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  1. Thank you, that's exactly what I wanted to know. Will make sure to play all of them
  2. Thank you guys, but could you name one or some in which the MC ends in such a relationship? It does not have to be a main/true route.
  3. Hello, I want to buy this game. I just want to ask whether there are any routes, where the Heroine has the upper hand in the relationship? Thanks for the replies.
  4. Humiliation

    Hey, any of you guys can think of some English translated VN that has some humiliating ending for the MC? If you know something, please suggest it, would be really helpful. Thanks for all the replies.
  5. Submissive route

    Euphoria was quite good, especially your walkthrough was really helpful, so thank you for that To your recommendations: DominancE certainly looks interesting, but it is not translated Ladykiller is in English, but the protagonist is a crossdressing girl, which is sadly not my thing. All the suggestions so far have been sado-maso eroges, but I'm not limited to that. You can suggest something quite different as well, for example some student romance, where the heroine has the upper hand, hell it doesn't even have to be sexual. Anyway thanks for the suggestions
  6. Submissive route

    Alright, finished euphoria. I also completed Bible Black and Discipline. Anything else comes to mind?
  7. Submissive route

    According to my knowledge, Devils Devel Concept is not fully translated yet. Or is that specific route done already?
  8. Submissive route

    I actually played Starless already, but thanks anyway. It also doesn't have to be anything sadistic like starless, something like psychological dominance would be OK too.
  9. Submissive route

    Alright, will give it a shot, thanks :) ... Anything else?
  10. Submissive route

    Hello, I've been wandering, whether there is actually something, where you play as a guy (preferably a school boy) and you don't actually make every single heroine your obedient sex toy. It doesn't have to be some masochistic heavenspawn, where you get whipped into oblivion by some sadistic maniac. Just a route, where the heroine is the one in control and not the other way around. I also don't want something, where the heroine acts all bitchy and arrogant, but ends up as your obedient whore anyway. I also know, that there probably games like this out there, but I can't seem to be able to find something translated to English. Overall it just irritates me, when a game has like 10 heroines, that should all represent a preferable choice for different types of players, but 5 of them are some shy crybabies that wait for their strong and supercool protagonist to protect them and they can suck him in return, other 2 are tomboys who are just too dumb to even think about some relationship status and just end up es those previous 5, 2 of them are tsunderes, that seem to be actually promising for someone like me, but after a short time, they just change their attitude completely in order to get the MC's cock and the last one is a clever, slightly arrogant girl who seems to be a jackpot, but guess what, somehow ends up wrapped around my cock anyway. I understand that majority of people prefer it that way, but I think that there is enough of people like me, to actually get at least one route for us. I was kind of satisfied with someone like Matsuga Tsubame, who actually has a route, where she ends up in control of the relationship. Any suggestions would ber appreciated, Thank you.