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  1. I'm not that surprised, since the SubaHibi translation came out of the blue as well. The amount of rape is what you regularly get from the average action Nitroplus title, so don't worry about anything at ClockUp level. Muramasa is barely on my top 10 VNs of all time and not even my favorite of 2009, but i definitely recommend it and i wish i took the rumors more seriously, because i'd have probably waited the extra year and a half since i've read it.
  2. Can't comment on your pick since i've never played it, but mine is BLge Hashihime of the Old Book Town (also favorite of the decade). The one route i've read from it was such a well done time loop storyline that it essentially made them obsolete to me. Also, i hope you prepare yourself, because 2017 is god-awful if you ignore doujins.
  3. Can't really counter your pick since i've never tried that one. But i'll have an unpopular opinion and go with Steins;Gate 0 as my favorite of 2015. The plot was more of a side-story than anything and most of the new characters weren't memorable, but i just loved the route system too much.
  4. Fata Morgana Fandisc is the best thing on this list by a mile, IMO.
  5. I'll do a little cheating and consider Rose Guns Days the top VN of 2014 because that's the year where the Last Season was released, thus turning it into a total package. I'm sure the popular opinion would be Chaos;Child, though.
  6. Fortunately Berserk fans already had an idea of what the manga endgame was going to be (with the "Idea of Evil" being spoiled by accident ahead of time). This just makes me even more worried for Togashi (HunterxHunter) because i felt that Berserk was nearing its' end while i can't quite say the same for HxH.
  7. As long as being black is just one out of many personality traits rather than his whole character being "i'm black and opressed" due to poor writing, i'm down for it.
  8. Hachimyoujin is my favorite eroge of 2014 at this point in time. There are about 3 all-ages VNs from that year that i liked better, though.
  9. I'll be the boring guy and go with Kara no Shoujo Second Episode (yet to play Komorebi no Nostalgica, though). I'm surprised Garden of Fifth Zoa is so lacking in reviews, since i see that VN's ending theme being played in compilations all the time.
  10. That's an exaggeration. The thing with Kiminozo is that it has a pretty messy situation when it comes to character relationships, so someone will br really sad regardless of the girl you choose, but that's different from having only bad endings.
  11. Now that you likely did all of Propeller's top tier VNs, what would be your top 5? For me it's 5) Chrono Belt, 4) Evolimit, 3) Ayakashibito, 2) Asairo, 1) Bullet Butlers.
  12. Funny of you to say that, because the same artist worked on otomege Bustafellows (i think it was released in japan a few weeks before Musicus, in fact).
  13. For the same reason Koumura route is pretty much a Nagisa bad end route.
  14. I'd like to know more detailed thoughts of yours about White Album 2. I liked ironically, because the way the story kept you engaged for some of the most toxic characters in the genre was quite fascinating.
  15. The only way to find any objectivity in a genre is to have enough experience in it to be able to easily identify what a work is going for and judge it accordly. For example, i consider HoshiOri barely decent because the barebones drama doesn't appeal to me at all, but i do recognize that it accomplishes what it sets out to do, which is deliver a comfy atmosphere where the chemistry between the protagonist and the heroines is the focus, which is why the very high ratings aren't strange to me at all, because it's a great VN for the target demographic (objectivity) while is a decent VN for my tas
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