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  1. I was playing Utawarerumono and couldn't been able to solve the mystery of the leg in this CG.
  2. This release works perfectly but it would be better if text had honorifics though.
  3. I bought Tomoyo After.It was pretty cheap also i wanted to support KEY.
  4. Everybody knows that Miyako is the best girl.
  5. I started to Air.Two days according to the calendar on top.Its great so far.Adorable Misuzu.Lovely soundtrack and lots of choices.Also town CG's are pretty.
  6. Man you are such an eromaster.Change your nick to Yonpachi.
  7. I meant shooter-wise.
  8. Are there any similar games to Gal Gun Double Peace?Enjoyed it a lot.I searched but couldn't find.I prefer translated by the way.
  9. First one came to my mind:Koihime Musou https://vndb.org/v369 And has a spinoff too: https://vndb.org/v1967
  10. It's one of those nights that i wish i knew Japanese.
  11. I want to start to Root Double.So there is a true ending.I love playing first time blind without walkthrough.Is other endings worth reading?
  12. I prefer fullscreen if i am not multitasking or skimming with a walkthrough.
  13. It's 'converted edition'.It is psp release of game.