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  1. There WAS a horrible Flyable Heart translation, but it was so bad VNDB mods considered it a troll and deleted the entry for it. One of the highlights of that translation was "taiyaki" being translated as some nine-word atrocity. Special mention goes to Amagami for being my favorite dating sim of all time.
  2. In a roundabout way, yes. Even though moege is aimed at the vanilla crowd, Flowers pulls the "cute girls doing cute things" aspect better than most moege.
  3. But that's the thing, a good writer but even be able to make "cute girls doing cute things" engaging. It may be yuri, but the Flowers series is as good as it gets with that because of the banter between characters. Some moege are well-liked because of good chemistry between characters and some are liked because of good comedy. That's what i mean by "making cliche work".
  4. I watched this video from one of the comic book channels that i watch, and it randomly make me think about moege in the sense that maybe moege is the art of making cliche stories interesting. It's interesting to think about how making someone get into pure slice-of-life through sheer good writing is what might truly make a good author. I just wanted to hear more thoughts about this.
  5. Talestune in general gets zero attention despite having a bunch of fantranslations, even for a doujin group i wonder why it's that bad, as i thought Ludesia was fairly enjoyable and i might try Harvest December. Since you're including blocked games with missable reviews, you'll probably see a bunch of otome and BL when you get to the 2010's. 2011 in particular is the year where those genres really stepped their game up for me.
  6. The thing is that for a proper translation for OreTsuba, the translator would have to do good research on lingo for japanese youth, THEN do good research on lingo for english-speaking youth to keep the same spirit in the dialogue. Unless the translator is an obsessed fan doing a major passion project, he would probably have to request twice the regular pay.
  7. Not reviewing OreTsuba is probably for the best, since it doesn't seem like your type of VN at all (focus on character interactions, very little plot). Yumina The Ethereal is probably the VN i overrate the most, but i still consider it a classic for having the greatest approach to multiple routes i've ever seen on a VN-JRPG hybrid.
  8. As someone that sees H-Scenes as a collectable of sorts, i do like having H-Scenes for side-characters if you make certain choices. However, i think making the protagonist a manwhore that has sex with multiple chicks in one route is a lazy way to go about it, and having female side-characters getting violated by villains is even lazier. That's why i appreciate having a best friend character getting along with a side-heroine so that we can get a H-Scene with her in a way that makes sense. The way this was done that stuck with me the most was on the last route of Bullet Butlers, where you make choices to have the best friend and a side-heroine talk more privately, and they have sex towards the end of the route if your choices were correct. Quartett also had a H-Scene between side-characters if you were going through your third route, i believe. I'd like to know about more obscure cases where that was done. I heard Abaddon is top tier when it comes to that, but i've never touched it.
  9. The guy is actually making them, give credit where it's due. Re-read the OP and now i'm confused if he designed the model or just bought the parts and put them together. I don't know shit about anime dolls, i guess.
  10. The game has New Game+ and New Game++ for when you play the two other routes. You'll have to replay the election boss battles but the actual dungeons are brand new for those.
  11. Been a while since i read that, but i'm pretty sure choosing other stuff before that point leads to bad ends (which aren't worth getting since they're short game overs, with the exception of the Misuzu-exclusive bad end).
  12. Pretty interested to see you tackle raiL-Soft. I get more intrigued the more i hear about this company branch.
  13. And this is why i consider Kajitsu a near-classic while Meikyuu is borderline good and everything else in the series is just decent. I will always praise how the long common route drilled the girls' comedy traits into your head just to reveal the disturbing reasons for those in each route, making you look at the common route in an entirely different way.
  14. Even though my score wouldn't be that different from yours (i'd give it an 8) i do feel that i liked the VN a lot more than you did. I liked the story once the mystery really got going in the last two routes and i loved the characters (which is why i didn't mind the SOL scenes at all). I think RuiTomo's Girl Alliance might be the most underrated group of friends in VN history.
  15. I gotta say, when the last update happened (at beginning of the year i think?) this site would eat up my google chrome memory and make the site laggy for some reason, specially in blog posts with lots of pictures. I was too lazy to report it and just began to post less instead, but it seems the site became smooth again. Good job!
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