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  1. Some of the Koihime Musou heroines might satisfy you.
  2. What are you playing?

    I just finished the Mai route in Yoake.This game is basically a polished version of Shuffle.There are lots of similarities but it is not a bad thing.I think it is decent.
  3. VN of the Month March 1999

    Looks Like Touch Me has an interesting concept.I might try it out with vnr.
  4. Humiliation

    Just play Starless.Nuff said.
  5. Harem 2017: Your ideal VN heroine harem

    HERE IS MY GLORIOUS LITTLE HUMBLE HAREM: Sakakibara Koyuki Musashibou Benkei Hatsune Ibuki Fuuko Kamio Misuzu Liz Oone Touka Well as you can see from the pattern; it is full of innocent, stupid or weird girls with one guest cute tsundere appearance.
  6. Derg's life in Japan - Cockroach vs Pringles -

    First world problems
  7. Playing and Replaying old VNs

    Which old ones have you been reading in that time period?
  8. Would you think about to go for the prequel to heart after this project?
  9. VN of the Month June 1998

    I recommend reading the Nagamori route.It has a fucked up plot twist.
  10. Which Vn is the best out of these three.

    I would have picked Wagamama for boobs so i voted for it.
  11. which Key game?

    Even though i enjoy KEY vns i admit that drama in them might seem cheesy to people.Clannad is similar to LB so you can read it but it really takes lots of time if you decide to read all routes.
  12. VN of the Month February 1998

    I tried vnr with a few titles that i desired but could not got much efficiency.I might try the one you recommend.
  13. VN of the Month February 1998

    Some day i will learn japanese just for these old gems.
  14. I would put some gore stuff to make it more fun.
  15. Popular but misunderstood heroine

    Comyu has one heroine that fits the bill.I don't want to spoil, you can find it out yourself on vndb page easily.