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  1. What are you playing?

    Replaying some parts of White Album 2. I normally don't like acoustic songs but when I listen to the acoustic version of Todokana Koi and thinking about it's story makes me emotional. The raw emotion that song can make me feel even after I finished reading it a long time ago is an achievement by itself. This game is probably the only game to make me not want to play one route because playing that just made me felt too bad (Kazuza's route in Coda). Setsuna all the way
  2. (Light spoilers) Wow this game is long as hell. What made the game so long is how wordy it is. As a writer myself, I got irritated as why can't the author just be concise and straight to the point. I don't mind if it has an insanely long paragraph I'll read it as long as it feels important, which Oretsuba's writing fails at. I don't need a whole paragraph describing how Takashi bought something at the vending machine. I'm guessing that the aim was to create a strong image by describing it a lot. Sure, I did imagine the environment quite well but it honestly was boring at some times, like I just wanted the writer to get to the point. On the pros of the writing, it does incredibly well in creating a living city. It really felt like a real city with real residents with their own lives. There is a ton of sub-characters that contributes to the "alive" feeling of the city. The characters don't live for the plot. Now that I'm writing my thoughts, I don't there was much of a plot rather than the psychological issues of the protagonists. I'm someone who has grown to hate games without plot and making me play a game like this is quite an achievement. I'm not saying there's no plot in Oretsuba but compared to how dense the writing is, the story is quite light. But somehow, it manages to catch your interest. It felt like people watching. You just watch interesting people live and go in their daily life and that's intriguing in it's own way. It also makes sense on how even if this game is a classic,popular and a lot of time has passed and still it didn't have a translation was because of HOW HARD THIS IS TO TRANSLATE. TOO MANY KANJI PUNS. It's incredibly hard to translate the quirks and talking characteristics of all the protagonists. They all have DISTINCT personalities that can be found in how they think and talk but It's hard to put that into english. Japanese sentences can have a lot of nuance and connotations that is hard to put into english. For me the real stars of Oretsuba was the protagonists. I have only finished Asuka and Hiyoko's route and it was short but done well. The routes reflect the protagonist, it felt more like the PROTAGONIST's routes rather than the heroines. I actually like it because the protags are well written and one of the best protags I have read. They're all human with their own personality. I was incredibly happy when the protagonists interact with each other because they play well with each other. If all of the personalities were split within different bodies and formed a family, I would be willing to read that. They really felt like some kind of fucked-up brotherhood but they care for each other. Haneda Takashi is the first protagonist, it really hurt to read the first time because of how ignorant he is on his situation. There were many times I just wanted for someone in the game to support and cheer him up, he was just so precious and innocent. Chitose Shuusuke is the second protagonist. He's the total opposite of Takashi. He's one of the most funny and sociable people I've seen in the game. I sympathized with him a lot considering we almost have the same personality. Beyond his light and talkative facade is someone who is incredibly frail and has trouble facing conflicts. It's a common thing to see in people who are incredibly agreeable and sociable that deep down those are just defense mechanisms to avoid getting hurt. I'll write more about the next protagonists when I finish their routes. Watarai Asuka- It BOTHERED ME ALOT THAT THEY WERE STILL TALKING ON LAST NAME TERMS EVEN IN THE TIME SKIP. Honestly I was excited to play her route the whole time since she felt different from most heroines and yeah she was totally different. Although the concept of "school idol with a hidden personality" is an overused template, her's was done well. I loved her story in the fandisk, technically not HER story but it was a subplot in Shuusuke's. Makes you think not everyone has a happy ending just like reailty. Skipped Miyako's. It's funny in the fandisk that she said "Why do I have a route, it felt unnatural". Wish that route could have went to Ai's ( I know she had a route but it wasn't written by the original author) or Kinako. Tamaizumi Hiyoko - CUTEEEEEE. She's a total tsundere but she is cute. She has a lot of problems hiding in her chest which Shuusuke forces out and solves it. I got lazy half way writing this Lol but this game lives up to it's reputation. I don't know how many hours I've put into this game but it's certainly more than White Album 2 or ChusinGura. After I finish the game, I'll try to write a more comprehensive post, along with the next protagonists and heroines.
  3. 1. Learned Japanese because I've read a lot of translated VN's that I ran out of them interesting titles to read that I got bored. Was tired waiting for translations and just went fuck it and learned the language. 2. It took me a few days to get the basics (considering I can focus and study incredibly fast that was quite slow). It took me 1 day to memorize the Kana and another day to atleast skim through the Tae Kim grammar book. At that point, I had probably the reading skill of a japanese 2 year old and I gradually got better after reading untranslated VN's nonstop. 3. First untranslated game was Cocoro@Function. The grammar itself wasn't the problem but considering you just recently learned the alphabet, you would be reading INCREDIBLY SLOW. IT WAS FRUSTRATING BUT I SURE AS HELL WASN'T GONNA LET MY 2 DAYS WORTH OF EFFORT GO TO WASTE. Although I dropped C@F because it was uninteresting for me, the next game I played which I also sadly dropped was Clover Days. I could understand the novels at this point and also dropped it because it wasn't interesting for me. Not sure about my third VN but it was the first jap VN I actually finished and I read it better and faster. I think that VN was Making*Lovers or Riddle Joker, not sure which. 4. I skipped trying to learn Kanji and just relied on text hookers. I can recognize most basic Kanji and know them just through conditioning. Although at this point, I fucked myself since I can recognize them but not write one.
  4. Sugar*Style thoughts

    Smee games are usually high quality and very similar. Cute heroines with a funny plot and little moments of seriousness is their usual pattern. I tried to like Sugar*Style really, unfortunately I didn't like it that much. The gimmick in Sugar*Style is you can select what your protag is good at and you can also inspect the room of the heroine. I didn't like how they played that gimmick it felt really tacked on. Unlike Making*Lovers, the gimmick here has more impact but it didn't really feel, meaningful. You can view a lot of additional scenes depending on your talent and usually it's just joking around. Moeges like Sugar*Style live and die on their heroines and it just failed to grab me in. The difference in Sugar*style from other Smee games is that the protagonist usually is the one that falls in love first and you watch him try to ask the girl out. The heroines in the common route feel like they treat the protagonist like shit too much. I know it's played for laughs but if you use that kind of scenes too much it has a negative effect. Take my thoughts with a grain of salt, I used to love SMEE games with all my heart, Making*Lovers is still one of my favorite moeges and that is the perfect example of good progression for me that Sugar*Style lacked. About the progression, it felt unnatural. You pick the heroine you like after their respective introduction chapters, when you pick one , you immediately go through her route. The problem here for me is that The common route and heroine route happen at the same time. It felt unnatural for me like you go with a date with a heroine and you both like each other a little now and the next day(common route), it's as if nothing happened. SMEE should just have done something similar to Making*Lovers and I would have probably been easily satisfied. It also didn't help that there WERE A LOT OF TROPES USED TOO MUCH. SMEE isn't the symbol of originality but I didn't recall scenes in Fureraba or Making*Lovers that involved walking into girls dressing, peeping, or accidentally holding someone else's boobs, and that scenes happened too much. The heroines felt shallow. I wouldn't call Making*Lovers heroines deep but they didn't feel too shallow especially Karen. I also don't give scores on VN's I dropped. It wouldn't feel right to me to rate the game with an incomplete experience. I would prioritize new works to read so others can know my thoughts on them and so far my reading list is the following (Not necessarily in that order) : Gunjou no Sora o Koete Sora ni Kizanda Parallelogram ( Although it looks like an AoKana rip-off, the writer is someone respected by the community so looking forward to how it becomes different) Sakaagari Hurricane - Let's Pile Up Our School!! Komorebi no Nostalgica Muramasa Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa nai
  5. Noticed I keep asking for recommendations and now my backlog is filled to the brim. Well more choices is good anyway. I like fantasy worlds that aren't completely cliche. It doesn't have to be fantasy as long as that fictional setting is well developed. It's better if the story is dark but not an utsuge since I read novels to make myself fulfilled and happy, and not want to slit my wrist. Examples of VN's like this is Muv Luv (Best example) Rose Guns Days Type-moon settings Sorceress Alive
  6. Sorceress Alive is a game that tries to emulate a pattern similar to MLA. Introduce characters in a generic setting so that it is easy to understand for readers, also serving as an introduction to the world. Downsides of patterns like that is you really have to endure playing something generic for the best part to come. Sorceress Alive does that pattern well albeit with some glaring weaknesses, if those weakness were solved, I wouldn't hesitate to call this one of the best fantasy VN's I played. I'll start with the weaknesses first. It tries to create a story with a large scale. They build it up well, honestly the world-building is very good. What they failed at here is that there were just too few characters. In large scale VN's you would probably have a lot of side characters to create a living world. The world of Sorceress Alive would have been amazing if they invested more in creating side characters. Whatever side characters that should have been important went sprite-less and had no lines. There was also an obvious lack of graphics, things like CG,sprites and more animations. Some scenes had CG that didn't need one and some scenes that needed CG's didn't have one. Side-characters should have been used more, there was just so more unused potential. Interesting side characters appeared only a few times and there were a lot of scenes that could have been used for them. Alive route, which is the real game, had a lot of twists. I loved it and I'll say more on it later but sometimes they don't know the tone they want to do leading to varying tone shifts. The story keeps jumping over and over that it's confusing on what it's trying to be. I absolutely loved the tone in the first half of Alive but it changes in the second half. Not that I'm saying it's bad, I just liked the first half better. It really played like an Utsuge that would rip your heart every moment. I guess most of these weaknesses can be explained by them lacking funding, I dont know, I'm just guessing here. And now to the strengths. The game has strong world-building putting aside what I said in the weaknesses. The history and mechanics is consistent which is a big plus for me as I love world-building. Usually isekai writers skimp on this and just create random interesting worlds without a logical history but it's different in Sorceress Alive. I don't know if this part will be a strength to some people but I loved how the game dared into going into something people might not like. The heroines WILL show you hostility to the point of murdering you. It's not the kind of hostility played for laughs but real hostility with actual reasons that is heartbreaking. It doesn't hesitate to show the ugly sides of everyone when forced into a corner. In a certain event, I was shocked they went there. Considering most eroge companies have their heroines have angel-like kindness and there is always redemption for them but seriously what that certain heroine did was understandable but there was no redemption for that. Even with that, that made me love their character even more. Kouki, the protagonist had me fearing at first since he can't use magic. I thought he could be useless but his intelligence was his real weapon. I would have preferred if he had a voice considering The tone of the first half of Alive made me discover what I love and that is putting characters into extremely troubling situations and their attitudes. The tone was grim and was completely the opposite of the happy-go-lucky Sorceress routes. It's absolutely heartbreaking and the perfect introduction to the world of Sorceress Alive. Although sadly, the tone became lighter in the second half but it still had it's own tragedies. It's filled to the brim with story and suspense that it was hard to bring down for me. A medium-high level spoiler Alive, had short epilogues depending on the heroine you pick and then you unlock the true end after clearing one. The true end had my heart aching but it was the perfect end. (Of course, I liked Akina's end more considering she was my favorite heroine along with Yumi. If I had to compare it to something, this would be an inferior MLA. Although it may sound like an insult, that is a big compliment for me considering MLA was also one of my favorite VN's. I would rate Alive by itself, 9/10. My overall rating for the game would be 8.7/10 because even if I completely loved Alive, I still think that playing Sorceress was quite a hurdle as it is a generic Isekai. I would heavily recommend people to try this and just try to bare with the first part. It may be a generic Isekai but it's not complete shit. It had it's own moments. Probably too early for this but I feel this would be one of the must plays this year. Now going to play Sugar*Sweet by smee for some light fun. After that I'm going to finish ChuSinGura or something. I usually play Serious and light VN's alternatively.
  7. What are you playing?

    On the latter part of Sorceress Alive. Definitely no regrets playing this. If I didn't have exams tomorrow, I would probably binge this until I finish it. It's an ambitious game that tries too be a lot of things. It tries to be at the same scale of Muv-luv Alternative but seriously it lacks the production values MLA had, so it dampened the enjoyment a bit. After I finish this game I'll try to post on the blog again
  8. I played Muv luv for a short time then just read a summary and skipped it and then went straight to Unlimited. At the very least play Unlimited or you won't get the full experience
  9. This would be my first blog post so yeah.. As I said in the description of the blog, this is more of my thoughts so it might be unorganized unlike a review. I thought this was another generic Isekai but I heard a lot of people praising it for the Alive routes. The game has two parts, the Sorceress and Alive routes. A lot of people have said that Alive was really great so I was willing to play the trope-filled Sorceress routes just to experience that. Now on to the game itself. The game makes fun of Isekai tropes ALOT. Considering that it is self-aware, you would have thought they would avoid the tropes but they didn't. Right in the beginning, Kouki (The protag) trips and fondles one of the heroine's boobs. Not a great way to start a VN if you want to be original. Still it manages to be quite entertaining. Despite what I said, even it was trope-filled, I enjoyed in it's own way. If I could compare this to something else, it's like those harem/fantasy/high-school battle light novels. Also probably one of the prettiest games I've played in a while. On the routes themselves: Went with Azuria then Akina then Yuzuriha. Skipped Mia. Technically you need to play all 4 routes but I just skipped hers and I hoped there was no essential plot info there. Based on other's discussions, Mia was the worst route out of all the 4 and I didn't even like her in the first place so yeah just skipping. Common route is pretty much just an introductory chapter nothing much to say about here. It did it's job well albeit tropey. The transitionts into the routes are sudden. The heroines suddenly fall in love with the protag unnaturally. Azuria route- The conflict really irritates you here. The solution is completely obvious right at the start. Azuria is the clumsy onee-san who likes to care of the protagonist. It's just that, I didn't find her quite deep but her character was enjoyable. Her family had a reputation of being good in bed and it completely shows in both her personality and H. It's a light-hearted route. Also once you play her route, you can't help but feel you're giving her a bad end when you don't choose her. 6/10 Akina- Can't help but feel she's the main heroine just because she's the first one you meet and normally in shounen battle novels, it's usually the tsundere who's the main heroine. The conflict is done better than Azuria making me feel more for her. Can't help but feel this is one of those routes where it suffered from it's short length. 7/10 Yuzuriha- I usually don't like coodere characters but they played it well with her. The gap is extremeeeeely cuteee. The way Kouki tries to invite Yuzuriha to the team is really cute and tugs at your heartstrings. This route felt like it had a different writer. It really was just that different. The other routes had to deal with the tournament and the heroine but Yuzuriha's route focused on their relationship more leading to less battles but more character drama that was good. It really feels weird that her route just had more depth compared to the other more bland routes. 8/10 When you complete all 4 of the routes, the start menu suddenly changes. The upbeat, action-y music changes to something more sinister and mysterious in tone. Can't help but feel excited as I played all this just for this part.
  10. The only VN I could probably give a perfect 10 and a must play would be White Album 2, it's a VN adept at playing ripping apart your emotions. Best love triangles in all fiction I have ever read. The other VN I gave a perfect 10 is Fate/stay night but I'm probably completely biased to it just because it was my first VN. Games I give a 9/10 in my VNDB are also must plays. I recommend: KimiNago for it's darker atmosphere and awesome characters. Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas for probably one of the best charage I have played (Although I played only two of the routes) Steins;gate I think almost everyone in Fuwanovel has already played this. It's just a rollercoaster of emotions, ignoring the boring first chapters aside. Making Lovers is an upgraded version of Fureraba IMO. Adult characters and SMEE knows what it does best and it's creating funny scenarios and attractive characters and they do it well in this game. For an EVN, Lucid9 is a pretty solid game and currently has a pending sequel
  11. What are you playing?

    Going to play Sorceress*Alive! ~the World's End Fallen Star~ Actually thought it was a Re:Zero or some isekai rip-off but lots of good opinions about it there and there.
  12. Looking for my next charage to play and looking for a certain type of heroine Looking for the heroine who appears to be strong on the outside but is actually quite frail and leans on the MC. Plus points if that heroine likes to spoil and help the MC. An example would be the big sister character who likes to spoil the MC. No, I am not describing tsunderes. Mileage my vary on tsunderes but it's really rare to see one well done that I found myself hating them. Example of heroines like that Chiharu from Otome ga Tsumugu koi no Canvas Rina (Kind of) from Fureraba Akari from Onigokko Ruriko from Princess Evangile Ayano from Hanasaki Work Spring (Although I wouldn't call her frail but she does spoil the MC A LOT. I'm fine with untranslated works or from any genre. Doesn't even have to be a charage as long as there's a route for that heroine and has well-developed romance
  13. What are you playing?

    Still playing Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas Finished Chiharu's route. Plotwise, Rena was better but I really loved Chiharu's character as she hit all the right spots with the characteristics I like in a heroine. A heroine with a strong facade but actually kind of weak-willed and desires affection from others. Although, the ending they should have made in into an extra like with Rena's last H scene. The scene after they show Shin's painting was the perfect way to end the novel. Even if Rena felt like the main heroine, playing Chiharu after Rena made me appreciate Chiharu's character more as there are a lot of foreshadowing that you could understand if you played Rena's route and this is proof of good writing. So far definitely a 9/10. This game really is poetic and translating this in English probably is quite the herculean task. Gonna play Shizuku's route for last and ignoring Inui and Anastasia. I really want to continue playing ChuSinGura after a long break.
  14. What are you playing?

    Playing Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas. Probably the only game I liked from Ensemble. Most of their games had that weird glossy art and cliche story that put me off. This game is probably one of the best charages I have played. It has depth and well portrayed relationships. It helped that Shin/Mizuki really felt like a Character that needed to be saved by the heroines and also the kind of character that can save them in turn. Also yeah, this game was one of the most difficult works I have read for some reason. probably because of the poetic way the author writes monologues, it's beautiful really. Only finished Rena's path yet, on Chiharu now and then to Shizuku.
  15. VN with student (m) teacher (f) romance

    Sakura Sakura also has one