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  1. Yes, it seems the general opinion of people has remained the same. Regardless, I might do this more for my sake than others. I might have been too humble with how my Spanish is. I'm sure it can be read fine, with the essence of the story coming through, however, there will always be minor details missing (probably Japanese jokes or expressions translated into their Spanish equivalents). Eh, either way, someone's bound to read it.
  2. I've seen it. Though I don't know if people have changed their minds. Either way, I might do this if I have some time. Gotta finish reading it first.
  3. Well, my only problem is that the TL might be on par with a machine translation, if not worse. I know a lot of people here hate that.
  4. So I know a good bit of Spanish now, and I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in "Supreme Candy" being translated into English using the Spanish translation currently available. I'm not making any promises, I just want to know if anyone would be interested as I might consider doing it as a side project sometime in the future. (oh yeah, haven't been here in years, no idea where this post goes :p)
  5. I show up every now and then.

  6. Shinigami no kiss has to be the worst visual novel I have ever played. It was boring from the start, with three of the four main characters depressed/monotone. The random comedy scenes didn't fit the atmosphere. There are so many perfect visual novels for me. VNDB seems to frown upon people giving multiple tens, but I can't help it. MLA, Rewrite, and G-senjou are examples. Comyu was close to perfect, but some of the big "plot twists" were predictable. Ever 17 is also an amazing visual novel (which I never finished for some reason). I guess I like a good plot and interesting story. I'm a s
  7. This project is still going strong eh? Good to see it alive, sad to see it struggling. I hope you find a new writer!
  8. Last time I joined a fuwa skype group it was chaotic... I lost something important but I can't remember what...
  9. Yeah. You can run the program "regedit" which is built into windows, but I wouldn't recommend it. I actually had to mess around in it to get Rewrite working. Is it a game-breaking bug, or is it just annoying? I hate to say it, but if its just annoying, you may have to live with it. It may just be the way the program was programmed. Also, when you did a clean install, did you ever re-download it (or were you using a legal copy)?
  10. I'm not sure if the game uses it, but look in the registry and delete any values associated with the game and the font. Be careful doing this though... Or you could format your computer. That always fixes things.
  11. I can't say for certain that it was entirely google translate. It might have been a line he struggled with, it happens. Regardless, I don't want to release something that may or may not have an accurate translation.
  12. Reading lot's of visual novels but not active on fuwa for various reasons~

  13. It is somewhat difficult to explain without blaming certain parties. The reason this translation project was discontinued may very well have been due to MangaGamer, though I would like to think that if my suspicions were true, then it was doomed to fail from the start. Prepare for a long story (probably). I contacted MangaGamer about our project so that we could receive some TLC, something we were dying to obtain at the time. They agreed to *take a look* at one of the scenes we had finished translating and editing, and when I sent the files to them, I noticed a lot of unfamiliar usernames
  14. Welcome to fuwanovel, home of some awesomely strange people... and it will soon become your home too... heh...
  15. Away for a week.

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