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  1. Your Favorite VN of 2019?

    If we're talking about VNs that were originally released in 2019, then i'll go with Love Esquire. Then again, i've only read three 2019 originals.
  2. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    ~necro necro yay~ Finished Muramasa and it made it to my top ten, making it my favorite non-collab nitroplus VN and easily my favorite unstranslated VN. Ichijo route was a masterpiece while Kanae and True routes felt like slightly better versions of what i usually see in nitroplus, except with amazing endings (in true route case, it was more like an amazing epilogue). My biggest complaint by far is that the final battle in the true route tried too hard to be epic and ended up looking like something from Demonbane (considering the tone of the story up to that point, that's not a compliment). Overall, i actually kinda disagree with the people going crazy and using superlatives about Muramasa because i felt like it wasn't the best at anything, but it was great at so many things that it became a classic among VNs.
  3. Even if it has low sexual content, from the way h-scenes are written and from the ecchi fanservice buildup to them, i'm willing to call VNs with H content hentai games. For Fate/Stay Night specifically, i wouldn't dismiss it entirely as a h-game because there is a non-h version. Maybe that issue could be completely cleared if Realta Nua got a proper localization. *hint hint*
  4. Tsunderes or Kuuderes Recommendations

    Don't think it's exactly what you're looking for but if you want a unique experience, Norn9 has both a tsundere and a kuudere protagonist.
  5. ALL kanon endings choices/walkthroughs

    There are, but they're essentially game overs that don't even give CGs (which is they're not featured in any walkthroughs).
  6. The thing that stuck to me about Ayakashi Gohan that made it creative to me is that the customization was a lot more organic than simply giving out stats. The one-hour long prologue is the protagonist's childhood, and depending on the choices at the prologue she develops one of two personalities, each one having a set of routes.
  7. Having reached 2020, i was wondering what do you people think was the most creative thing done in the genre in a VN released from 2010-2019. For me it's a tie between the "atmosphere customization" from The Letter and the "protagonist customization" from Ayakashi Gohan.
  8. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    This is just headcanon, but my best guess is that
  9. After that the individual routes start, because all that stuff happens to side characters.
  10. Getting a job that pays well. Also, i plan on reading Muramasa if no translation is announced by the end of the year, so that might be my VN-related event to start the decade.
  11. Doesn't even matter if it's that great or not, all that matters is that is the most obscure title that you can think of that would be interesting to see translated. For me it's this otome called Getsuei no Kusari. It doesn't have amazing VNDB ratings and it's probably never gonna be translated due to it not having a pc version, but from that i saw on reviews it's a very depressing game where you can turn the protagonist into a yandere at the end of the routes.
  12. Top storylines in gaming?

    Just something that i thought about and wanted to see others' opinions. For fun, i'm making a version including and excluding visual novels. Top 5 (including VNs): 5) Wonderful Everyday 4) Planescape Torment 3) Higurashi When They Cry (both parts) 2) The House in Fata Morgana 1) Umineko When They Cry (both parts) Top 5 (excluding VNs): 5) Shin Megami Tensei 3 4) Fallout New Vegas (+ DLCs) 3) Persona 2 (both parts) 2) The Last of Us 1) Planescape Torment
  13. A second chance for Taisho x Alice!!!

    Nice to see there is a big chance all volumes will be translated. All in all, the E2 gaming TaiAli translation joins the Flyable Heart fantranslation as something that should only be replicated as a trolling easter egg.
  14. I guess moege enthusiasts liked Nursery Rhyme, but that VN is definitely more famous for the op song that became a meme in the mid to late 2000's. Listening to that and thinking it was good in my pre-teen mind was one of my earliest memories from when my interest in VNs began.