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  1. Is the TL ultimately a disappointment?
  2. I was so sure you'd answer something along those lines. I didn't mean that it was the ONLY technique among many others, but given your apparent disdain for flashbacks I found wise to highlight that this particular technique was not used in an attempt to take the easy road but because it suited the story really well. The thing is that all these flashbacks are more akin to short stories than flashbacks. And labelling them as nothing more than lazy infodump is inappropriate since a great deal of care has been put into making them genuinely entertaining. They don't focus only on past events, they also take their time to introduce a historical context, an atmosphere (and we're also talking about music here, let's not forget that). These flashbacks (or short stories) happen in very differents periods of time that are cleanly separated. Saying that it always negatively affects the story couldn't be more wrong; and we have to thanks the VN medium for that as it allows a synergy between text, sound and visuals. When I'm reading you, I get the feeling that resorting to flashbacks is always a sign of some kind of writing failure that VNs readers will let slide because they're uneducated peasants who have never touched a real novel in their life (even if my bookshelf is at risk of collapse) and prefer to jack off to pretty ideas that remind them of their favorite shonen. You support that claim saying that it halts the forward progress of present events, but in Fata Morgana's case, present events aren't that important. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if someone got bored in the scenes happening between the flashbacks. But as you said, there is the possibilty that flashbacks can be done right and Fata Morgana is one example of that. Those long scenes of "nothingness" are everything except nothingness and even though developing emotional ties may be one of the reasons for the use of these flashbacks, they're also here to contribute to the setting as I previously said. I wouldn't have enjoyed Fata Morgana as much as I did without being immersed into different eras, pretty subjective you'd say but it has a great thing going for it and that's its originality. For instance, VNs and videogames (they both share the same kind of immersion, you may compare novels and visual novels when it comes to writing style but as mediums they don't have much in common when you are "experimenting" them) throwing you into a believable version of the industrial revolution are a pretty rare occurence nowadays. And that's the something you don't find mentioned in your extract of Conjueror's review, that I don't agree with anyway (opinions!). Because plot devices to play with the reader’s expectations and emotions are definitely present and I feel like that's his main complaint here. Otherwise, he brings out the same point as solidbatman : there are pacing issues near the end that people interpret in different ways. That's all there is to it. Fata Morgana is mainly loved for its uniqueness and even if people may have (justified) qualms with the execution it doesn't necessarily make the story a failure in that aspect. Even though it may be a problem that the execution didn't bother EVERYONE as it should be because the factors we use to define good writing precede even the universe and are far beyond the reach of mere mortals. Any story that can't boast Flaubert's level of prose should be ridiculed after all. Seriously, I understand the fact the we can make a distinction between "good" and "bad" writing but it should never become a criteria for people other than ourselves imo. Establishing rules that are to be followed if one wants to create a "work of art" is counterproductive, this kind of proselytism is the best way to kill innovation and creativity. It's like indirectly forcing an author to do something that pleases instead of something personal and I am against that, authors are free to agree to the "good writing" conventions if they want (and to the great pleasure of the majority of people who will read them) but making an absolutely objective analysis of any kind of writing is impossible. Negative criticism affects people far too much and I believe the only individual able to judge a work is the artist himself. Well, most people in research of writing advice want to do something that pleases anyway.
  3. That's not really fair of you to claim that, since, as you said, you didn't read Fata Morgana and can't pinpoint anything concrete. I'm not saying that every single writing technique, as tedious for the reader as it can be, is justified as long as it's for the sake of the plot. In that particular case, I don't think it was used badly, at least it didn't feel that way at all (and I am rather sensible to pacing in general, given my short attention span). The story puts a big emphasis on the idea that people never act out of ill will (at least never totally). The frequent changes of perspective and the numerous flashbacks are necessary to the main thematic in order for it to be adressed effectively. Why? Because unlike the standard use of flashback in VNs, they're not here to reveal anything particularly novel in the grand scheme of things that could have been told in some other, more entertaining, way. They're mainly used in order to develop an emotional closeness between the character and the reader as you are put in the said character's shoes. Imo, the flashbacks did well at what they wanted to do : bringing out, in a very concrete way, the context that led a character to act in one particular way. (that is often already known to the reader, even if only partially). And to be honest, Fata Morgana revolves a LOT around many kinds of "flashback", a very conscious choice since they're part of, easily, 95% of the script if we had to cut it in parts. In that way it feels really consistent and coherent.
  4. I don't understand how the story is supposed to drag out in the end, I mean, sure it's a
  5. Sarcasm isn't really your strong point, huh? I thought I made it obvious enough.
  6. Finally. Someone is here to set the record straight. You heard the man, Dies Irae is a boring piece of writing and shills played the VN community like a fiddle once again.
  7. It must be the only VN from R07 of such a length that isn't terribly paced and filled with dubious humour though (that is still present in some scenes but to a much lesser extent than in his previous works, especially Higurashi). A great read for people tired of enduring the same anime tropes again and again that are so common in many VNs.
  8. Go into the picture, so you're not missing anything. What is great with Fata Morgana is that all aspects are equally awesome. Story and writing are top-notch even if not flawless.
  9. An artistic choice I suppose. The VN has stories taking place in different locations (they're all in the West) and choosing Portuguese vocals works better than Japanese in that particular case. There is also some Latin and one song is in French. But the end result is just outstanding and that's what matter. I never heard a soundtrack this good since Umineko.
  10. Qualifying atmospheric tracks as forgettable is a blasphemy. And there are like, more than 20 songs in glorious Portuguese, that's quite a lot.
  11. Everything in this VN is fantastic. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone. (who isn't afraid of flashbacks ) These last months sure were nice. Kara No Shoujo 2, Gahkthun, Tokyo Babel and now Fata Morgana who is the best of them all imo.
  12. Both lengths allow a good story. Umineko is a relevant example of a long VN that works pretty damn well. On the other hand there are VNs like Hanachirasu and Eden* that are not only short but also good, it's a big mistake to claim one length is necessary better than the other even if it's alright to have preferences. But I guess i'm stating the obvious.
  13. Dies Irae seems likely, after all Light doesn't have any partnership with Jast, MG or Sekai Project. But the same can be said about Baldr Sky or White Album. Or maybe they're going to do a good translation of Cross Channel. How about Hello Lady! ? Well, I think we'll end up with Pure x Connect.
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