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  1. VN of the Month October 2003 - Lovers ~Koi ni Ochitara...

    I'm surprised that Folklore Jam failed to reach masterpiece status. It seemed like a notable VN given EGS ratings.
  2. True, i forgot because it has been a while since i saw the videos on that channel. Also, why did you stop VN coverage (especially when VN-exclusive videos seemed to get the most views on that channel)? Was it copyright problems?
  3. For people that are more familiar with the japanese side of the eroge fandom, do you know of any "top eroge song" videos that aren't so restricted with vanilla VNs, adding songs from yuri, otome and BL as well? I ask this because the videos of this kind that i've been finding stick to vanilla so much that they begun to always pick the same 20 or so VNs to showcase songs from.
  4. Living in Japan as a foreigner - AMA

    Please play Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome. Sorry for the thread derailment, but those posts pretty much make you the perfect person for recommending this.
  5. Playing through Never7 after going through Ever17 and Remember11 made me come up with a theory that i don't even know if the author had in mind when he first wrote Never7: what if a being from either the 4th or 0th dimensions had the protagonist and his girl of choice go back in time to save them? With the interference in the two other games, if wouldn't be that surprising. Coming up with this theory led me to even more thinking, because those interferences can lead up to a interesting timeline, like so: Remember11 (2011 in game): Humans go up against 0th dimension being to get rid of his influence on the world. Ever17 (2017-2034 in game): Humans cooperate with 4th dimension being to save their friends. Never7 (2019 in game): 0/4th dimension being helps humans from afar. That way, we have a timeline where beings beyond this dimension went from being in opposition with humans to being friends with them and helping them when needed. However, time might not flow that way for them, and if you change the timeline to the release date of the games, things get a little more somber: Never7: 0/4th dimension being helps humans from afar. Ever17: 4th dimension being interacts with humans for the first time, even being friends with them. Remember11: 0th dimension being accidentally makes the lives of the humans worse, leading to backlash via infinite loop trap. That way, we have a timeline where beings beyond this dimension went from watching humans from afar, helping them at random, to being friends with them, to becoming their enemy by accident. Overall, it's pretty interesting how you can come up with stuff like this because of how the world works in that trilogy.
  6. What are you playing?

    Just wondering, did you play through Satsuki's route? I thought it was the only route that was a little better than what you usually see on JRPGs (the cutscenes of it are on youtube if you're not playing it).
  7. Yeah, if you can't embrace the trashness of the industry to the point you feel it's fucking with your morals, you're better off trying console-centric forums where VNs might be discussed (ironic, since the console version of Fata Morgana in english just came out). I see rape in VNs as portrayals of villany rather than something erotic and loli more as a body type fetish (unless the text goes out of its' way to establish the character as a child, then it's WAY too unconfortable), but i'm perfectly willing to acknowledge certain portrayals of sex as trash for the sake of shock value (much like in b-movies from the 80's and 90's).
  8. What are you playing?

    Played through my first route in Fureraba. Since the only parts of it i fully enjoyed were the portions with dating sim mechanics straight out of Amagami, i can't wait for the translation of it to be finished to that i can tell everyone to play that instead. Finished it. Himari was the best route by far, but it didn't change my feeling that this should've been a pure dating sim instead.
  9. The spreadsheet i use is entirely based on my VNDB list. Keeping track of the most notable VNs on databases i use aside, mine is only so that i can watch my top 100 at a easier glance and keep track of my top VNs per year.
  10. Ashita Deatta Shoujo あした出逢った少女 [Moonstone]

    That's where i thought the confusion was. The walkthrough calls Fuyuka's ending (option B) TRUE END but option A is the actual finale to the game, oh well. The loli routes are just as worthless as the other review said, btw.
  11. Ashita Deatta Shoujo あした出逢った少女 [Moonstone]

    Just wondering, did you play through the Ryuu ending off-screen? It just seems odd to end the playthrough without the ending that answers the last few questions in the VN. Overall, i thought Ashita Deatta Shoujo was good, but i didn't like it as much as Kizuato because i thought the heroines were kinda dull in comparison (to be fair, the Kizuato heroines only got better with the added comedy scenes in the remakes imo).
  12. This song that plays towars the true end of Taishou Mebiusline just became my favorite on a VN after i finished it a few days ago.
  13. the art history of VN?

    I'm a bit confused because aside from individual artists, i don't think there is anything unique on "the art history of VNs". Aren't they just mirroring the art styles of the anime of the time while mirroring drawing techniques and tools from anime/manga-related material of the time? I'm completely ignorant on the subject, but that's what it seems to me. Unless you're talking about sprite and background dynamics, in which case i think there are too few cases with enough effort put into those to make a coherent timeline (it seems that it was pretty much primitive until Kusarihime and Muv-Luv happened, then kinda peaked with ef and eden*).
  14. That comment was exactly what i feared. I thought about writing "if" instead of "when" but i just assumed people were gonna focus on the name part instead of the wording.
  15. This makes me wonder: when Kiminozo and Oretsuba are localized, will the companies go with the english names given to their anime (Rumbling Hearts and We Without Wings)?