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  1. Homepage of vndb is so convenient. Semen Security 2009 One day, when Tasuba turns on his PC, a lot of virus mails arrive and a PC monitor suddenly flashes. A while later, it disappears and a pretty girl comes out of the monitor. According to her, her name is Meira and she comes from his PC mail software. Due to his virus mails, the PC is now unworkable. To get rid of them, he needs to shower his semen to her.... Like this, his semen vaccine life with her and other virus-infected girls starts....
  2. Hello,good-bye seems interesting, it looks like Sharin no Kuni.Others generic.
  3. It depends on the vn.If i find every heroine likeable then i finish every route.Otherwise i just finish one of routes and count it as finished.
  4. I enjoy the good ones which use Japanese formula correctly but i don't like english voice acting that some of them has.I think it usually done halfheartedly.
  5. I just finished the demo.Game seems decent.At least there are no boring heroines.Nice pick for a relatively small company.
  6. I just finished the Mai route in Yoake.This game is basically a polished version of Shuffle.There are lots of similarities but it is not a bad thing.I think it is decent.
  7. Looks Like Touch Me has an interesting concept.I might try it out with vnr.
  8. Just play Starless.Nuff said.
  9. HERE IS MY GLORIOUS LITTLE HUMBLE HAREM: Sakakibara Koyuki Musashibou Benkei Hatsune Ibuki Fuuko Kamio Misuzu Liz Oone Touka Well as you can see from the pattern; it is full of innocent, stupid or weird girls with one guest cute tsundere appearance.
  10. Which old ones have you been reading in that time period?
  11. Would you think about to go for the prequel to heart after this project?
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