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  1. should I read grisaia or fate first?

    Play Grisaia, and if you get bored of the common route play Fate.
  2. What are you playing?

    Final thoughts on it: Masaomi Chapter was really good, but it kinda felt too recycled from the original's last chapter. Natsumi After was really boring and it exposed how shallow Natsumi is as a character, she has no ambition besides being with the MC. Sachi After was decent, but it felt recycled from her original arc at times. Touka After was as good as a Muv-luv Extra route, i'll leave it at that. Ririko After was a whole lot of nothing, because the interesting stuff from her original ending wasn't covered. Eri Chapter was actually my favorite, it was a nice short story and a bit depressing knowing what happened to her at the end. Overall it was alright, but aside from Masaomi's Chapter, there's nothing that i'd consider can't miss.
  3. Only if the choices add next to no replayability, only changing a few lines of dialogue. The choose-your-own-adventure aspect is what i like the most about VNs, so a lot of choices leading to lots of endings is to my liking, especially in cases like Clannad (like 10 different routes) and Fate/Stay Night (few routes, but a ton of bad endings).
  4. What are you playing?

    Played ATASHINORIRI. It might be an unpopular opinion, but i think it's everything Hatoful Boyfriend wishes it could be. It's better and funnier as a parody and has a true route that is more fitting with the parody aspect. It might as well be the ultimate meme VN. Now starting the Sharin no Kuni fandisc.
  5. True Routes...

    One thing that i'm wondering now: if the VN industry starts going towards individually paid routes, how would that affect true routes? Would they simply cost more or be done with entirely?
  6. Really? I know they have broader definitions of what a VN is (they somehow have Touhou and Persona in there), but i didn't think people took their eroge that seriously.
  7. Looking at EroGameScape and VNDB, i've noticed that there are some VNs that have fairly good average ratings but get screwed over in VNDB rankings via bayesian rating due to low number of votes, so i wanted to register the ones that i saw as recommendations. Note that those are all untranslated and i have not played any of them, so these recommendations are purely from the data i got. Diabolique Triangle Heart 2 Triangle Heart 3 D+Vine [Luv] Elysion Koigokoro Lien Rasen Kairou Rasen Kairou 2 Cosmos no Sora ni Flutter of Birds Tsukikagerou Pandora no Yume Sekai no Subete Rocket no Natsu Patissier na Nyanko Folklore Jam Tenohira o, Taiyou ni Ricotte Himawari no Chapel de Kimi to Sugar+Spice! If anyone knows how good those actually are please tell about it to make the thread richer.
  8. visual novel hidden gems

    Literally from last Sunday:
  9. Unknowed Visual Novels

    The Space Adventure, if you consider it a VN. Emit, is a educational VN but the story is decent enough.
  10. What are you playing?

    ^Be sure to post your reaction to the very end of the game, it's fun to see people reacting to that. Reading Sharin no Kuni. Really liked Sachi's arc while i had mixed feelings on Touka's. In one hand, Touka's arc had a good first half and ending, while on the other hand the rest either felt like Persona when you beat a boss too quickly or had drama that was as dull as Yuzusoft's. Edit: Finished, liked it but the ending confused me a little.
  11. Sad yet satisfied ending

    Air is the first thing that pops in my head. Edit: i didn't pay attention to the "without sickness", forget it
  12. Reminds me of the Yarudora PS1 series.
  13. The last route in YU-NO? Does Mugen Renkan count as well? (it would probably scare the OP for life, though)
  14. When thinking about it, i'd say that the biggest factors that make a VN popular in Japan to begin with are console releases and anime adaptations, with the japanese popularity spilling over to the west later.
  15. What are you playing?

    Finally playing Muv-Luv Alternative and i'm pretty hooked so far. What a contrast from being bored in Extra and annoyed at the MC in Unlimited. Update: Alright, episode 7 just make me go from "this is pretty alright" to "this is top 10 VN material". I wonder how i'll rank it when it ends. 2nd Update: Got to episode 9 and i didn't expect the infodumps to be THAT bad, holy shit. Completely fucked up the momentum from ep. 7. 3rd Update: Ended episode 9 and unless this has one of best endings ever, it's not even making to my top 10. Final thoughts: Really liked ep. 10 and overall it barely misses my top 10. IMO the only amazing episode was 7 and the only great ones were 6 and 10, with everything else being just good. Favorite VN i've read this year so far.