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  1. So I just finished One Thousand Lies. Thanks a lot for the recommendation it was a great VN the only problem I have with it is that the ending felt kind of unsatisfying and had a lot of loose ends. Ah nvm that, apparently if you scroll over the extra part of the title added when completing the game an extra chapter is unlocked.
  2. This app forced me to outside for the first time in god knows how long. Since its not released here yet though it was pretty easy for me to go around my city and capture a ridiculous amount of gyms for free.
  3. I found a zubat in my toilet.
  4. Thanks everyone for the recommendations I will try and take a look at each title eventually.
  5. How effective is this anyways have changes been made or features added in the past through this method?
  6. How did you find the gameplay in this was it interesting?
  7. Man this thread is still a thing holy. 9/10 google reverse image searched for full image and loved the art style. Gives off a nice future cyber-ish type feeling.
  8. I find my self checking this page at least 3 to 4 times a day now. Hopefully it is released the same day it hits 100%!
  9. Hey guys I have been looking for a new VN for a while now and nothing has really caught my interest. I thought I would come here and ask for some recommendations. Here is a list of VN's I have read just recommend some titles you think I would enjoy based off of these I guess. Preferably the VN should be 100% translated or at least close to it and 18+ (Not really mandatory) also PC games only please. Thanks for your help. -Grieviious
  10. Damn nice song wish I would have known about this earlier today. Happy 420!
  11. You're friend must be pretty bad then because Silver I is actually bad. I went from DMG to Gold Nova 3 and I find my self carrying every game I play easily (I play super casually maybe twice a week). I am pretty sure I got deranked too far but whatever.
  12. Keaton

    Blade and Soul

    In between the bad optimization, the terrible voice acting, and the horrific queue times I couldn't stand playing this game for more than a day. Maybe I will give it another try if the FPS issue is fixed and the queues.
  13. What are you playing it on? Just use save states.
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