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  1. That's an exaggeration. The thing with Kiminozo is that it has a pretty messy situation when it comes to character relationships, so someone will br really sad regardless of the girl you choose, but that's different from having only bad endings.
  2. Now that you likely did all of Propeller's top tier VNs, what would be your top 5? For me it's 5) Chrono Belt, 4) Evolimit, 3) Ayakashibito, 2) Asairo, 1) Bullet Butlers.
  3. Funny of you to say that, because the same artist worked on otomege Bustafellows (i think it was released in japan a few weeks before Musicus, in fact).
  4. For the same reason Koumura route is pretty much a Nagisa bad end route.
  5. I'd like to know more detailed thoughts of yours about White Album 2. I liked ironically, because the way the story kept you engaged for some of the most toxic characters in the genre was quite fascinating.
  6. The only way to find any objectivity in a genre is to have enough experience in it to be able to easily identify what a work is going for and judge it accordly. For example, i consider HoshiOri barely decent because the barebones drama doesn't appeal to me at all, but i do recognize that it accomplishes what it sets out to do, which is deliver a comfy atmosphere where the chemistry between the protagonist and the heroines is the focus, which is why the very high ratings aren't strange to me at all, because it's a great VN for the target demographic (objectivity) while is a decent VN for my tas
  7. Honorable blocked mention goes to Shingakkou (author is the main writer of Gore Screaming Show), which i never touched but i keep hearing is the best BLge ever made.
  8. When it comes to presentation in VNs, one discussion that i've seen is that VNs are more like plays than novels. I'd agree with this take because authors that become overly descriptive with every action as if writing a novel makes the reading more tiresome than if a visual or sound effect was used. Thinking about it a bit more, i went a step further and now i think that sprite presentation in VNs may be akin to puppet plays, because the art limitations make it to that the characters can't have the same amount of expressions as regular plays do. Add that to my tiny experience with messing with
  9. Even though cutesy style of commentary is not up my alley at all, one thing i do appreciate about vtubers is that they brought back the "hidden face" aspect that youtube gaming had back in the late 2000's. I feel that community became too much of a cult of personality in the early 2010's with the face reveals.
  10. Fortissimo is a cliche battle royale story, but it's still pretty good. Also, even if you weren't the biggest fan of RuiTomo, i highly recommend the fandisc because the final route in it is unlike anything else in the series.
  11. Yay. Such an aesthetic choice would be the final step into their third world transformation.
  12. Just wondering, what rating were you going to give Fake Azure Arcology with the routes you played?
  13. Nah, just PVs from what i saw from the guy's twitter. It's likely the same as the openings for the PSVita version of Fate/Stay Night.
  14. Hashihime of the Old Book Town. You can't get more unusual and forbidden than gay love in the 1920's.
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