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  1. Yes there is a route for the Itagaki sisters in Majikoi S. But just warning u Margit's route in Majikoi S is really bad so don't expect much from it. Margit's route is the worst route in majikoi S in my opinion I havent read that many VNs but it's the only thing ive seen until now that i would give a 4/10. The route not the VN.
  2. I'm getting more mixed readings from this than i thought. Though i do like chunni so ill give it a shot and ill see if i like it.
  3. Im actually planning to start comyu in a few days but i kinda want to know what im getting into. Just say stuff like whether it had a good or bad plot characters action or whatever u feel on the vn so i know what to expect as long as you avoid spoilers. It would help a lot because im the kinda guy who likes having data on stuff like these. Like im a guy when he plays a game i like throughly researching it before i start.
  4. Unfortunately my first experience for sex scenes in a VN was FSN and i thought it was ok. So my views on this matter might be a bit screwed. Except for Key sex scenes My God it was horrible.
  5. My first vn it was kira kira which is something i was definetely grateful for. Simple choice structure and showing the kind of characterization that really shows what makes VNs great even if its not the best its a very good start. And i love how it made me care about something i would have never cared about otherwise independent bands.
  6. How is this making me find loli hitler cute? 10/10
  7. My harem has quite a bit of variety since their are quite a few things i like in girls rather than just one specific thing. This list isn't really ranked so one person on this list isn't really above the other. 1) Saber from Fate Stay Night 2) Kohaku from Tsukihime 3) Misuzu Kamio from Air 4) Touka from Sharin No kuni 5) Caren from Fate Hollow Ataraxia 6) Illya from Fate Stay Night 7) Sachi From Grisaia No Kajitsu (Fruit Of Grisaia) Ya my list somehow manages to vary between kind hearted loyal strong willed dark mysterious sarcastic tsundere in a blink of an eye. But i definetely do have a lot of people from type moon here since im a type moon fanboy lol. And maids I love maids for their loyal nature.
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