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  1. That quite harsh way to put it. Part of that maybe true, but try to think of it another way. We see VN as entertainment, maybe even as art piece. However, for big publishers it is just a product. And product should be sold. Japan have demographical crisis right now. 1 of 10 japanese adults in their 30s has no heterosexual experience. Core auditory for eroge novels is japanese males in age 15 - 40 ( very roughly speaking ). And huge amount of them don’t have girlfriend, or have bad experience in relationship. That is why it easy to sell vn with male fantasies about girls and relationships. So
  2. Let me disagree with you here. In most vn we really have wishy-washy protagonist and interesting, maybe even strong girl at start. Buuuut when reletionship begins situation turn around on 180 degrees. We see almost sadistic main hero and completely powerless girl in love who try to please her new master. Like "Yes i know you two weeks already, you a nice guy and we kissed. So here key from my apartment. I can abandon my parents or friends for you now. And yes i was virgin like 2 minutes ago, but of course we can try anal. I try to protest but who am i to know what's better to me. Just s
  3. So many answers. Thenk guys. Youre the best. Check everything out )
  4. Мне не обязательно нового. Я буквально пару месяцев назад начал новеллы читать. Но прям оторваться трудно. Так что если есть что то из старенького на примете то советуй, не стесняйся . Кстати полностью с тобой согласен по поводу того что японцы не любят такого. Когда читал Hatshukoi и Hoshi Ori думал что вот прям идеальная новелла. Комон рут короткий , а руты каждой героини длинные. И не просто школьные годы показывают а еще и слайс ов лайф из взрослой жизни. Но блин, насколько у них разные характеры до отношений, настолько же они одинаковые после. Просто приторно сладкая любовь до гроба, не п
  5. Hello from St.Petersburg. Russian forums is mostly quite far from VN. That's why i'm here. So please don't mind my bad english. Can somebody help me to find vn\eroge with strong females. Not just hentai. For example Momoyo from majikoi. Older woman or milfs is ok too. Also it can be just some interesting girl who likes tease the protagonist or don't become passive in relationships. ( Maya from Hatsukoi ) Saw a few similar topics here. But meaby you have some updates in this theme. Don't mind if it untranslated. Thanks in advance. You guys my only hope to find what im looking for. )
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