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  1. Visual novel with European style drawings

    House in Fata Morgana. As far as VNs with western looks go, this is my highest possible recommendation.
  2. What are you playing?

    You managed to get that ending blindly? I've seen walkthroughs about how to get that ending for 100% completion because it's so hard to get. Then again, if it was your first VN you probably weren't aware of affection points. I wonder how you did against Illya's affection wall in Heaven's Feel or any of the routes in Amnesia Memories.
  3. Positive review on it. I've seen a few VNDB comments bashing it, though.
  4. [help] 428 Shibuya Scramble

    Small recommendation: just worry about completing the regular endings for now. Once you know the storyline logic, it gets easier and more intuitive to understand which choices result in which sequence of events.
  5. Going into a similar discussion: in a case like Shira Oka, where the game's downloading website became unavailable because the publisher went down, would you say torrent is acceptable?
  6. VN With A Story Like 428 Shibuya Scramble

    If you ever decide to learn japanese, track down the spiritual predecessor for Shibuya Scramble, Machi.
  7. What is your favorite Season in VNs?

    My IRL favorite is Summer, but i think Winter creates better atmosphere for VNs so i'm voting that.
  8. Unless it's something that looks like it won't ever be finished like Fault Milestone, i normally wait until all episodes are done so that i can read them as a whole package.
  9. Fan Translations Are Nearly Dead?

    Just a random thought: do you guys think that, as localization companies focus more and more on newer VNs, fantranslators will flock towards older ones? Do you think it's a matter of time before stuff like Sayooshi and Carnival has a fantranslation pop up out of nowhere like Baldr Force?
  10. Anime only covers Introductory Chapter. The part that is one of the best-rated VNs is the Closing Chapter. I can't explain further because i didn't read either.
  11. Kinda true. If it wasn't for the bit about critical plot points, 4 would be my limit for a non-serious (making a career is not even crossing the translator's mind) fantranslation.
  12. No lie, i think almost everyone in these forums could do number 3 with decent interpretation skills and knowing common japanese words.
  13. Since i feel i can stomach any genre, i think i can only tell which sections i'm NOT a part of (the ones that exclude stuff).
  14. What are you playing?

    Finished normal end of 428 shibuya scramble. I don't think i've ever overthunk a culprit this much.