I'll share it with you, but don't open it until you're ready to behold the truth of the universe.

Oh my god, right now I'd rather eat poodle shit than put that in my mouth.


Truly inspiring, wouldn't you say?

I humbly thank the creator for this masterpiece.

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