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  1. I used to avoid gameplay VN's like a plague since I usually want to focus on just passive reading for VN's and then if I want to play active games then I play my gameplay focused games but I'm willing to try it starting with Eushully or other VN's with RPG or some other gameplay style. I was initially starting with Soukoku no Arterial but the lack of Male Voice acting kinda iffed me but I'll continue it again after I played some other modern Eushully game. Also seeing as there are a lot of Eushully games and all of them have a very long playtime and given my lack of time to play now, I want to
  2. Ojou-sama no Hanbun wa Ren'ai de Dekiteimasu! Reading again after a long time of on and off reading VN's and dropping a ton of VN's. I really love romance novels, that's why I'm always trying to find a good one to read and in the past I might have enjoyed vanilla scenes of just plain dating or ichaicha, but now I just hate it when it happens. I only enjoy scenes like that for a heroine that I REALLY, REALLY like, if there's a dating event with a heroine I only moderately like, I'm going to be bored as hell. It's hard to write a good dating event in romance VN's, It's easy to make on but c
  3. Back to my usual with reading random vn's which lead me to dropping VN's at a fast pace which kinda burns me out. Yume to Iro de Dekiteiru - Same author of Hoshizora no Memoria and I guess co-writer on astral air. Made by feng and surprisingly a full length game. There are supernatural elements to this like same level of supernatural you can find in Hoshizora no memoria. I used to be okay with stuff like that in the past I dont know what changed but seeing random supernatural elements in a high-school setting now turns me off real bad. I changed into wanting grounded and real stories. Rup
  4. Finally, finished the last and most likely, the true route of the game. This route makes use of all the experiences and knowledge you gained from the 1st and 2nd route, it uses some side-characters you know and love to travel to Rancage, the home of Tenmazoku. It's pretty intense and exciting all the way through. A lot of questions you may have had in 1st and 2nd route are answered in Krone's route. While Krone may not be my favorite heroine out of the main three (Noa, Erin and Krone), she was extremely endearing and was like a childish Momoyo from Majikoi but also more intense in everything.
  5. Waga Himegimi ni Eikan o Finished the 2nd route which is the Federal/Republic route, I'm not sure exactly what to translate it as but I think its better to call it the Federation or Erin Route. I will also be referring to their faction as the federation, so its easier to understand. The obvious difference right at the start is there is a lot of mini-events and a longer journey in the Empire Route. Before you reach the capital where the story really begins, in Empire you go through a lot of detours to set up the characters and setting. The Federation Route skips all of that setting-up
  6. Yeah, Yamato's domination in H-scenes were kinda iffy and sometimes he felt like a rapist which is off-putting, I forgot that side of him lol. I guess I just like sly characters in general though. Just kinda wished Shaon had more personality traits or something that made him stand out
  7. https://vndb.org/v29057 Waga Himegimi ni Eikan o Been reading Wagahime. Minatosoft gave this one their all and is set up to be the next majikoi with its vast array of characters, great world building, and foreign continents to be explored. Reading Wagahime feels kinda unique since the story doesn't feel like a VN but rather the start of your typical adventure manga/anime. I don't know how to explain it its just the vibe it gives. I've only read the Empire's route which is Noa, it has an enforced order reading which is Empire > Republic/Federation > Tenmazoku or the demons.
  8. Well Harem VN's are pretty much 80% of all the vn's right now. Recently released good Harem VN's that are on the lighter side I've played is: Making Lovers https://vndb.org/v25366 Renai Karichaimashita https://vndb.org/v29402 Glass Hime to Kagami Well they're not exactly outstanding games but they do their harems and intended goal well. You can take a look at my vndb for games like that since I usually play romance-focused games.
  9. 1. Honorifics should always be preserved for me as it is always jarring for me to read -sama translated as dearest, or some other thing. Honorifics rarely translate well for me unless you preserve it as it is, and anyone who knows a lil bit about jap culture from watching anime, or something, honorifics are an easy thing to understand. I'm assuming that people who read VN's are usually the people who have already watched anime or read manga and naturally learned honorifics from them. 2. Onii-chan should be left as it is as it is almost always jarring to read "big brother". Onii-chan is a
  10. Oof thanks for that, I was half-asleep
  11. Finished Meikei no Lupercalia/Rupekari. It is a 9.5/10 and I rarely give that score. Even if I haven't read a lot of novels this year, this will be definitely on one of the top ten of what I read this year. It's that good. If you're looking for a focus on acting, something like act-age, it's not that. Their acting skills aren't the focus. The focus is on the theatre of the characters shroud their lives in. The lies they envelop themselves in just to live. How far should you go for theatre, how far did theatre ruin their lives. How deep the characters themselves shroud themselves in their
  12. Reading Rupekari https://vndb.org/v29383 At first, I barely played this game like only an hour a day as it wasn't gripping enough and I was also busy playing other games but now that I played it a lot longer, this game grips you a lot. Its my first time playing an Uguisu Kagura and i was wondering when will the Utsu part in the Utsuge may come and it came it was extremely, extremely good., I'm still not finished but I think I'm nearing the true end. This is not a story about the MC but about all the characters as flashbacks will be heavily used in a theatre format. I can't really formulat
  13. Reading Rupekari, its my first ugiusu vn, and they're primarily known for creating depressing VN's as far as I know, haven't actually tried one except this one. None of the summaries in their other games piqued my interest as much as rupekari since I have an interest in acting focused stories due to Oshi no Ko and Act:Age. It really does deliver though and it deserves the reviews it has on vndb, although yeah im just a few hours in lol, i barely have any time to read recently and I only read at a snail's pace due to that, I only reached the first real theatre play the protagonist produced whi
  14. https://twitter.com/MangaGamer/status/1369878280015331329/photo/1 This totally flew under my radar, I had no idea Musicus was being translated. I was keeping it in my backlog hopefully to read it one day once I muster the will to read it since its a music VN aaand its suddenly translated. I heard from others its a godly game so im kinda excited about reading it in english
  15. I played the remake. I think people compare it due to its protagonists, both are cheating scum and has little to no redeeming features. But the girls don't have any similarities. In the anime though, the protagonist is really like the school days MC but in the VN he's your basic hetare self-insert MC that is just a tad bit more scummier than general. Just be ready to plow through a lot of uninteresting crap from side characters if you read it though Still a good story for me though due to Ogata Rina and interesting if you're an absolute WA2 fan like me lol.
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