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  1. What are you playing?

    Playing Bishoujo Mangekyou -Kami ga Tsukuritamouta Shoujo-tachi- Probably one of the greatest reasons I like this series is not only because of the ero and the art, but the plot and the protags. The protagonists are flawed and feel like their own character. They are definitely not one of those perfect or innocent highschool boys in normal eroges.
  2. Ojou-sama recommendation with a twist

    Making Lovers has Saki as an Ojou-sama heroine and her parents approve all too well.
  3. What are you playing?

    Finished Sekai de Dame Ichiban Koi. I understand why a lot of people compliment this novel. It's wonderfully paced with something always happening making it hard to know when to take a break. The characters are well made, but it's quite obvious Toko is the main heroine. Almost all of the conflicts in the game (on the other routes) deal with her romantic feelings. Here are my thoughts on each of the routes. Skipped Kaya's route Himeo- Unexpectedly one of the cutest characters in the games. While I may not like the story in her route, her character balanced it out for me. Asami-Can't help but feel like she was just a side route. There are a lot of repeated dialogues with Toko's route with some changes. Her route could have been done better and probably one of my favorite characters in the game. Toko- Obviously the main heroine so this has the most effort into it. I liked Toko a lot and it makes you want to support Osamu and his forbidden relationship with her. It's heartwarming and ends the game well. Also thoughts on the Toko' conflict routes
  4. Insecure heroine

    https://vndb.org/v14838 - Basically that's the main point here in this vn. The main heroine is incredibly insecure about her looks.
  5. What are you playing?

    Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o. Finished Saeri's route and dropped Rinna's route. Rinna's route was funny and romantic and that's it. It's probably the best route if you like Rina and this kind of stories but I GET TIRED INCREDIBLY FAST OF THOSE KIND OF STORIES. I didn't feel like her character developed at all and most of her development comes from the common route. Saeri's route, on the other hand, was unexpectedly great. She was mostly in the background as some sort of comedic character but it's turned around in her route. She has to stand up for herself and steel herself if she wants to save everyone including her relationship with Wataru. She steeled herself and defended Wataru in an amazing way. She defended him smartly and loyally. The 12 Angry teacher's scene based from the 12 Angry men, I shit you not there was a scene like that and that title was put in the beginning like some sort of movie credits. It's the best scene in the whole VN and probably gonna be one of my unforgettable scenes. It was written well, the title was fitted incredibly well and also the names of the characters participating where changed into the 1st teacher, 2nd teacher and so on. What makes me think it's written well is that even if it is a scene that would change Wataru's life, the teachers are just human. Some just don't care or ignorant or treat it casually. The whole scene had me on the edge as it really felt like some kind of mini courtroom. Also yeah I really was looking forward to what the hell Naoko (The cunning and smart president) was planning and she did not disappoint. Seriously, play this game just for Saeri, she's unexpectedly quite cute in her route. Probably going to continue Umi's route. Played her for a while and stopped since while it was heavy it wasn't exactly quite gripping. And yes, it feels like a totally different visual novel and it's natural considering their past and Umi's character. So far Common 9/10 Rinna Dropped Saeri 9/10 Which reminds me I haven't shared my thoughts on the common route. The common route suffers from the game-y system it has. I prefer it when visual novels feel more like a novel than a game. Yes, I'm referring to the map selection that plagues some VN's even up today. It takes you out from the immersion. Aside from that the common route does not disappoint. It introduces the characters well and is funny. Also what I like about this game is that the characters feel like they have their own life. Some other visual novel heroines has their life centered around the protagonist (Well Umi's an exception and she has a reason for that)
  6. What are you playing?

    Going on a binge Maruto Fumiaki's other works. Loved WA2 and I hear most of his works are actually good with character drama which I love. List is Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o -Currently playing- Parfait ~Chocolat Second Brew~ Sekai de Ichiban Dame na Koi Loved the way he handled drama in WA2 since he respects character problems and treats them seriously and beautifully. Konnyaku shows it's age on the interface but the character art isn't that ugly and I actually find it cute, particularly Umi. Playing through the common route and I laughed a lot on the prologue. Going to do something unusual for me and that is actually completing all the routes(except Shizuru, I hate character archetypes like her). Will be leaving short reviews after I finish each respective route.
  7. What are you playing?

    Playing Da Capo 2 Plus Communication. I actually played DC2 a long time ago probably one of my first 20 VN's or so. There were additional characters and routes in PC version which I really didn't care much about except Erika. I only remember the most basic plot points and have forgotten most of the story so it's quite enjoyable. Playing through Nanaka's route and A LOT of her dialogue which I wouldn't care much about suddenly has a lot of meaning if you played her route in the past ( the physical contact). I actually like this more than I remember
  8. What are you playing?

    Playing Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou and the prologue is one of the best prologues I ever saw in VN's. I usually just skim through VN's but I was hooked with the drama. Stalled it though, planning to play it in the future. It was really heavy on text. I don't mind long text but I don't like novels that are verbose which Tsuriotsu is. It's also a Trap VN which I have may apprehensions about but I'll play it prob after Chusingura and some moege relaxation. Any novels that gripping and heart-wrenching like the prologue of Tsuriotsu?
  9. Easy to read Japanese visual novels

    For the grammar it was easy but it uses a lot of computer terms in katakana which may confuse you at first.
  10. Easy to read Japanese visual novels

    My first japanese VN's were Cocoro Function and Clover days. Also I'm not sure if Making Lovers was easy I don't remember it's complexity well but it's a SMEE game so it's usually very easy.
  11. What are you playing?

    Playing Noraneko and its sequel, from what I hear it was a good moege and for a moege it was quite good. Still, I was frustrated since I felt like I was seeing wasted potential. It had interesting characters with backgrounds worth exploring if played seriously but was used only for like a few seconds and suddenly a funny scene out of nowhere. The first Noraneko had a certain short serious scene about Yuuki and Kuroki. Some readers would recognize what I'm talking about since it was actually quite interesting and gave them interesting backgrounds. Spoilers for that scene (it's not heavy spoilers anyway since it's part of the common route early on.) Those issues felt like something that can have depth unlike other moege issues for example, The heroine with a disease that isn't explained much but used as a tool by the plot or with parent issues that has a stupid reason and unrealistic reactions. Finished Patricia's route and it was as expected. It's not amazing but it's good. Things it should have done -Place Comedy and Serious scenes better. Sometimes it goes for a serious topic then suddenly they joke around and return to the serious scene breaking the atmosphere. It's really hard to get into the game when you don't know what it's trying to do. -Should have went for something usual nakiges do. A lot of funny scenes in the start to get attached to the characters. I actually found the game funny and the characters interesting except Ida who felt like was written in the game because there wasn't a male best friend character. This game had a lot of potential for drama which it ignored. Only wished with Patricia's route so my thoughts may change further on. Skimmed the CG's for Noraneko 2 and found some interesting CG's for Lucia's route so gonna finish her route first and then Iris' (since she felt interesting) and then go back to the first game to finish the rest of the routes. Also I was surprised when there was a sudden animated CG during one of the battle. It was a good animated cg but why? Unexpectedly wrote a lot but I was really frustrated at the wasted potential.
  12. Strange, all voices work well except for one of the main characters. Checking her voice in the options tabs work but she has no voice in her own dialogue or backlog. https://vndb.org/c65111This character in particular
  13. What are you playing?

    School days tend to overblow the love triangle drama. It goes for shock value and lacks the depth of the love triangle in White album 2. I promise it's totally different. White Album is an old game and isn't exactly popular. Even with the reboot it's still a decent game according to some people but it just falls short of even reaching White Album 2. As for the translation, probably just because it's not that popular I guess?
  14. What are you playing?

    Yeah the adaptation doesn't exactly cover the 50 hours part of the vn but only the IC which is probably 10-15 hours, (Guessing here) the first part is essential to understanding what is happening in the main WA 2 since it is the start and foundation of their long years of angst and drama
  15. Actually just started reading japanese visual novels this year and coincidentally had a lot of free time so I read a ton. (No particular order) White Album 2 - A heart-wrenching experience. Nothing beats this game in my eyes (as far as I played). I finished it in a week playing it in every free time I had. Setsuna > Kazusa Making Lovers - Sometimes you want a light-hearted read and this is pretty much it. It does what it tries to do perfectly and knows what it is. Cute, funny and attractive heroines make up the game. Kimi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete - This is actually a spin-off from Flyable Heart the main game which I didn't play. I know it's weird but the game can be standalone and understandable. Aside from the bumpy start, once it starts going it really starts going. Probably one of the most fucked up families I read. Sanoba Witch - I actually liked Meguru at the start but considering Nene had most of the focus I went for her route aaaand I couldn't play Meguru knowing I'm abandoning Nene which I loved after playing her route. Onigokko - I won't praise the story since it's pretty basic but the characters specifically Akari which is probably the only heroine I cared for was one of the most memorable characters for me since she fit the bill as a perfect heroine for me. Confused whether to put ChuSinGura here since I haven't finished it yet but have been playing it since December and it doesn't disappoint. Would probably put it in my top 5 if I have finished it.